Health Benefits of Lemon Water Uses And Its Side Effects

Health Benefits of Lemon Water Uses And Its Side Effects

The health benefits of lemon water include relief from scurvy, sore throat, constipation, kidney stones, canker sores and gum disorders. It also helps to lower blood pressure, decrease stress, maintain healthy skin and promote a healthy liver. Lemon Water is also commonly known to aid digestion, reduce calorie intake, help in weight loss and prevent certain types of cancer.

Health Benefits of Lemon Water Uses And Its Side Effects

Lemon Water

Lemon water, as the name suggests, is simply water to which the juice of lemons has been added. The amount of lemon that can be added depends on personal preferences, and the drink can be consumed either hot or cold.

Some people also choose to add lemon rind, mint leaf or other ingredients. Lemon water is a popular morning beverage, as it has been claimed to help increase energy levels and boost the immune system.

Nutritional Value of Lemon Water

One glass of water mixed with the juice from one lemon contains around 10 calories, and less than a gram of sugar. Lemon water is very rich in Vitamin C. Lemon water also contains traces of folate and potassium.

Lemon water also contains compounds called flavonoids which have antioxidant properties that can help reduce oxidative stress in the body. . It also has medicinal values and antibacterial properties. It also contains traces of iron and vitamin A.

Nutritional facts Per 58g


Calories 15 

Total Fat 2g 

Total Carbohydrate 5g

Vitamins and Minerals


Calcium 0.02 

Vitamin C 40 %

Health Benefits of Lemon Water

After getting lemon water nutrition information, let's check out lemon water medical benefits of lemon water. Mentioned below are the best benefit of drinking lemon water. You can drink lemon water in the early morning with an empty stomach which is good for overall health, even you and some honey to refresh your taste buds.

Lemon Water Prevents Kidney Stones

One of the major health benefits of lemon water include its ability to treat and prevent kidney stones. Normally, kidney stones pass out of the body without much discomfort, but sometimes they can block the urine flow and cause intense pain. Drinking lemon water helps in rehydrating the body and keeping the urine diluted. In turn, it reduces any risk of kidney stone formation.

Lemon Water Detoxify Your Body

Lemon water helps in cleansing the entire body by reducing the toxins in the blood. Nutrients in lemons promote the removal of waste materials and toxins, since it acts as a natural diuretic, which stimulates an increase in urination.

Lemon Water Balances pH Levels in Body

Daily consumption of lemon water helps alkalize the whole body and balance the pH level of the body. There are many diseases and conditions linked to an acidic body state. For optimal health, it is very important for the body to maintain an alkaline state, and this is easily achievable by drinking a glass of lemon water daily.

Reduces Calorie Intake

Lemon water is a good substitute to juices or drinks that may be high in sugar. Especially for those who are diabetic or who intend to lose weight, this is a good drink to rehydrate and energize the body without adding dangerous levels of sugar.

Lemon Wate Improves Digestion

The lemon juice present in lemon water promotes the production of hydrochloric acid and bile secretion, which is required for digestion. It also reduces the risk of acidity and gout. People who commonly suffer from digestive issues like abdominal cramps, bloating, burning sensations and excess gas should drink lemon water regularly to get effective relief from these problems.

Lemon Water Boost Your Immune System

Lemon water is a good source of citrus bioflavonoid, vitamin C, and phytonutrients, which help in improving the strength of the immune system. It also helps to increase energy levels in the body due to the presence of essential vitamins and minerals.

Benefits of Honey and Lemon Water for Weight loss

Lemon water has been used over thousands of years as an effective weight loss strategy. Drinking lukewarm lemon water with honey every morning can help people lose extra weight easily.

Anti Carcinogenic Properties of Lemon Water

Drinking lemon water may also be beneficial in preventing cancer. Research studies suggest that lemon, with its antitumor properties, may help in reducing cancer risk.

Lemon Water Reduce Stress / Blood Pressure

Another great benefit of lemon water is its ability to lower blood pressure while providing relief from stress, depression, and anxiety. Drinking lemon water has a calming effect on the body as well.

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Drink Lemon Water For Skin Benefits

An intake of lemon water on a daily basis can help to rejuvenate the skin. Lemons are loaded with antioxidants, and the well-known anti-aging properties of lemons and other antioxidant-rich foods have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Uses of Lemon Water

Lemons are fruits that are rich in Vitamin C, so lemon water has a plethora of uses and health benefits. Warm lemon water serves as the perfect drink in the morning, as it aids the digestive system and makes the process of eliminating the waste products from the body easier. It prevents the problem of constipation and diarrhea, by ensuring smooth bowel functions.

Lemon water contains high amounts of citrate, and studies have proved that iy can help successfully treat kidney stones. The potassium content in lemon water helps nourish brain and nerve cells. Daily consumption of lemon water is also of immense benefit to the skin as it prevents the formation of wrinkles and acne.

Side-Effects / Allergies of Lemon Water

While lemon water is an excellent beverage that boosts overall health of the body, it can also have certain side effects. Consuming too much of lemon water can erode tooth enamel due to the excess amount of acids present in lemons. Often, lemon water can also have a diuretic effect.

Lemons have a high content of vitamin C or ascorbic acid. This nutrient is well-known for its diuretic properties, which means it increases urine production in the kidneys thereby helping your body to eliminate excess fluid and sodium more quickly.

If you start to feel dehydrated after heavy lemon water consumption, consider cutting back the amount of lemon juice you add to your drink. Also, don't drink lemon with water to treat any medical problem without the advice of your doctor.

Cultivation of Lemon Water

The practice of drinking lemon water has its origin in traditional Chinese Medicine which relied on nature's produce to prevent and treat health problems. Over the years, lemon water gained popularity all over the world, and is now a very popular drink that many people swear by. While lemon trees can tolerate a range of soils, including poor soil, most prefer well-drained, slightly acidic soil.

Lemon trees need protection from frost, as well as lot of sunshine for adequate growth. Poor drainage, lack of sunlight, improper irrigation and lack of care can slow the growth of lemon trees, causing poor production of fruit.

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