Correction Aadhaar Cards Online | Update E-Aadhar Card Online

Correction Aadhar Cards Online | Update E-Aadhar Card Online

There are many chances that you get errors in your adhar card maybe it is a printing error or data collection error. Or it may be the data entry error in the adhar registration form. So how can we make aadhar correction card? It can be done by two ways:

Method 1- Aadhar Card Correction by mail:

Correction Aadhaar Cards Online | Update E-Aadhar Card Online

You can change the following data only if you correct the adhaar card by mail:

  •     first name
  •     Address
  •     Phone number
  •     Genre
  •     Birth date

UIDAI card

You must visit any other Aadhar card registration center for any other changes despite the above information. You can locate the Kendra through the following link that follows the link here. You must attest the documents and proofs to obtain your corrected adhesar card by mail. You can use any type of evidence issued by the government as a PAN card, driver's license. In order for your membership card to be corrected, you must also fill out a form with the correct information and with all the documents attested. You can get the form here - Download the form for updating or correcting the data of the Aadhar card for the application via POST.aadhaar ,adhar card status , uid card status, aadhar card registration , uid aadhar , adhar card details , adhar card status enquiry, adhar no , adhar card , adhar enrollment form , aadhar uid , aadhaar online registration, unique identification , check adhar card status, apply for aadhar card , uid adhar, adhar card status online check, adhar uid , aadhar card registration form , aadhar status tracking, adhar card status check , a adhar card , adhar card status tracking aadhaar id , adhar card from , unique id card , aadhar project, unique identity card , my aadhar status , unique identification card , aadhar card id , adhar check , adhaar card , www uidai gov in, adhar card india ,adhar cord

Method 2: Correction Adhaar ONLINE

How to correct aadhar card online

With this option, the Adhar card can be corrected and updated easily as it is a less complicated. This is an online method with which you can easily correct the details of your aadhar card, follow the steps below for the aadhar card fix:

  1.     You should have your 12-digit adhaar card number handy and the mobile number registered for OTP verification. If you do not have your mobile number, your adhaar card can only be corrected by post, otherwise aadhar online correction card.
  2.     You must visit the following link to correct your adhar card - After the visit, click update data.
  3.     After that, click on "Update Aadhaar Data". A page will open, asking for your Aadhar number.
  4.     Now, for aadhar card correction, enter your AADHAR 12-digit card number and enter the captcha in the text verification area. Click Send OTP. Enter the OTP verification code received on your mobile phone number and correct the fields you want to correct in your aadhaar card.
  5.     On the update page, you must check / uncheck the field you want to correct and click on "Submit".
  6.     A new page will appear, On this page you will have to enter the data you want to be corrected. Now click the "Update Data Request" button.
  7.     After that you wll be taken to a page where you will need to check the data you entered to be corrected. After rechecking, just click on the "MODIFY" button.
  8.     After clicking the "MODIFY" button, you arrive at a page where you must attest your proof of document, it can be any govt. Proof such as driving license etc. The data on the proof must match the values with the data you have given to be corrected in your aadhaar card and also that they must be self-signed (attested) It can be in any form , Such as img, gif or PDF. You can get your proof by cam scanner app.
  9.     Now, finally, you must select any agency adhaar card from where you want your data to process. You can select the voucher by seeing their previous evaluations / work.
  10.     On the successful submission request, you will receive a 12-digit URN number, whereby you can track the update status of your adhaar / aadhar card correction card. It can be followed by the following link -   
  11.     Let us know in the comments below if you have any other questions for aadhar correction card. Do not forget to share this guide to help others.

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