Attahas Temple West Bengal Full Details

Attahas Temple West Bengal Full Details


In a far, far land, at Attahas Temple in a little village called Dakshindihi in Birbhum, West Bengal, lies a shrine dedicated to Adi Shakti- the female force of Hinduism. It’s one of the 51 Shakti Peethas.

In a far, far land, in a little village called Dakshindihi in Birbhum, West Bengal, lies a shrine dedicated to Adi Shakti- the female force of Hinduism. Situated on the banks of the river Ishani, the temple lies on the Labhpur to Ahmedpur Road which is a distance of about 15 km. The exact location of the temple is around 5 km prior to Ahmedpur.  The deity inside the temple is Maa Phullora. The Bhairav Vishwesh is said to be guarding her.

Attahas Temple West Bengal Full Details

The temple has a stone deity that is around fifteen feet long –which, incidentally, symbolises the lower lip of the goddess. A natural pond that has now gone into disuse sits right adjacent to the temple complex. An interesting fact about this pond: Hanuman was said to have collected a hundred and eight lotuses from this very pond when Shree Rama needed them for worship of the Goddess Durga. Gracing the same temple complex is a beautiful marble idol of Mahadev sitting on a stone lotus. The temple in itself is an architectural marvel. Although not very large and extravagant, the temple has been done up artistically and is extremely pleasing to the eye.

Attahas Temple History and Significance :

During Shiva’s tandav after Mata Sati’s death when Lord Vishnu had hurled his Sudarshan Chakra at the burnt corpse, Mata Sati’s lower lip is said to have fallen in Attahas. Literally, ‘Attahas’ is a Sankskrit word which means profound laughter. The lower lip had then taken on the form of a stone and a shrine was erected around it. Shiva had appointed Vishvesh as the Bhairav guarding the temple.

Attahas is famous not only for being a heavenly abode but also the abode of a number of beautiful wild birds. Every year, this place is paid a visit by over two thousand Asian open bill storks, fruit-eating bats and exquisite butterflies. It is for these reasons that Attahas attracts a lot of environmentalists and birwatchers every year, particularly during December-January.

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Attahas Temple Rituals & Festivals

The village of Attahas celebrates their annual Phullora Mela with a great deal of pomp and splendour. Colours abound everywhere and there is fair where the elders of the village tell stories about the miracles associated with the Temple.

There is no particular special ritual performed in the temple, but daily artis at dawn and dusk are mandatory. There are also a number of yagnas that are conducted throughout the year. The festival of Navratri – that coincides with Durga Puja – is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm here. The nine days of Navratri are accompanied by a number of special pujas and yagnas.

Attahas Temple Deity

The word ‘Phullora’ literally means ‘blooming’ or ‘in bloom’. The name is in praise of Mata Sati’s lips that are said to resemble blooming lotuses; that’s how exquisitely beautiful she was. Beside the temple of Phullora is the temple of the Bhairav Vishvesh who was appointed by Lord Shiva to protect the lips of his beloved wife. Vishvesh is said to be none other than a manifestation of Shiva. As Bhairavs were appointed to protect, they represent the coarser, stronger side of Shiva.

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