Bheemakali Temple West Bengal Full Details

Bheemakali Temple West Bengal Full Details


  1. Locality/village :- Tamluk village
  2. State :- West Bengal
  3. Country :- India
  4. Nearest City/Town :- Purab Medinipur
  5. Best Season To Visit :- All
  6. Languages :- Bengali,Hindi& English
  7. Photography :- Not Allowed.

Bheemakali Temple West Bengal Full Details

Bheemakali Temple or Vibhasha Shakti Peeth is among the 51 Shakti Peeth of Maa Sati, located on the banks of the River Roopnarayana at Tamluk village, Purab Medinipur in West Bengal, India. It is the place where Devi Sati’s left ankle fell. Here Devi is worshipped as Kapalini or Bhimarupa and Lord Shiva as Sarvanand.

In the Sanctorum of the temple, there is a large ‘Shiv Ling’ and it is made of black stone. Priest and pilgrims worship here and Ygya are also carried from time to time. All around the ‘Shiv Ling’ is the White marble boundary. The temple is also known as Bheemakali Temple.

Bheemakali Temple History and Significance

History to this Bheemakali Temple dates back in the time when it is said that the left ankle of Maa Sati fell to this place.

Tamluk village is also considered as an important Vaishnava Tirtha. According to Jaimini Mahabharat and Kashidas Mahabharat, Lord Krishna came to Tamluk and released the Divine Horse of Ashwameda Yagna. Tamluk is considered sacred as it is sanctified by the lotus feet of Lord Krishna.

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Bheemakali Temple Temple Festivals

Durga Puja is among the most celebrated festival here. Sharad Purnima, Deepawali, Somvati Amavasya, Ram Navami are some of the other important festivals being celebrated here.

Barunir Mela is celebrated during Makara Sankranti in January. Bhima Mela is celebrated on Magha Shuddha Ekadashi (11th day of Magha masa- Jan- Feb). Bhim Mela is celebrated at Rajarampur in the Bengali month of Chaitra. Ratha Jatra at Harir Hat is celebrated in the Bengali month of Ashar (ashada), besides Charak Mela also being celebrated.

Bheemakali Temple How To Reach

Tamluk is a junction, thus is well connected by both road and rail. There are six bus routes originating from Tamluk. There are also direct trains from Howrah to Tamluk. Nearest airport is in the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International in Kolkata, and national flights as well as international Flights are available from here.

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