Godavari tir Shakti Peeth Temple Andhra Pradesh Full Details

Godavari tir Shakti Peeth Temple Andhra Pradesh Full Details


  • Locality/village :- Rajamundry
  • State :- Andhra Pradesh
  • Country :- India
  • Nearest City/Town :- Rajamundry
  • Best Season To Visit :- All
  • Languages :- Telugu& English
  • Temple Timings :- Open 6 am Close 7 pm
  • Photography :- Not Allowed.

Godavari tir Shakti Peeth Temple Andhra Pradesh Full Details

Godavari tir Shakti Peeth or Sarvashail is the famous Shakti Peetha where it is said that the Left Cheek of Maa Sati fell and the idols worshiped at this religious place are Vishweshwari (Vishweshi) or Rakini or Viswamatuka (The mother of the whole world) and Lord Shiva as Vatsnabh or Dandapani (The one who holds a staff). This Shakti Peetha is located at Kotilingeswar temple on the banks of Godavari River near Rajamundry, Andhra Pradesh, India. Godavari Tir Shakti peeth is also known as Sarvashail.

Godavaritir or Sarvashail Shakthi Peeth is an ancient temple. The temple’s architecture is splendid. The temple looks massive, as the temple’s gopuram is at a great height. The gopuram has several images of gods and goddess sculpted on it. River Godavari is one of the sacred rivers. Bathing in the River Godavari is said to wash away the sins of the devotees. River Godavari (1465 kms) is the second longest river next only to the River Ganga.

Godavari tir Shakti Peeth Temple History and Significance

According to the Hindu mythology, an ancient pilgrimage site is also known as Maa Vishweshwari Godavaritir Shakti peetha, where the “Left Cheek” of Sati’s body fell.

The main idols of this legendary divine place are Devi as “Vishwamatuka or Viveshi” (a divine mother of universe) and Lord Shiva as “Dandapani or Vatsnabh” (one who holds a force), worshipped here.

There is one puranic reference about Sage Gautama who lived on the Brahmagiri hills at Trayambakeshwar with his wife Ahalya. Sage Gautama, once tried to chase away a cow which ate all the stock of rice in his granary. As the sage was chasing the cow with Durbha grass, the cow fell dead. The sage meditated upon Lord Shiva and wanted to rid himself of the Gohatya. (Act of killing the cow). He requested Lord Shiva to bring the Ganges to purify his hermitage. Lord Shiva was pleased with the worship of Sage Gautama and appeared as Triambaka and brought down River Ganges to Trayambakeshwar. The river is also known as Gautami, as it was brought down by Sage Gautama. The river gets the name Godavari, as the river was brought down to absolve Sage Gautama from the sins of “Gohatya”.

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Some of the renowned people in the Hindu Culture like Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Baladev also took bath in the Godavari River. There is no exact information about who and when this temple was built. But, it is said and also written in Puranas and Vedas that the chin of Maa Sati fell. So, in order to embark importance to this place and pray the Maa Sati, this Godavari tir Shakti Peeth temple was constructed.

Godavari tir Shakti Peeth Temple Festivals

Navaratri that falls two times in a year- one in the month of March or April and other in the September or October month depending on the Hindu calendar, is the major festival here. Every twelve years once, Pushkaram fair is held on the banks of the river Godavari. Millions of people from all over the country take a dip in the river for cleansing their sins. The whole ambience of temple during this festival is mesmerizing to see and people all over the country come here to celebrate this auspicious occasion. Navaratri are celebrated with full energy, faith, dedication and devotion. Another festival that is celebrated with great enthusiasm is the ‘Shivaratri’.

Temple Pooja Daily Schedule

Godavari tir Shakti Peeth temple timings:

Open 6 am 

Close 7 pm

Godavari tir Shakti Peeth Temple How To Reach

There are ample mode transportation towards the Godavari Tir temple. Although the road transport is the most common, because the nearest railway stations is also little far, but people come to the railway station and from there they board the local buses towards the temple Rajamundry Railway station is one of the biggest railway stations in Andhra Pradesh. . Airport services are available in the major cities adjacent to this temple.Rajamundry airport is situated near Madhurpadi, 18 kms from the city.

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