Aadhaar Card Corrections Online Update Name Address Mobile Number Change

Aadhaar Card Corrections Online Update Name Address Mobile Number Change

How to update my aadhaar map update information

Aadhaar Map corrections / updates:
Aadhaar card is one of the biggest evidence of identity and residence in India. Aadhaar received many complaints about the details that are printed on the card. Then the government of India decided to allow the citizens of India to correct the details. The details can be changed very easily, which are printed incorrectly on the card. Date of birth, place of residence, name and gender, your contact / telephone number or other information contained in your Aadhaar card can be easily modified if they are not correct.aadhaar ,adhar card status , uid card status, aadhar card registration , uid aadhar , adhar card details , adhar card status enquiry, adhar no , adhar card , adhar enrollment form , aadhar uid , aadhaar online registration, unique identification , check adhar card status, apply for aadhar card , uid adhar, adhar card status online check, adhar uid , aadhar card registration form , aadhar status tracking, adhar card status check , a adhar card , adhar card status tracking aadhaar id , adhar card from , unique id card , aadhar project, unique identity card , my aadhar status , unique identification card , aadhar card id , adhar check , adhaar card , www uidai gov in, adhar card india ,adhar cord

Aadhaar Card Corrections Online Update Name Address Mobile Number Change

There are three methods for correcting the Aadhar card.
  •  First method is done by Aadhar's map correction done online.
  •  Second method is offline by post.
  •  Update corrections from the Aadhaar card registration center

Aadhaar Card Corrections Online Update Name Address Mobile Number Change

Option 1 for correcting details of the Aadhar Card from Online
If you want to change or update your data on your aadhaar card from Online, you must perform the following steps:
You can update this information on your Aadhaar card:
  1.  Your name
  2.  Date of birth
  3.  Housing address
  4.  Gender
  5.  Contact information (mobile number)

To follow the on-line procedure, follow these steps:
In order to apply for AADHAAR card correction online, you need a mobile phone number as a One Time Password (OTP) is sent to the mobile phone number
  1.  Enter your 12-digit AADHAAR card number
  2.  Enter the displayed text verification code
  3.  Click the "Send OTP" button to get the OTP to the registered mobile number
  4.  The next window displays the checkmark options to change the name, gender, date of birth, address, and mobile number on the AADHAAR card.
  5.  Select the boxes on the items you want to change on the AADHAAR card, and then click Submit.
  6.  In the next window, enter the corrections in English and your country language
  7.  Click the Send Update Request button.
  8.  The next screen shows your corrections and you are prompted to confirm them.
  9.  If you made any mistakes, click on "Change" to return to the correct page.
  10.  If all are correct, confirm with "I confirm ..." and click "Next".
  11.  The next screen will ask you to upload self-certified copies for the requested AADHAAR card correction.
  12.  For the self-proclaimed document copies, name your name and sign / offer fingerprint
  13.   For children under the age of five, parents / parents of parents may complete and sign / provide the thumbprint in accompanying documents. Also mention your AADHAAR card number on each self-certified copy.
  14.  The maximum size for each digital document file is 2 MB
  15.   Supported file types are: .jpg, .pdf, .tiff, .jpeg, .png.
  16.  After you have uploaded the requested documents, click Submit to submit the AADHAAR card for the change request.
  17.  For accepted receipts for AADHAAR card correction please click here AADHAAR Card Update Documents Required.
  18.  Finally, the system will give you "Update Request Number" (URN) for your AADHAAR Card Correction that you have just submitted.
  19.  Save this URN number for future reference and track your change request.
  20.  The submitted AADHAAR card correction is checked by UIDAI and the check is updated in your AADHAAR card.
  21.  The status of your AADHAAR card change request is forwarded by SMS to your registered mobile number. To check the status of the AADHAAR card, click here.
  22.  Official Online Correction Update link: https://uidai.gov.in/my-aadhaar/get-aadhaar.html

Aadhaar map online corrections and update data

How to Get Lost Aadhaar Card UID or Enrollment No Get Download  Click Here

Aadhaar Card Corrections Online Update Name Address Mobile Number Change

Aadhaar Card Corrections Online Update Name Address Mobile Number Change

These simple steps will make it easier for you to make changes to the details mentioned in your card and help you keep up-to-date information.

Option 2 for correcting the details of Aadhar Card by Offline (only via POST)
If you want to modify or update your data that is present on your aadhaar card offline using the Postal method, you must:
You can update this information on your aadhaar card: -
  •  Your name
  •  Date of birth
  •  Housing address
  •  Gender
  •  Contact information (mobile number / e-mail ID)
The following are the steps to follow the procedure for

Aadhaar Card Corrections Online Update Name Address Mobile Number Change

  • Step -1: First, download the details needed to update / correct the form from the UIDAI website https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/web/guest/ssup-home
  • In the self-service update portal page, you can find hyperlink CLICK HERE to download the correction update form, people can see the form below.
  • Step 2: After downloading the Aadhaar Map Correction Update Form, all details should only be filled in uppercase.
  • Note: Enter your current active mobile number, as it is mandatory. (If you want to use the self-service update portal, registration of the mobile number is required)
  • Step 3: What information you want to receive updated weather is your name, gender, date of birth, address, mobile and email
  • Step 4: Select the check box to correct the details by selecting the (☑) checkmark at the top of the update form
  • Step -5: Enter the 12-digit Aadhar number that is present on the issued card
  • Step 6: Enter the name of the resident that exists on the card, or enter the name of the resident to be corrected
  • Step-7: Check the gender with the checkmark (☑) or select the gender to be corrected
  • Step-8: Enter the date of birth that exists on the issued card or write the date of birth to be corrected
  • Step-9: Enter the address C / O detailwhich present on the card issued or write the address C / O details to be corrected
  • Step-10: Enter the Guardian / Parent / Spouse names that are issued on the card or write the Guardian / Parent / Spouse name details to be corrected
  • Step-11: Enter the house / Bldg./Apt.which displayed on the card or write the house / Bldg./Apt.Details to be corrected
  • Step-12: Enter the street / street / street that is on the issued card, or write the road / road / track details to be corrected
  • Step-13: Enter the landmark that exists on the map, or write the address C / O details to be corrected
  • Step-14: Enter the area / location / area that exists on the issued card, or write the area / location / sector details that you want to correct
  • Step-15: Enter the village / town / city that is issued on the map or write the Village / Town / CityDetails to be corrected
  • Step-16: Enter the districts on the map or write the district details to be corrected
  • Step-17: Enter the post that exists on the issued card, or write the postal services to be corrected
  • Step-18: Specify theStatewhich present on the card issued or write the status details that are to be corrected / updated
  • Step-19: Enter the PIN CODE present on the card or write the pin code details to be corrected or updated
  • Step-20: Enter the Mobile No (mandatory) that is present on the card you are dispensing, or write Mobile Details that you want to correct or update
  • Step-21: Enter the e-mail (optional) that is issued on the card or write the correct e-mail details that should be corrected / updated
  • Step-22: Document details (Write the names of the attached documents, see Appendix 1 for valid documents) and specify the POI, DOB, and POA / update
  • Step-23: Sign the document

Aadhaar map corrections update form

NOTE: Along with this update form, you must include a Xerox document proof of changes that you want to update correctly or on the current aadhaar card
Put all the details in an envelope and seal them properly with glue. In clear letters "Aadhaar Update / Correction" on the envelope and see if it is properly readable.
Now all your work has been done and you just need to post the envelope after your language.
Here you can find the addresses under which you can post the document according to your chosen language.

Aadhaar Card Corrections Online Update Name Address Mobile Number Change

Click here to download Aadhar Map Correction Update Form

Aadhaar Card Correction / Update Form 

UIDAI Centers Address in India:
Address I
 Mailbox number 10,
 Madhya Pradesh - 480001,
Address II
PO Box No. 99,
Banjara Hills,
Hyderabad - 500034,
Note: For the process of corrections update it takes barely 60 days, with in 60days it will be updated, and SMS notification will come to your register cell phone number, your request has now processed your e-Aadhaar card from the official Download website,

Click here for E-aadhaar map download process

Option 3 for the correction of details of the Aadhar Card by the registration centers
If some people do not have online updates, as well as by mail, in this case like the people, they can go directly to the nearest Aadhaar enrollment center.

  1.  When you visit Aadhaar map enrollment center for the purpose of Aadhaar corrections / update. They give you an AADHAAR CARD CORRECTIONS / UPDATE form
  2.   Fill the required correction fields with check box option
  3.  Significantly mentions what changes you want to make, change NAME Change, SURE NAME, change gender change, phone number / update cell phone number, and email as well.
  4.  After completing the required corrected fields, you must provide proof of identity and proof of address (PAN CARD, DRIVER LICENSE, Voting ID, Ration Card, Passport). For reference purposes.
  5.  Then they will update your correct information in Aadhaar Card Portal, and also they will take your fingerprints and photo for security purposes,
  6.   Now Aadhaar card corrections / update completed,
  7.  then they will give you a proof of the corrected aadhaar enrollment copy,
  8.  After a few days, you will receive SMS from the AADHAR portal, and then you can download your e-aadhaar card with correct updated information.

Important information for downloading the e-aadhaar card:

Before you download the e-Aadhaar card:
Before you download your e-aadhaar card, you must verify that your Aadhaar card is approved or not, check the e-aadhaar card
To install your e-Aadhaar card you must install Adobe Reader, before you download the e-aadhaar card must either have Adobe Reader installed or not

After downloading the E-Aadhaar card:

If you see 'validity unknown' on your e-Aadhaar, follow the instructions
PDF password is your zip code, please use your zip code as a password to open the e-aadhaar pdf file

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