Benefits of Ginseng And Its Side Effects

Benefits of Ginseng And Its Side Effects

Ginseng finds extensive usage in the preparation of herbal teas, beverages and as a dietary supplement. It is extensively used to boost sexual libido, enhance skin and hair health, prevents diabetes, menopausal after effects and improves cognition.

Benefits of Ginseng And Its Side Effects


Ginseng derives its name from Chinese. It is distinguished by its fleshy roots and is widely in demand throughout the world. It is used in dried and raw form while its leaves are used in beverages or boiled with tea. It has a wide range of varieties within the family and has often been a target of duplicity. It is also used in the preparation of liquor.

Nutritional Value of Ginseng

Rich in pharmacological content like ginsenosides, polyacetylenes, polyphenolic compounds and polysaccharides, ginseng is an effective natural herb that helps curb an array of health problems. It also contains a small amount of fats and minerals like potassium, sodium, dietary fiber, etc.

Health Benefits of Ginseng

Mentioned below are the best health benefits of Ginseng

Aids in weight loss

Consumption of ginseng suppresses the appetite apart from other effects like flushing out the toxins from the body and preventing accumulation of fat content. It curbs hunger pangs resulting in less food consumption and thus aids in weight loss.

Renders relief from stress

Ginseng boosts the energy levels of the body and enhances the metabolic function. This helps reduce the anxiety and stress levels in the body. Consumption of ginseng interferes with the production of hormones in the body and thus, ensures that the production of stress hormone is kept at its minimum.

Ensures healthy skin

Ginseng is responsible for stimulating blood flow in the body especially to the skin cells. This keeps the body hydrated and makes the skin appear fresh and supple. Skin being the largest organ of the body requires a more detailed focus which ginseng efficiently renders. It detoxifies the skin and enhances the immune response of the body to the skin.

Restricts premature aging

Since days of yore, ginseng has had a reputation of preventing the appearance of aging signs. It restricts the effects of the free radicals present in the body that are capable of damaging the healthy cells of the body.

Keeps diabetes in check

Ginseng is a perfect match to curbing and preventing diabetes in the realm of natural treatments. It is known to manage the blood sugar levels in the body in addition to regulating the absorption of glucose by the body. It manages sudden fluctuations in the blood sugar levels preventing the body from making the disease become chronic.

Enhances sexual performance

Ginseng has been commonly used as an aphrodisiac. It has been since ancient time used to improve libido in men and counter the problem of erectile dysfunction. Ginseng comes in handy as the most effective herb to tackle this situation as it has almost no side effects and is purely natural.

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Gives healthy hair

Ginseng has been widely researched to check its applications in the field of improving hair health. The carbohydrate content present in ginseng is known to prevent the occurrence of alopecia while also tackling the problem of male pattern baldness. Consumption and application of ginseng leads to strengthening of hair follicles, preventing dandruff and minimizing hair loss.

Keeps colorectal cancer at bay

Ginseng has proven to be the best in the field of oncology when it comes to curbing colorectal cancer. Adding ginseng to ones regular diet has shown positive results when it comes to preventing the spread of the said type of cancer.

Aids with menstrual discomfort

Owing to the presence of soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, ginseng is highly recommended for women suffering from extreme menstrual pain, cramps and discomfort. It also helps curb mood swings and other effects arising from menopausal and PMS conditions.

Improves cognition

Ginseng efficiently stimulates ones cognitive abilities associated with concentration and focus and the neural activity. Ginseng also helps in preventing and curing disorders such as Alzhemier’s, dementia and others.

Uses of Ginseng

Root of the ginseng is the most important part of the herb. It can be used in beverages, tea, energy drinks etc. among other forms. It enhances the metabolic and immune functions of the body. It tackles other body issues like sexual inabilities, enhances skin and hair health while also keeping away from cancer, diabetes, weight gain among other benefits.

Side-Effects /Allergies of Ginseng

Ginseng on excess consumption may give rise to problems like an upset stomach, sleep deprivation, headache and allergies. It is thus advised that the quantity should be determined only after careful consultation with a trained medical professional.

Cultivation of Ginseng

Ginseng is a perennial plant that grows eccentrically in cooler climates and finds its origin in Vietnam. It is now widely cultivated in North America, China, Korea, Eastern Siberia, Bhutan and Eastern Asia. Since after issues began to rise due to the cultivation of ginseng in China, American grown ginseng began to be imported into China.

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