Health Benefits of Bhringraj Uses And Its Side Effects

Health Benefits of Bhringraj Uses And Its Side Effects

Bhinraj is useful for many health benefits. You can use Bhinraj oil for hair problems. You can use Bhinraj to control blood pressure. Treats skin problems. If you are suffering from migraine pain, massage regularly with Bhingraj Oil to get relief from it. Bhinraj also treats jaundice and cures eye ailments. Bhinraj treats ulcer and helps with cholera.

Health Benefits of Bhringraj Uses And Its Side Effects

What is Bhinraj Powder?

Bhingraj is a genus plant in the sunflower family. It is commonly known as - False Daisy. Bhingraj plant has grayish, cylindrical roots. Lonely flower heads 6 - 8 mm in diameter with white flowers. Achins of Bhinraj are narrow-winged and compressed. The herb tastes bitter, hot, sharp and dry.

Nutritional value of bhingraj

The extract made from the Bhrinraj plant is rich in alkaloids. The leaves also contain high amounts of protein. Bhingraj plant is known for its antioxidant, anticancer, antibacterial, antiviral, antiepileptic, antihemorrhagic, analgesic, antihepatotoxic, hypotensive and ovicidal properties. Bhinraj plant contains many chemicals like polypeptides, steroids calcium, vitamin d, iron, vitamin e, magnesium.

Bringaraj Health Benefits

The best health benefits of Bhrinraj are listed below

Benefits to Bhingraj Hair

The best way to apply Bhingraj to hair is to make hair oil with it, Bhingraj Oil has amazing hair benefits. It prevents hair fall and premature graying. Strengthens hair roots. Keeps hair neat. Avoids split ends. Stimulates hair growth. Prevents baldness, premature graying and alopecia - everything you need for healthy hair.

Benefits to Bhinraj skin

The leaves of Bhingraj plants are excellent for treating all skin related ailments as they have excellent antibacterial properties. Bhingraj juice is very effective in treating cracked heels and minor skin allergies.

To get Bhingraj juice:

Take the fresh leaves of the Bhingraj plant

Wash and rinse as gently as you can in mortar and pestle

Now take the pounded mixture in a strainer and press with a spoon to remove the juice completely.

Apply Bhrangraj juice continuously on the affected area for a few days to see results

This juice also helps in faster healing of wounds and is best applied when it is fresh.

Bringaraj gives you relief from migraine pain

Heat equal amount of bhingraj juice and goat milk and put a few drops of this mixture in the nose. Also, mix black pepper powder with bhingraj juice and apply on forehead. It gives relief from migraine.

Bhinraj controls high blood pressure

To normalize blood pressure, mix 2 teaspoons of Bhingraj leaves juice with 1 teaspoon of honey and give twice a day.

Bhinraj benefits for jaundice problem

Grind fresh and clean leaves of Bhingraj in 7 peppercorns 2 ml paste leaves and give to the patient on an empty stomach every morning. Can be served with sour yogurt or buttermilk. In 5-6 days, it will cure jaundice.

Benefits of ulcers 

Write Bhinraj juice on infections. Poultices can also build up on ulcers. In case of sores and boils on the hand, apply its thick paste ‌ on the toe and fingers. It also helps the ulcer to heal faster.

Bhinraj is helpful during diabetes

Take equal amount of Bhingraj powder and Babul flower powder. Add a little sugar candy to it. Give 6 ml of goat's milk to a diabetic patient. It is very useful in treating all types of diabetes.

Bhinraj help scorpion bite

Grind the brinjal leaves and apply the paste on the swollen area. The pain freezes at the site of the bite. It also removes sting and poison.

Bhinraj helps in cholera

If 2 teaspoons of Bhingraj plant juice is given with a small amount of rock salt three times a day, the patient will get relief from cholera.

Bhinraj oil for eye problems

We can also use Bhinraj when making Kajal. We smeared the cranberry juice on a brass plate and placed it on a small lamp filled with unrefined sesame oil. After collecting the soot, we take it in a plate and mix it with ghee and use it as kajal. Kajal made with keynelli has a cooling effect on the eyes.

Uses of Bhinraj

Bhinraj is used to produce hair oils, hair dyes, skin disease powders, balms, lotions and cosmetics. It is widely used in the field of medicine.

Side effects of Bhingraj

Bhinraj has no such side effects. Its essence is good. It can catch a cold. Overdose can cause a slight burning sensation.

Bhinraj cultivation

Bhinraj hails from India and Southwest America. It is also widely distributed in Nepal, China, Thailand and Brazil. It is mostly cultivated in the tropical regions of the country. It grows well in moist, soil-bound and clay, paddy fields, tanks, water courses, plains and hilly areas.

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