Nelakondapalle Mandal MPTC | ZPTC Member | MPP Mobile Numbers Khammam District in Telangana State

Nelakondapalle Mandal MPTC | ZPTC Member | MPP | Vice-President Mobile Numbers 2014 Khammam District in Telangana State
Nelakondapalle Nanadigama Kavitharani MPP 8886003370
Nelakondapalle Tejavath Anitha ZPTC Member 9949808227
Nelakondapalle Racha Narasimharao Vice-President 9849013455
Nelakondapalle Anagani Narasimharao MPTC 8297976367
Nelakondapalle Yadavalli Sridevi MPTC 9666427056
Nelakondapalle Chilakala Seethravamma MPTC 9951124377
Nelakondapalle Seelam venkatalaxmi MPTC 9849770654
Nelakondapalle Mallela Srinivasarao MPTC 9502393584
Nelakondapalle Yellavula Keetamma MPTC 8499940798
Nelakondapalle Nuka Nagaiah MPTC 9951093647
Nelakondapalle Shaik.Aktar Begum MPTC 9912645228
Nelakondapalle Shaik Khaja Mohiuddin MPTC 9912264495
Nelakondapalle Muttineni Krishnakumari MPTC 9705841031
Nelakondapalle Surapuneni. Ramakrishna MPTC 9640050500
Nelakondapalle Surepalli Ramarao MPTC 9948455193
Nelakondapalle Bachalakura Rambai MPTC 9848079975
Nelakondapalle Namavarapu Satyavathi MPTC 9989736897
Nelakondapalle Nallagonda Narasamma MPTC 8466885541
Nelakondapalle Boda Nagaraju MPTC 9908218507
Nelakondapalle Chand pasha Co-Opted Member 0
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