Benefits of Calendula And Its Side Effects

Benefits of Calendula And Its Side Effects

The flower calendula has many health benefits. It is mostly used for its healing properties and can be used on cuts, bruises, burns, scrapes, and insect bites. It is extremely good for oral health due to its antibacterial properties. It is extremely good for your skin and keeps it looking young and healthy. It can improve your vision and helps fight against macular disease and cataract.

Calendula is known to lower inflammation in the body and can be used to relieve the pain of gout and arthritis. It also helps reduce cramps in the body and increase your energy levels as well.

Moreover, it can also reduce the risk of certain types of cancer as it as antitumor properties which are very important while fighting against cancer. Due to its vast list of health benefits, calendula is an extremely popular item in herbal medicine. It has been used for years in Ayurvedic medicine.

Benefits of Calendula And Its Side Effects


Not many people have heard of calendula. However, you can always see a spark of recognition when you mention marigolds. It is the most common species in this genus and has so many nutrients and benefits that it is a vital part of herbal health.

Interesting Facts: Calendula belongs to a family of plants that are broadly classified as marigolds.

In some variants, the petals of calendula are also edible and used in soups across various cuisines. They have a mild yet tasty flavor that adds a lot to your dish or a drink. Calendula is widely used in Ayurvedic and herbal medicine.

Nutritional Value of Calendula

The nutrients of calendula have not been specifically measured and assessed. However, it is known that this plant is filled with various compounds. Calendula is extremely rich in antioxidants, which are found in it in the form of carotenoids and flavonoids.

The leaves of this plant are rich in lutein and beta-carotene. These are basically vitamin A based carotenoids that are also rich in antioxidant properties. Moreover, your body can also convert beta-carotene into proper vitamin A in case your vision needs correction or you need healthy skin.

Health Benefits of Calendula

Mentioned below are the best health benefits of Calendula

It has healing properties

Calendula is widely used due to its strong healing qualities. By using calendula flower on various cuts, bruises, burns, scrapes, and insect bites, you can help your body speed up its natural healing process.

The oil has anti-inflammatory properties in it and is also rich in antioxidants, which is why it is so good at healing. It can be used to prevent infections from occurring on wounds that have not healed completely.

It is good for oral health

Calendula has a ton of antibacterial properties, making it a hot favorite as an ingredient in a ton of herbal items such as toothpastes, mouth wash, shampoos, and soaps. It can keep your oral cavity free from bacteria and prevent bad breath and cavities from forming. It can even help you find against gingivitis.

It is great for your skin

Apart from just healing your skin, calendula boosts the overall appearance of your skin as well. Since it is rich in anti-oxidants, it can significant reduce the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, scars, and other signs of ageing.

It can give you extremely smooth and even looking skin that’s just glowing with vitality and health. You can use herbal products that have this ingredient in them or just add calendula to your tea and consume it like that.

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It helps with your vision

Studies have shown that including calendula in your diet can significantly impact your vision. This is because calendula is rich is beta-carotene which is extremely good for your eyes. It can bring back poor vision. It can also prevent macular disease from occurring and also fight against cataracts, keeping your vision safe and healthy as a result.

It can reduce inflammation

Calendula can help you fight against all the different types of inflammation that can affect your body. You can regularly drink calendula tea to help fight against coughs, colds, or even congestion in your throat and chest.

Calendula oil is also a great remedy for pain. It can be applied topically to your joints or limbs to relieve the pain from arthritis or gout. It provides instant relief.

Furthermore, calendula can also be used to treat an upset stomach. It reduces any inflammation in your gastrointestinal tract, ensuring that your stomach settles down and quickly goes back to normal.

It prevents cancer

Cancer is one of the scariest diseases out there. Its unpredictability and sometimes rapid growth has made it a disease to fear and most people would do anything to prevent it from happening to them. Calendula can help prevent cancer. This is because calendula has anti-tumor properties that can help shrink the size of any tumor.

It reduces cramping

Calendula is also known for its antispasmodic properties, making it a great substance to have in order to deal with cramping and pain. It can help with disorders related to the nervous system by calming down your body and prevent cramps. It is also a great remedy for menstrual cramps and is used by many women all over the world. It can help with any kind of spasmodic condition, greatly improving the quality of your life.

Increases energy

As calendula has so many vital nutrients, it boosts almost all the systems present in your body. With greater body function, you have more energy at your disposal and are less susceptible to problems like weakness, fatigue, and even sometimes, anxiety. By adding calendula to your tea, you can ensure that your body is naturally healthy and strong.

It improves your heart health

Calendula is beneficial for your cardiovascular health. It gets rid of deposited cholestrol, which results in healthier vessels and heart. It also helps in preventing heart attacks.

Boosts your digestive system

Consuming calendula tea regularly keeps your digestive sytem healthy. It helps in preventing metabolic ailments, while also treating ulcers, bladder infections and general upset stomach.

Uses of Calendula

Calendula is mainly used in herbal medicine for its health benefits Calendula oil can be used in aromatherapy. It can also be used in massages and can be applied topically to the body to destress muscles and relieve any pain. Calendula is a popular flower and is also used for decorations in many homes.

Side-Effects of Calendula

Calendula oil can be a mild allergen and people who are prone to allergies have been known to have allergic reactions to using this oil. You can always perform a patch test in order to determine whether or not it is safe for you to use it. Always consult with your doctor or herbalist before adding anything new to your diet or lifestyle.

Cultivation of Calendula

The calendula flower is native to many parts of the world. It is found in Southern Asian countries, Mediterranean regions, and even in some parts of Europe.

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