AP Model Schools Inter Admissions 2020 Online Application form

AP Model Schools Inter Admissions 2020 Online Application form 

Online Application Form AP Model Schools / APMS Inter Admission Form Online / Model TS Registration Form Online / Model AP Schools Inter Admissions 2020 Notice: Government of Andhra Pradesh, Commissioner and Director of School Education, Rashtriya Mädhyamika Siksha Abhiyan Issued AP Model Schools Inter Freshman Admission Courses  Notification and APMS and C and DSE students of the AP SSC who are eligible for enrollment in groups for the academic year Freshman AP Model Schools 2020-21. Eligible students are those who have been approved by the SSC, are eligible for first year admissions with M.P.C, Bi.P.C., M.E.C and C.E.C to promote groups in model schools. These admissions are made in English in general groups in the middle years of the first year. For advanced students, each group has 20 students. These institutions are mixed and follow the state program with Telugu as the second language in the intermediate course.

AP Model Schools Inter Admissions 2019 Online Application form

Important data

1. Sending Online Quota and Application Form Inquiries: 2020
2. Announcement of the results of the selection list: May 
3. Verification of certificates: May 2020
4. Beginning of classes: June 2020

AP Model Schools Inter Admissions 2020 Online Application form 

Procedure for the submission of AP intermediate forms:

1. Applicants wishing to obtain admission to the A.P.Model School will pay the registration fee for admission of Rs. 100 / - (OC and BC) or Rs.50 / - (ST / SC) to online centers A.P.
2. The candidate may send an online application or a printed application form directly to the Director, as described below:

How to apply for APMS Inter 1st year of registration:

Step 1: Visit the official CSE AP website: http://cse.ap.gov.in/DSENEW/login.do

Step 2: Now find the link to the registration form Between Admission to the AP Model Schools for the 2020-21school year and click on it.

Step 3: Entry Form 2020-21 The website is displayed

Step 4: Select the "Study Type" from the drop-down list

Step 5: Enter your "SSC HallTicket Number" in the desired field

Step 6: Click on the Submit button

Step 7: Complete the information required in the APMS Inter 1st Year application form

Step 8: Click Submit Application Form

Step 9: Take a print for future reference

Direct link: APMS Inter 1. Registration year Registration form


AP Model Schools Inter Admissions 2020 Online Application form 

a) Upload your data online to the online application available at www.cse.ap.gov.in/DSE.
b) After loading the data, the candidate will receive a copy of the application for admission.
c) Enter the registration form printed entry (duly signed by him and his parents) the director of the model school in which the applicant wishes to gain entry with the following (Xerox copies) attachments

I payment receipt of the original registration fee of
ii. SSC Internet Brand Note (New Candidates) / Xerox Copy of Pass Certificate (Last year's SSC passes)
iii. TC (not compulsory at this time)
iv. Box certificate issued by the competent authority (for reserved categories)
v. Certificate of income of the competent authority vi. PH certificate issued by the District Medical Association
vii. Aadhar card viii. photos

AP Model Schools Inter Admissions 2020 Online Application form 

Step II: Submission of the application for immediate admission to the principal

a) All directors of APModel Schools are requested to provide the application forms for inclusion in the same form as are available on the website so that the candidate can submit the application directly to the director (without having to download the form online application ).
b) Candidates may submit directly the paper registration application completed at A.P.Model Schools together with the receipt of the registration fee paid on A.P.Online, together with copies of the above certificates.
(c) The Director shall, upon receipt of the application, register the application in a separate register, accompanied by the necessary documentation, and issue a confirmation to the candidate.

Therefore, eligible candidates can only apply online in cse.ap.gov.in/DSE. Here are the guidelines or step-by-step instructions to complete the online application form.

To complete the APMS Inter Admission online application form:

1. First go to the official website by entering the URL address cse.ap.gov.in/DSE. in your browser. Then the portal of the official website DSE appears.
2. Now search on this page for AP-Modellschulen - Admissions 2018 for the intermediate link of the first year and click on the button "Hier klicken".
3. Then the registration form for the AP model schools (interim year 1.) in the new browser with full screen and full screen opens.
4. Enter the following details

AP Model Schools Inter Admissions 2020 Online Application form 

Details of the AP School online application form:

1 Registration fee payment Journal No. & Date
2 School Code & Name of the School in which admission sought
3 Name of the student
4 Fathers name
5 Mothers name
6 Gender
8 OC/ST/SC/BC with serial No.
9 If belongs to ST/SC/BC name of the sub caste
10 If PH give details ORTHO HI VI DISLEXIA
11 Occupation of the parent
12 Annual Income
13 Aadhar Card No.
14 Group in which admission sought in the order of preference MPC BIPC CEC MEC
15 Name and address of the school in which the student studied SSC
16 SSC Hall Ticket No. , Month & year of pass
17 Grades awarded subject wise TEL ENG MATH SCI SOCI HIND TOTAL
18 Type of study REGULAR/PRIVATE
19 Address of the candidate for communication
20 Mobile No.

Enter the verification code in the required field as shown in the picture and read the instruction, click the radio button. The simple registration does not entitle to admission. The approval follows the applicable rules / regulations. Now click on the preview button and once you have checked the form, take out the printout and send it to the director of the corresponding model school.

NOTE: - After filing the application online, the same copy should be sent for approval to the director of the model school of Andhra Pradesh, in which the candidate for admission in the first year along with notes requested Internet, copies of 1 cassette certificate, if it belongs to ST / SC / BC, 2nd Annual Income Certificate, 3rd PH Certificate issued by the District Medical Board. The mere presentation of the application does not qualify for admission in the first year Intermediate. The selection is made according to the grades of the SSC exam and the reservation rule.

AP Model Schools Inter Admissions 2020 Important data

1. Sending Online Quota and Application Form Inquiries: April to May 

2. Announcement of the results of the selection list: May

3. Verification of certificates: May 

4. Beginning of classes: June 

Deadline for submitting the application form: May 

#AP Model Registration Form for Inter Model Schools:

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