Health Benefits of Red Rooibos Uses And Its Side Effects

Health Benefits of Red Rooibos Uses And Its Side Effects

The most significant benefit of red rooibos tea is that its caffeine free. Because the red rooibos is a herb and not actually a natural tea. It has no oxalic acid and is rich in minerals like iron, calcium, potassium, copper, magnesium, zinc and alpha hydroxyl acid. The zero caffeine and low tannins of red rooibos is used as a cure headaches, insomnia, asthma, eczema, hypertension and bone weakness.

Health Benefits of Red Rooibos Uses And Its Side Effects

Red Rooibos

Rooibos tea or red tea is acquired from Aspalathus linearis bush plant found in south Africa which is actually a herb that is caffeine free. The plant itself is only 300 years old as compared to camellia sinensis (1000 years) that yields the green and black tea. Hence, it is a herb that when harvested and fermented can be brewed into a reddish brown herbal fusion dubbed “ African red tea or red bush tea”.

Nutritional Value of Red Rooibos

Rooibos tea is totally free from caffeine and oxalic acid. It is also low on tannins as well. It has a rich mineral contents such as iron, calcium, potassium, copper, manganese, zinc, magnesium and alpha hydroxyl acid. Red rooibos tea is a natural anti-oxidant due to the presence of aspalathin and nothofagin and the muiti tasking polyphenolic compounds.

Nutritional facts Per 100 grams


Calories 1 Kcal 

Sodium 1 mg 

Potassium 1 mg

Vitamins and Minerals


Calcium 2 mg 

Iron 0.08 mg 

Magnesium 1 mg

Health Benefits of Red Rooibos

Mentioned below are the best health benefits of drinking red rooibos tea. It contains a high amount of antioxidants compared to green tea and white tea. It is good for skin health as it holds good alpha hydroxyl acid and zinc content. Add calorie-free red rooibos tea in your weight management diet. Anti-inflammatory properties of red rooibos enriched with zinc, copper, potassium, and other mineral which are good for hair care problems such as dandruff and scalp issues.

Anti inflammatory Properties of Red Rooibos Tea

The presence of polyphenolic compounds such as aspalathin and nothofagin, that posses anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antimutagenic properties making the rooibos tree a natural anti oxidant. It not only desyroys and neutralize free eadicals but also provide a boost to the immunity making it diseases tolerant.

Start Drinking Rooibos Tea to Improve digestive system

Roobios tea has both potassium and antispasmodic agents that in turns activate potassium ions in the body. The potassium ion is very much useful in healing abdominal pain and stomach cramps that aids and improve the overall digestive system.

Rooibos tea also helps the digestive tract by smoothing out the gut muscles. Rooibos tea is also used as a natural remedy in treating irritable bowel syndrome.

Rooibos Tea Benefits for Bones

Improves bone health.

Rooibos tea has a very high content of calcium, manganese and fluoride minerals which all are directly proportional to strong bones and teeth. Calcium is the main component of bone formation. By increasing the bio-availability of minerals, rooibos tea helps you in fighting common bone problems such as joint pain, osteoporosis and arthritis.

Manganese is very useful in repairing bone damage and building bone mass and fluoride is used widely in dental world as a cure for teeth problems.

Rooibos Tea Good for Heartburn

Quercetin found in the rooibos tea is a very powerful anti oxidant that is immensely potent in preventing a wide variety of heart diseases. The anti inflammatory properties of rooibos tea not only reduces blood pressure and destroys fre radicals but also promotes an increase in HDL (good cholesterol) and inhibits LDL (bad cholesterol) from binding to the walls of blood vessels and arteries.

Drink Rooibos Tea to Control Diabetes

One of the rarest anti oxidants found in rooibos tea is aspalathin, which has a large number of unique qualities. Rooibos tea is now being used as a remedy for type 2 diabetes because of the presence of aspalathin. It balances the blood sugar level, improve insulin resistance and glucose absorption.

At the same time red rooibos helps in boosting the insulin secretion from pancreas. It also keeps in check the uncertain spikes and drop in the blood sugar level.

Prepare Red Rooibos Tea - Good For High Blood Pressure

Roobios tea is a natural remedy for relieving stress, nervous tension and hypertensive conditions. Commonly known as high blood pressure, hypertension can be prevented by using rooibos tea. Rooibos tea is known for lowering the blood pressure and keeping in check the spikes in blood pressure level.

Aids Respiratory System

Rooibos tea is a natural bronchodilator which helps in dilating the bronchi and bronchioles. By doing so the air flow to our lungs increases by a vast margin which makes respiration easier. With proper respiration and less resistance in the wind pipe, it also boost heart health and protects from cardiovascular diseases such as atheroschelorsis and heart attacks.

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Micro Nutrients Present in Red Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea is full of micro and rare nutrients that are very essential for our body. Iron, zinc, copper and manganese are found in high content. In addition, it also has rare nutrients such as quercetin and bioflavonoids that helps in blood circulation and prevents hemorrhage.

Benefits of Rooibos for Face Skin

Alpha hydroxy acid and zinc present in the rooibos tea is very good for skin problems such as acne, pimples and sunburn on topical application. Alpha hydroxy acid is also responsible in fighting wrinkles and in reducing other premature aging symptoms. Anti oxidants present in red rooibos are always a boon for skin health which is also highly present in rooibos tea.

Uses of Red Rooibos

Mostly red rooibos tea used as a beverage because of its medicinal properties. Its prepared in the same manner as the black and green tea but can also be served as espresso, latte, cappuccinos or iced tea. Since the rooibos tea is a herb, it is also used in making pharmaceutical drugs.

Side-Effects / Allergies of Red Rooibos

The biggest point of concern is the estrogenic activity of the rooibos tea. If you have a hormone sensitive cancer like breast cancer, it can turn out to be a disaster for you. It can also interfere and alter the ongoing effects of chemotherapy. Freshly picked rooibos tea can be toxic as well and it may lead to various health issues such as hepatotoxicity and breathing problems.

Cultivation of Red Rooibos

There is absolutely no dispute when it comes to the origin of rooibos tea as the plant, apalathus linearis is a native to south africa’s mountain ranges of cederberg ( north of cape town). Locals have been harvesting this herb for hundreds of years, however, it was popularized by the tea-drinkers dutch settlers in the 1700s.

The modern red rooibos tea industry bloomed only after the late 1930s. it is cultivated and harvested in the same fashion as black and green tea. It also comes in two varieties, the red rooibos tea which is left for oxidation and the green rooibos tea which is hardly oxidized.

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