16 Must-See Temples to Visit In Goa

16 Must-See Temples to Visit In Goa


Goa is a name that resonates with many Indian as well as foreign tourists. The place is renowned for its stunning beaches, picturesque surroundings, and churches. It is not widely known that Goa is the home of one of India’s most beautiful temples known for their rich architectural, artistic, and historical significance. A temple located in Goa is known as Sansthan. Sansthan. Prior to the time that the Portuguese entered Goa, the temples were centers for cultural and social events. The Mahajans were responsible for the maintenance of these temples. After the invasion, a few of these temples were totally destroyed by The Portuguese while the major idols of diet were relocated to safer locations. The sole temple that has survived the test over time, has been Mahadev Tambdi Surla. This article is a look at some of the most well-known lists of temples located in Goa that each Hindu must include on their travel itinerary.

Important Temples In Goa:

Here is the List of the Most Famous Temples in Goa to visit.

1. Shri Saptakoteshwar Temple:

The Shri Saptakoteshwar temple located in Narve is located 35 kilometers from Panji. Within the Konkan region, it is believed to be among the six most important temples in the world of Lord Shiva Temples. The principal deity that is worshipped here is Saptakoteshwar. It is a form of Shiva as well as other gods. the temple to Kalbhairav as well as the Padukas Dattatraya that are carved into the stone.


2. Maruti Temple:
Maruti temple located in Panaji, New Goa is located on the Altinho hillock, which overlooks the Fontainhas district. It is the temple dedicated to Lord Hanumana The monkey God and also enshrines Lord Hanumana as the chief god. It is the Fontainhas from the Phoenix spring located near the Maruti temple, from which the name is derived. The spring is comprised of three tanks. The temple is illuminated at night, and it is easily visible from the distance.


3. Shri Mahalakshmi Temple:

Shri Mahalakshmi temple located in Bandivade located 22 kilometers from Panaji has been dedicated to the goddess who is wealth-oriented, Mahalakshmi. The temple was established in the year 1413. Two idols are worshipped by Mahalakshmi within the temple, together with other idols of gods such as Shri Ravinath, Shri Baleshwar, Shri Narayan Purush, and the idols of two devotees called Safto along with Fato. This is the primary idol that is carried out in a chariot during the celebration of Maha Shivaratri. The second idol is carried in a palanquin on the day of auspiciousness, Ramnavami.



4. Bhagavathi Temples:

There are a variety of Bhagavathi temples situated within the State of Goa, particularly in locations like Pernem, Khandala, Marcela, and Parse. The deity who is the presiding god in the temple is worshipped as Mahishasur Mardini a variant of Shakti and is worshipped as practiced by Goud Saraswat Brahmin, Daivadnya Brahmin, and Bhandari communities. In the majority of Goan Temples, Bhagavathi can be worshipped in the panchayatana Gods.


16 Must-See Temples to Visit In Goa


16 Must-See Temples to Visit In Goa


5. Parshurama Temple:

The Temple that is dedicated to Lord Parshurama is located in Painguinim in the vicinity that is Canacona, Goa. This temple was committed to the Lord Parshurama who is the 6th avatar of Lord Vishnu. The temple is situated within the peaceful forest grove. Within the inner courtyard, you can also find the image of the goddess Kshetrapala… The temple is adorned with traditional wooden pillars as well as a traditional pyramid-shaped Shikara.


6. Ramnathi Temple:

Ramnath temple is located in Ramnathim in the Bandivade region of Goa. Because the temple is a part of Saraswat Brahmins It is part of the Goan Brahmin temples. This is why it follows an arrangement known as Panchayasthan which means that the temple is blessed with five gods. These include Shri Ramanath which is the principal deity of the temple, Shanti Kamakshi, Laxmi Narayan, Ganapati, Betal, and Kalbhairav. The temple also has the other purchase of the family.


7. Shri Shantadurga Temple:

The vast complex of temples at Shri Shanta Temple is located close to Panaji located at the foothill of Kavalem village within the Ponda Taluka region. It was in 1738 that a basic laterite mud shrine was constructed at the site, which was later renovated to an exquisite Hindu temple in the year 1966, in Goa. It is a temple private dedicated to the goddess Shanta Durga who meditates with Shiva as well as Vishnu. It is a blend of Indo-Portuguese architectural styles.


8. Shri Betal Temple:

Shri Betal temple is located in Amona village, which is located in the Bicholim Taluka region. This temple was dedicated Shree Betal, who is worshipped in the persona as Worrier Shiva whom is the god of the temple. The temple is also home to Shiva Pindi as well as the foot soldiers of its temple. The god of the temple is believed as the protector saint of the Goud Saraswat Brahmin group, which is scattered across India.


9. Mahadev Temple Goa:

Mahadev temple at Tambdi Surla is the oldest temple in south Goa that is an early 12-century Shaivite Temple which is dedicated to the Lord Mahadeva which is a different name for Lord Shiva. The temple is still a popular site of worship for Hindus today. The temple is home to the Shiva lingam, which is comprised of antarala, garbagriha, and a pilastered Nandi mandapa. The temple also houses statues dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma along with their wives. The central part of the temple is also home to an unadorned head of the Nandi bull. Maha Shiva Ratri will be often celebrated here. This is the most well-known shrine in Goa.


16 Must-See Temples to Visit In Goa


10. Mangeshi Temple Goa:

Mangeshi temple is among the most well-known and frequented sites in Goa. It is situated just 21 kilometers from Panaji which is the capital city of Goa. It is crucial to observe the dress code guidelines prior to going to this temple. The temple is dedicated to Lord Manguesh also known as Lord Shiva Temple. This temple was first situated in Cortalim village. It was relocated to the present site in 1890 during the reign of the Marathas. It was among the most stunning temples where a lot of Pujas are conducted every day.

11. Kamakshi Temple Goa:

This temple is the holy abode of Goddess Kamakshi who is the goddess form of Parvati. This magnificent structure is situated at Shiroda and the first temple located in Raia was totally destroyed due to The Portuguese invasions. The fierce model of the goddess called MahishasuraMardini is revered in this temple. The temple’s roof looks like the roof of a Buddhist Pagoda with serpents hooded hanging from the roof’s corners. It is one of the most visited temples in Goa.

12. Mahalasa Narayani Temple Goa:

Mahalasa Narayani Temple is the dwelling place of goddess Mahalasa and is situated in Mardol. Mahalasa, the goddess of Mardol is the female avatar of Lord Vishnu and has her form as Mohini. She is armed with four arms, each with a sword an ax, a Trishul, and a bowl. The most distinctive aspect of the temple is that she has a sacred string on the waist. This is normally worn only by males on their diets. The temple fell victim to the Portuguese in 1567 and was then rebuilt in the 17th century.


13. Balaji Temple Goa:


This temple is dedicated to Lord Balaji and is situated within Cuncoleim Village in Ponda. The temple is a component of Kanchikamakoti Peetam and was blessed by His Holy Swami Jagadguru Sankaracharya. Its idols, Lord Balaji along with Padmavathi donated to Tirupati’s TTD Trust of Tirupati. Balaji temple located in Goa is among the most peaceful and stunning spots to visit. It is visited by devotees looking for peace and tranquility.


14. Jain Temple in Goa:

The temple is known as Shri 1008. Adinath Digambar Jain temple is the sole Jain Temple in Goa. It is located in Margao and took 15 months to build the temple. The temple is adorned with a Digambar avtar that is located in Adinath and made of white stone. The temple is well-known with Jains as a must-visit temple to be included in their list of. A Jain temple is a place of harmony and peace. It is possible to maintain peace and tranquility at the temple.

15. Nageshi Temple Goa:

Nagesh temple, located in the city of Nagesh is the sacred dwelling place of Lord Shiva and is worshipped as Nagueshi. The most distinctive aspect of the temple is the fact that it is situated in exactly the same location in the same spot as it was built originally. It was never moved from its place. The temple authorities recently prohibited entry for foreigners into the temple because of their dress and manner of conduct. There is also an inscription on the stone inside the temple that was completed by 1413 AD.


16. Brahma Temple located in Goa:

It is believed that the Brahma temple is among the few temples dedicated to the god Lord Brahma. It was initially located in Carambolim before being relocated to the present location following the Portuguese invasion in the 16th century. The area around it is known as Brahma-Karmali. This is the place where Brahma lives, also Brahma. The Brahma idol was sculpted in the 11th century, and it is expertly created in black stone. The face that is central to the Brahma idol sports beards and the idol is adorned with characters in the form of Savitri and Saraswathi sitting on either side.

Goa was once the hub of Hindu temples before the Portuguese came into the region under the pretense of trade. They destroyed completely Hindu temples because of their religious indifference and largely converted the population to Christianity. This is the reason many people are unable to accept that Goa is the home of these beautiful temples. The state has been a symbol of Christian tradition. The temples mentioned in the article are a relic of the vast Hindu tradition and culture that has fought multiple attempts to erase it from India.


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