How to Pay Electricity Bill Online in Bangalore Karnataka

 How to Pay Electricity Bill Online in Bangalore Karnataka

It is needless to say that the method of online payment of electricity consumption keeps the consumer away from long queue. Almost every electricity council of Indian states follow or follow to follow the way of accepting online payment of utility bills. As you know, Karnataka University is decentralized to BESCOM, MESCOM, HESCOM, GESCOM, CESCOM. Currently, Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited (BESCOM) is accepting the online payment of the electricity bill from consumers of Bangalore Urban & Rural, Kolar, Tumkur and four other districts. Well, I deal with the question of how to pay online Electricity Bill online in Bangalore.

How to Pay Electricity Bill Online in Bangalore Karnataka

To accept online electricity bill payment, users must access Bangalore One portal. In addition to B1 Portal BESCOM is tied up with BillDesk, which provides a simple and secure way to pay for electricity bill. BillDesk has a wide range of options like Net Banking, ATM, Telebanking or Mobile Banking to accept online payment from consumers. Therefore, users have more than one-time option to make online electricity bill payment. Both options are described here. First option that accepts online Electricity bill payment via BangaloreOne portal will be discussed first and then another option called 'BillDesk' service will be discussed.

In order to end the act of online electricity payment, you must follow these steps: -

  1.     Go to the BangaloreOne portal and go to Payment Service Option and select BESCOM Service. You can easily reach BangaloreOne portal after clicking on Bangalore One
  2.     Then click on the Ads and Pay Bill option and log in or register (new user)
  3.     Now insert your account ID, which has been received in the past.
  4.     Then choose the payment method. As you know, BangaloreOne portal accepts online payment only by credit card (Visa or MasterCard). But remember, BangaloreOne portal does not allow partial invoice payment.

Another option called 'BillDesk' also allows users to make online Electricity Bill payment. The method of online electricity bill payment is as follows:

  •      Click on the BillDesk web portal while the BESCOM service is available. To achieve it Bescom
  •     Then register yourself
  •     Then after completion of the payment form
  •     Finally, select the payment recipient

Note: As mentioned above, the BillDesk service has to accept many banking partners to accept the online electricity payment in Bangalore. These banks are: Bank of Baroda, Bank of Maharashtra, Central Bank of India, State Bank of India, Syndicate Bank, Union Bank, ING VYSYA Bank, DCB Bank, Deutsche Bank, IDBI Bank, HDFC Bank etc.

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