Shondesh Shakti Peeth Temple Madhya Pradesh Full Details

Shondesh Shakti Peeth Temple Madhya Pradesh Full Details


  • Locality/village :- Amarkantak
  • State :- Madhya Pradesh
  • Country :- India
  • Nearest City/Town :- Amarkantak
  • Best Season To Visit :- All
  • Languages :- Hindi& English
  • Temple Timings :- 6:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM
  • Photography :- Not Allowed.

Shondesh Shakti Peeth Temple Madhya Pradesh Full Details

Shondesh Shakti Peeth, Amarkantak

Shondesh Shakti Peeth is among the 51 Shakti Peeth of Maa Sati and is situated in Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh. It is said that, the Right Buttock of maa Sati fell here, when lord Vishnu in order to relieve lord Shiva from the grief of losing his wife Sati, used his ‘Sudarshan Chakra’ to incise maa Sati’s Body. Here the idol of maa Sati is called as ‘Narmada’ and lord Shiva is worshipped as ‘Bhadrasen’. This is also the point of origin of the river Naramada and the temple complex also includes the Narmada Udgam temple.

The sanctum sanctorum of the Shondesh Shakti Peeth temple looks really adorable. In the centre, the idol of Maa Narmada is there, and it is surrounded by the golden ‘Mukut’, all around it. Just few meters on both side, the idols of different goddess is there. The platform, where Maa Narmada idol is there, made of Silver. When it comes to the art and architecture, Shondesh Shakti Peeth is quite adorable. The white stone made temple with ponds all around it produces a picturesque view. Adding to the charm of the location, the picturesque view of Son River and the nearby kund, is something that can’t be left unseen. The most important part of this location is that, two main ranges, Satpura and Vindhya merge together here. The temple is situated in such a lovely location that the enchanting view of the Sone River that originates from a nearby Kund can be enjoyed. It is the perfect location to get the pictorial sceneries of the Satpura ranges and the flapping valleys. Rising sun can also be seen from this picturesque spot. There around 100 steps in total which are need to be traveled in order to reach the temple. One more thing that makes this place more charming is the flow of Narmada River.

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Shondesh Shakti Peeth Temple Festivals And Puja

Navratri, Makar Sankranti, Sharad Purnima, Deepawali, Somvati Amavasya, Ram Navami are some of the other important festivals being celebrated here.

Temple Pooja Daily Schedule:

Shondesh Shakti Peeth temple 06:00 am 12:00 pm and from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm (All days of the week).

Shondesh Shakti Peeth Temple How To Reach

Through Air -The Nearest airport to Amarkantak is Dumna Jabalpur (250 km) and Raipur (245 kms).

Through Railways – the nearest railway station to Amarkantak is Pendra Road (17 km) in Chhatisgarh, though Anuppur (48km) is more convenient. Bilaspur (120 km) in Chhattisgarh is also another city close to Amarkantak and linked through railway network with all major cities of India

Through Roadways – Amarkantak is connected by regular bus service with Shahdol, Umaria, Jabalpur, Rewa, Bilaspur, Anuppur and Pendra Road.

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