Ekambareswarar Temple Tamilnadu Full Details

Ekambareswarar Temple Tamilnadu Full Details


  • Locality/village :- Kanchipuram
  • State :- Tamil Nadu
  • Country :- India
  • Nearest City/Town :-Kanchipuram
  • Best Season To Visit :- All
  • Languages : -Tamil & English
  • Temple Timings :- 6:00 AM to 12:30 PM and 4:00 PM to 8:30 PM
  • Photography :- Not Allowed.

Ekambareswarar Temple Tamilnadu Full Details

Ekambareswarar Temple, Kanchipuram

The Ekambareswarar temple is located in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. One of the five panchambootham temples in the country, the temple is of utmost significance in Hindu culture. Thousands of devotees visit the temple every year. It is one of the largest temples in Kanchipuram.

Ekambareswarar Temple Legend

According to legend, once when the Goddess Parvati was performing penence, the Lord Shiva set her on fire to test her devotion. The Goddess prayed to her brother, Lord Vishnu to save her. Vishnu took the moon from Lord Shiva’s head and showered the rays on his sister to cool down the flames. Lord Shiva then sent the Ganges to disrupt the penance. Goddess Parvati then convinced Ganges that the two of them were like sisters, devoted to the same god. The Ganges also relented on hearing that. Parvati then made a lingam out of sand. Impressed by her devotion, the Lord settled in Kanchipuram, making it one of the 5 panchambootham temples.

According to another legend, the Goddess Parvati had built a lingam out of sand, under a mango tree. The neighboring Vegavati river threatened to overflow and engulf the lingam. Parvati, out of sheer devotion to the Lord, embraced the lingam and was ready to sacrifice her life to protect the lingam. Pleased by her devotion, the Lord descended to earth and married her.

Ekambareswarar Temple Puja Timings

 Five Kaala Pooja are conducted according to the Kaarana Nagama Pooja system.

Pooja Timings

Ushakkala Pooja (Sun Rise Pooja) 06:00 A.M

Kaalasandhi Pooja 07:00 A.M

Uchikkala Poojaa (Noon Pooja) 12:00 Noon

Saayaraksha Pooja (Sunset Pooja) 06:00 P.M

Ardhajama Pooja (Night Pooja) 08:00 P.M

Ekambareswarar Temple Telephone Number: 044-2722 2084

Ekambareswarar Temple Festivals

Chithirai :

Chithirai Festival begins with Flag Hoist and Car riding on the day of Hastha Nakshthra and ends in the day of Chithra Nakshathra with Holy bothing in the river at morning and dehoisting the flag the evening. During this Ten days of ceremony the Uthsavamoorthis (festive deities – Siva, Vishnu) will be taken out on different types of Vahanas for dharsan.

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Aadi :

The 18th day of Aadi Tamil Month is the day for Holy both in river Kaviri. During this function the Uthsavamoorthi will be taken to the river bank and there will be a function called “Deepam” conducted by Thirukovil, at 6.00 P.M. The Last Friday of the Aadi Month is the day of making Decorations to all deities with sandal powder.

Aavani :

The Moola Nakshathra day of Aavani Tamil Month s a day of Siva, Peruman who blesses the living being at the river bank is called Pittu Thiruvizha. Rohini Nakshathra day of Aavani Month is the birthday of Lord Krishna and so called as “Krishna Jayanthi”. These festival is conducted for two days with the procession of Lord Krishna Festive deity.

Aipasi :

Aswini Nakshathra of Aipasi Tamil Month is the day of Annabishekam (Abishekam with cooked rice) to Lord Magudeshwara and Sasti Festival of six days duration which ends with the Soora Samhara. The Seventh day function is the Marriage Ceremony of Lord Muruga with Valli, Devasena.

Karthikai :

Krithika Nakshathra day of Karthigai Tamil Month is the day of “Karthikai Deepam” (Day of light). The last Monday of these month is the day for the “108 Sankabishekam” (conches filled with Kaviri water).

Ekambareswarar Temple How To Reach

The temple is about 2kms away from the Kancipuram bus stand. You can either get an auto or walk to the temple from the bus stand.

Ekambareswarar temple is about 80kms from Chennai. There are plenty of buses and trains available from Chennai to kanchipuram at regular intervals. You can take any one of these.

Ekambareswrar Temple is about 600mtrs from the Kanchipuram railway station. You can walk to the temple from the railway station, people are friendly and they will guide you in case you need any help.

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