Suryanar Kovil Tamilnadu Full Details

Suryanar Kovil Tamilnadu Full Details


  • Locality/village :- Aduthurai
  • State :- Tamil Nadu
  • Country :- India
  • Nearest City/Town : -Kumbakonam
  • Contact Number :- 0435 2472349
  • Languages :- Tamil& English
  • Temple Timings :- opened from 6 AM to 12:30 PM and 4 PM to 8 PM
  • Photography :- Not Allowed.

Suryanar Kovil Tamilnadu Full Details

The Suryanar Kovil is a Hindu temple in Tamil Nadu, South India. It is located in the village of Suryanarkoil in the Thanjavur district. It is a very famous Surya Sthalam and is considered one of the Navagraha temples.

The Suryanar Kovil faces west. The presiding deity here is Suryanarayana in a chariot like vimaanam, representing the sun’s chariot. There are also shrines to Kasi Viswanathar, Visalakshi and Brihaspati (Guru) in the sanctum. Shrines to the other celestial bodies are located outside of the sanctum.

In the sanctum itself, Suryan stands with Usha Devi at his left and Chaya Devi at his right. Guru faces Suryan, who gives safety to us by the posture of refuge with his right hand and left hand planted upon his thighs. The sanctum and the ardhamandapam are built of stone, while the rest of the shrines are brick structures. The KolTheerthaVinayakar shrine is considered to be of importance here.

The tower of the temple is 15.5 meter in height and consists of three tiers. At the top of the tower are five domes. All the grahams face Surya Bhagawan in this temple. As soon as one enters the temple, there is a sacrificial platform (Bali peetam). To its east lies a mandap where one can see an idol of a horse. The Lord’s vehicle is the horse (vaahanam) which goes by the name ‘Saptha, meaning seven in Sanskrit. The one-wheeled chariot is drawn by seven horses.

Suryanar Kovil History And Signficance

Inscriptions from the period of KulottungaChola I (1075-1120) refer to this temple as the Kulottunga Chola Martanda Alayam. Kulottunga Chola is said to have had a good relationship with the Gahadwal dynasty of Kanauj (1090 – 1194), whose rulers were Sun worshippers, and hence SuryanarKoyil, is considered to be an expression of their influence in South India.

Suryanar Kovil Festivals


RathaSaptami in the Tamil month of Thai, and the first Sundays in the months of Aavani (Leo) and Kartikai (Scorpio) and VijayaDasami are celebrated in this temple. Also Saturn (Sani) and Jupiter (Guru) transition days are celebrated with special pujas.

Suryanar Kovil Special  Rituals


To offer worship at Sooriyanar Temple, one has to reach the Rajagopuram (Main Entrance) and more towards North where Pushkarani of temple is located. One can take bath in the tank or sprinkle holy water in the head as purification.

After entering the Suryanar Kovil, one has to turn towards Southeren side where KoltheerthaVinayagar is placed. One has to do the Sankalpam and Archana as Hindus find Vinayagar as turnover of all obstacles.

After worshipping Vinayagar, one has to climb steps to reach ‘NarthanaMandapam’ at Northern Side and then more towards ‘SabanayakarMandapam’ where one can offer prayers to ‘UrchavaMoorthi’.

Kailasanathar Temple Tamilnadu Full Details

After SabanayakarMandapam one can reach ‘Main Mandapam’ and offer prayers to SriKasivisvanathar and Smt. Visalakshi.

Next to Main Mandapam, there is MahaMandapam where Sannathi to Sun-God, there is Guru Bhavan(lord Jupitee) stands there. People do the Archana for Guru and offer prayers to lord Sun. One has to move South wards to come out of Sanctum to reach the lord Saturn (Sani). Lord Kuja, lord Mars are placed separately then more northwards to offer prayers to lord Moon and Kethu. Next movement would be towards west where lord Sukra and Raghu are placed. Finally one has to offer prayers to Sandikeswarar.

After finishing prayers at Sandikeswarar, one has to come clockwise to reach the vinayakar to give final prayers. After all the prayers are over, one would reach the ThothaSampatnam (flag post) and prostrate before it. Then nine rounds of the temple is a must. After nine rounds again one has to prostrate and mediatate on the nine planets for some times.

Info on the deity – Specific to the temple deity

When the world came into existence, the first sound that reverberated was ‘Ohm’. Surya was born from this ‘Omkaranaadham’. SreeMarkandeyaPuranam has explained this factor. Suryan was the son of Sage Kashyap and was the grandson of Sage Maarisi. Surya married Soorvarsala, the daughter of Viswakarma. Vaivasvatha Manu and Yamadharmarajan were his sons and Yamuna, his daughter. Lord Surya, who is the chief of the grahams, appears with a lotus in his divine hands. Surya Bhagawan blesses his devotees with good health, fame and efficient management. Of the nine grahas, the primary position is given to Lord Surya which is why the first day of the week is said to be Sunday. The seven days of the week refer to the seven grahas, including the SaniBhagawan.

Suryan is auspicious Graha. He is the right eye of the Lord Shiva. The sun is the premier star one with Moon in radiant rays. He is the subtle body that wheels round the world on the chariot forced by seven horses in seven colors. This unique wheeled chariot is driven by Arunan who has no legs in him. Suriyan has eight hands, on his shoulder joints are two lotus flowers. He bears a silk dress of golden shade. He is praised by the twelve great Rishis. Suriyan is the lord of seasons. He is also known as Aadavan, Prabhakaran, Kathiravan, Pakalavan, Bhaskaran. His color is red and his vahana is a chariot drawn by seven horses. The grain associated with his is wheat; the flower – lotus, yerukku; fabric – red clothes; gem – ruby; food – wheat, rava, chakkarapongal.

The period of Surya’s tempt is six years. It is whispered that those who are affected by ‘GrahaDhosham’ and negative influence of Lord Shani (Planet Saturn), AshtamaShani and JanmaShani can visit SuryanarKoil to get relieved of their sufferings. Those who have Surya in weak place, bad in their horoscope, those who have diseases due to heat, Typhoid, Fever, lack of strength in the bones, eye disease have their cure in the worship of Shiva and the wearing of the Gemstone Manikkam. Surya is appeased by fasting on the Sundays, donating a cow and by Surya Namaskar and worship at a shrine of Surya.

Suryanar Kovil Daily  Puja Timing

Suryanar Kovil is opened from 6 AM to 12:30 PM and 4 PM to 8 PM

Suryanar Kovil How To Reach

By Train:-

The nearest railway station is Aduthurai which is in between Kumbakonam and Mayiladuthurai railway line.

By Road:-

Buses available from Kumbakonam, can be reached in 30 minutes of time (18km).

By Air:-

Nearest airport is Trichirappalli.


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