Telangana Land Registration Registered Document Details

Telangana TS Land Registration Registered Document Details

Telangana TS Land Registration Registered Document Details

Telangana TS Land Registration Registered Document Details

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Telangana Land Registration Registered Document Details

 Property buyers in Telangana have to register the sale with the Telangana Registration and Stamp Department. A buyer, along with the seller and witnesses, needs to visit the sub-registrar’s office, nearest to the location of the property, to pay the stamp duty and registration charges as applicable in Telangana state. A part of the Telangana property and land registration can be done online, where you have to upload all the documents online.


Documents required for property registration in Telangana

The buyer has to upload all the documents online on the portal, before visiting the sub-registrar’s office for sale deed registration. The documents required are:

Original documents, with the signature of all parties.

Encumbrance certificate.

Demand draft/bank challan of payment of full stamp duty.

Property card

Section 32A photo form of executants and witnesses.

Identity proof of the buyer, seller and witnesses.

PAN card.

Power of attorney.

Aadhaar card.

Address proof of the buyer and seller.

Photograph of the property’s exterior.

Pattadar passbook for agricultural land.

Checklist for creating sale deed in Telangana

A property owner should get the sale deed drafted by the legal draftsman on a non-judicial stamp paper of the requisite value. The parties should use five non-judicial stamp papers, while the remaining amount has to be paid through the challan system or any other medium, as mentioned by the state government. The sale deed should have following clauses:

Name of the deed: The document should clearly mention which type of deed it is. The parties could decide on the basis of mutual consent, what type of deed will be prepared for the document for property transfer.

Parties to sale deed: The sale deed should have the names, age and addresses of parties involved in the transaction. The deed should be duly signed by all the parties.

Description of the property in context: The property in content should be clearly mentioned in the sale deed. It should have the full description of the property, including the identification number, plot area, location, etc.

Sale consideration clause: A sale deed must have all the information related to the sale amount as mutually decided by the seller and the buyer. It should clearly mention the amount paid for transferring the property rights from one party to another.

Mode of payment and advance payment: A sale deed should also have clear information about how a buyer is going to pay the sale amount and the amount of token, if paid as an advance.

Possession status and date: The deed should also mention when the immovable property will be transferred to the seller. There should be a mention of the actual date of possession.

Indemnity clause: The sale deed should have an indemnity clause, which means the seller is liable to bear all the statutory charges including property tax, electricity charges, water bill and all other charges in relation to the property, before the sale deed is executed.

How to register property in Telangana?

Here is a step-by-step process to register property in Telangana:

 Visit the Telangana Property Registration portal (click here) and create your login ID.


  •  Upload all the documents as required on the portal and pay the stamp duty and registration fee.
  •  Book the time slot for visiting the sub-registrar’s office (SRO).
  •  Visit the SRO.
  • Get your check slip prepared by the officer at the SRO, based on the details provided during document upload, making necessary changes if required.
  • After generation of the check slip, an E-KYC is conducted, where fingerprints of the registering parties are collected and are verified against the Aadhaar database.
  • After successful verification via Aadhaar, the payment of stamp duty, registration fees and other requisite fees will be verified through the challan provided.
  • After successful verification of payment, endorsements are printed on the document being registered.
  •  The document will then be registered by the sub-registrar, by providing a document number and the thumb impression of the parties is collected.
  •  The registered document will then be scanned and uploaded on the portal, which the user can download from the portal.
  •  In case of verification being unsuccessful, the applicant will be directed to make necessary changes and re-submit the application.


Telangana TS Land Registration Registered Document Details

  1. Telangana TS Land Registration Registered Document Details Click here

Telangana TS Land Registration Registered Document Details

Telangana TS Land Registration Registered Document Details
Telangana TS Land Registration Registered Document Details

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