Myrrh Oil Health Benefits Uses And Its Side Effects

Myrrh Oil Health Benefits Uses And Its Side Effects

Myrrh essential oil offers a ton of benefits. It can help prevent bacterial and fungal infections within and externally on the body and is used as an antiseptic as well. It is known for speeding up the healing process and is often preferred over antibiotics as there is no chance of it harming your liver.

Myrrh essential oil is a strong stimulant and can improve the functioning of your immune system, digestive system, respiratory system, and nervous system. It boosts your circulatory system as well and also stimulates the secretion of important hormones and enzymes. It purifies your body by promoting sweating. It is an emmenogogue and therefore very useful for women.

Myrrh essential oil is also good for your skin and can be used to treat eczema and the effects of ageing as it is a strong astringent. Overall, it is very good for your entire system and should be used by everyone.

Myrrh Oil Health Benefits Uses And Its Side Effects

Myrrh Oil

Myrrh seed oil comes from resin. It is one of the most popular oils when it comes to aromatherapy as it has a unique scent and offers a ton of different benefits. It also has a host of medicinal uses, which makes it fairly well known in the herbal medicine scene as well.

Nutritional Value of Myrrh Oil

Myrrh essential oil offers a lot of nutritional benefits. While there hasn’t really been a lot of research into its individual nutrients, the chemical components of this oil have been studied, which is why its health benefits are well known.

The main components of myrrh Oil are Alpha Pinene, Cadinene, Limonene, Cuminaldehyde, Eugenol, Cresol, Heerabolene, Acetic Acid, Formic Acid, and Sesquiterpenes. These impact your health positively and tend to provide various benefits to your body.

Health Benefits of Myrrh Oil

Mentioned below are the best health benefits of using myrrh oil. It is good for killing harmful bacteria and good for gum infection. You can use this oil to support healthy skin and speed up the healing process of sores. Myrrh oil acts as powerful antioxidant and Combats Pain and swelling problems. We also discuss different way to use this oil and also its side effects.

Myrrh Seed Oil Inhibits Microbial Growth

One of the major advantages of using Myrrh essential oil is that it prevents microbes from growing in your body, thereby protecting you from a host of microbial infections. It can protect you from food poisoning, fever, measles, mumps, cough, cold, pox, and even from infections that can occur in open wounds.

Often, it is preferable to use myrrh see oil over antibiotics as it does not end up weakening your liver or causing digestive malfunction.

Myrrh Oil Astringent Properties

Myrrh essential oil has strong astringent properties. It can strengthen and tighten up the muscles present in your intestines and other areas of the digestive tract, gums, muscles, and even your skin, making it look smoother and younger. This property also makes it very good for your hair as it strengthens your scalp and prevents hair fall.

Myrrh essential oil also makes your blood vessels contract and restricts the flow of blood. This can prevent hemorrhaging and the loss of excess blood in the event of an accident.

Use Myrrh Oil to Fight Against Viral Infection

Myrrh essential oil is known for fighting viruses and can therefore prevent viral infections from spreading and even occurring in the first place. Therefore, it is very good for viral colds and coughs and can help you heal quickly.

Myrrh oil also works as a fungicide. This means that it can fight and prevent fungal infections as well and works well on both, internal and external infections on your body. Moreover, this oil also speeds up the rate at which your body heals from wounds and infections.

Myrrh seed oil even has strong antiseptic properties, which means that it can be applied onto wounds, cuts, and abrasions, to prevent infection and sepsis, as well as the threat of tetanus. It is an extremely holistic oil when it comes to the prevention of infections.

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Myrrh Oil Promotes Sweating

Sweating is an immensely important body function, as it helps to purify your entire body. It gets rids of the unwanted toxins, uric acid, excess salts, excess fat, excess water, and any other lifestyle based toxins that may be in your system. This helps your body stay clean, and affect the overall function of all your organs and systems.

Myrrh essential oil promotes sweating in your body. It can, therefore, be used as a purifying agent so that you can stay healthy and toxin free.

Anti-catarrhal Properties of Myrrh Oil Good For Health

Another great plus point of using myrrh seed oil as a part of your health regimen is that it has anti-catarrhal properties. This means that it can help you get rid of excess mucus and phlegm in your system.

This is vital because the buildup of mucus and phlegm can lead to breathing problems and disorders, congestion, and even discomfort. By using myrrh essential oil, you end up preventing all of these issues, along with the onset of random coughs, colds, and asthma.

Myrrh Oil Acts as Stimulant

Myrrh oil has all the properties of a stimulant. This means that it can boost your circulatory system, which ensures that all your organs receive oxygenated blood quickly so that they can function efficiently. It boosts your digestive system by stimulating the secretion of gastric juices and bile, which leads to frequent and easier bowel movements as well as the better absorbing of nutrients in your body.

Boosts your respiratory system using myrrh oil so that you are able to breathe more easily. It boosts your immune system and keeps your body protected from infections and diseases. It even stimulates the secretion of important hormones and enzymes, which contributes towards the better functioning of all your organs and body systems.

It also stimulates your nervous system, preventing nervous disorders later in life. It, therefore, impacts your overall health in a positive manner and makes sure that everything works as well as it should. This just leads to better health and more energy in general.

Myrrh Essential Oil Anti-inflammatory Properties

Myrrh seed oil is known for sedating the inflammation and providing you with relief from its symptoms. It can help with the pain in the muscles, as well as inflammation within the digestive system, which can prevent various digestive problems like indigestion, gas, abdominal cramps, ulcers, acidity, and so on.

Inflammation is a problem that can occur anywhere in the body. It can lead to numerous health problems if not treated properly. Most commonly, inflammation occurs in the digestive system and the muscular system leading to a ton of pain and discomfort.

Antidepressant Properties of Myrrh Essential Oil

Myrrh essential oil works as a sedative on many levels. Not only can it sedate the tension in your muscles and nerves and prevent cramps and spasms, but it can also sedate your mind, leading to a sense of calmness. Therefore, it is an extremely good remedy for stress, anxiety, and depression, and even works on people who have been through traumatic situations and are having trouble getting out of that.

Myrrh essential oil can be used in a diffuser to help with feelings of depression as it brings about feelings of happiness and generally can lift the spirits.

It is good for women

Myrrh essential oil takes care of uterine health and can prevent uterine cancer and the development of fibroids and tumors in the organ. It also helps with post menopausal depression.

Myrrh essential oil is extremely beneficial for women as it helps regulate menstruation and also provides immense relief from the symptoms of PMS. It can also delay early menopause.

Other Benefits of Myrrh Essential Oil

Myrrh essential oil is a tonic and boosts the health of your entire body. It is good for your skin and can help fading away spots and scars. It can also take care of ringworm in the body and is a good remedy for skin problems like eczema.

Uses of Myrrh Oil

Myrrh essential oil is one of the leading oils used in aromatherapy. This is because it has a pleasing smell and also provides a ton of benefits when inhaled. Myrrh oil can be blended with a series of different essential oils, such as the oils of lavender, palma rosa, frankincense, patchouli, rose wood, sandalwood, tea tree, and thyme.

Together, these blends lead to an extremely pleasant session of aromatherapy and can be really helpful for your mental and physical health.

Side-Effects / Allergies of Myrrh Oil

One of the known properties of myrrh oil is that it is an emmenogogue. This means that it regulates and stimulates menstruation, which is why it should be avoided by women who are pregnant. It can lead to a miscarriage if used too often.

Other than that, it is totally organic and does not have any major side effects to speak of. If you have extremely sensitive skin, or are vulnerable to allergies, you should definitely perform a patch test to see whether or not it gives you an allergic reaction.

On a general note, it is always preferable to speak to your doctor or herbalist before adding myrrh essential oil anything new to your lifestyle or diet just to make sure that you don’t accidentally cause harm to your system, rather than the benefits.

Cultivation of Myrrh Oil

Myrrh essential oil originated in Egypt and was used since ancient times due to the many health benefits it offered. It was also used to create a variety of perfumes and incense in ancient Egypt. Myrrh oil became quite famous in Greece as well and was used to heal wounds.

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