Guhyeshwari Temple Nepal Full Details

Guhyeshwari Temple Nepal Full Details


  • Locality/village :-Kathmandu
  • Architectural Style :- Pagoda
  • Country : -Nepal
  • Nearest City/Town :- Kathmandu
  • Best Season To Visit :- All
  • Languages :- Nepalese
  • Temple Timings :- Open 7:30 am Close 7:30 pm
  • Photography :- Not Allowed.
  • Guhyeshwari Temple Nepal Full Details

Guhyeshwari Temple, Nepal

Guhyeshwari Temple is one of the revered holy temples. It lies about 1 km east of Pasupanath and is located near the banks of the Bagmati River in Kathmandu, Nepal. This temple is dedicated to Guhyeshwari. The goddess is also called Guhyekali. It is an important pilgrimage destination for general Hindu and especially for Tantric worshipers.

The temple name originates from the Sanskrit words Guhya (Secret) and Ishwari (Goddess). In Lalitha Sahasranama the 707th name of Goddess is mentioned as ‘Guhyarupini’ meaning The form of Goddess is beyond human perception and it is a secret. Another argument is that it is the secret 16th syllable of the Shodashi Mantra. Guhyeshwari is a Shakthi Peetha and is the place where Devi Sati’s knees is believed to have fallen. Here Devi is worshipped as Mahamaya or Mahashira and Lord Shiva as Kapali.

The temple is also mentioned in the sacred texts of Kali tantra, Chandi tantra, Shiva tantra Rahasya as one of the most important places for gaining the power of tantra. The Vishwaswarup of goddess Guheshwori shows her as a many and different color headed goddess with innumerable hands. The temple possesses divine female energy force and is considered as the most power full tantra peeth as it is built above seventeen cremation ground.

Guhyeshwari Temple seems to be quite fragile and this temple is designed in Bhutanese pagoda style of architecture. Though the exterior of the temple is quite simple and not very enticing, but the ambiance of the temple is well adorned with flower motifs and patterns.

Guhyeshwari Temple History / Significance

The temple was constructed during the reign of King Shanker Dev of the Lichhavi period with the help of Narasingha Thakur, a Tantric. The temple was later renovated by King Pratap Malla in 1654 AD with the advice of Lambakarna Bhatta, a noted Tantric. Tantric rites are performed at the temple. The temple architecture is built in Bhutanese Pagoda style. Several musical instruments used during prayers were presented by King Rana Bhadur. The idols in the temple are made of gold and silver.

Guhyeshwari Temple Festivals/ Ritual


Guhyeshwari Fair (November) and Navaratri are celebrated with great fervor.

Special Rituals in Guhyeshwari temple

During the Navratri festival, the King of Nepal accompanied by his families worship here after taking a holy bath in the river Bagmati. There are many beliefs related to the temple.

It is believed that if a marriage takes place in the Guhyeshwari temple, the couples will be soul mates for another 6 generations. Sati (goddess) married Shiva, and was reborn as Parvati in her next birth. Women worship in Guhyeshwari Temple to improve the health of their husband. Worship done here leads to victory over enemies.

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Tourists not belonging to Hindu religion are not allowed to cross the main entrance of the temple. Also people offer eggs and wine to the goddess.

Guhyeshwari Temple How To Reach

Guhyeshwari Temple is located on the banks of the Bagmati River 5 kilometres north-east of Kathmandu Valley in the eastern city of Kathmand, the capital city of Nepal. You can get a cab or share an auto from anywhere in the city to get to the temple.

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