Castor Oil Benefits Uses And Side Effects

Castor Oil Benefits Uses And Side Effects

What is Castor Oil?

Castor oil is extracted from the seeds of a plant called Ricinus communis. This plant is easily found in the tropics of Asia and Africa. Castor beans or oily seeds contain a toxic substance called resin. However, castor oil becomes inactive after being subjected to the heating process. The oil extracted from the seeds is an opaque liquid containing a yellowish tincture. This oil belongs to the category of vegetable oil and finds its use in a wide range of medicinal and cosmetic purposes. Castor oil can also be found in a wide variety of home appliances, from paints to cleaning products. This oil is very beneficial in the treatment of various medical conditions related to digestion. Castor oil is also believed to have many useful properties such as antimicrobial, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory. They also serve to provide many health benefits to the public.

Castor Oil Benefits Uses And Side Effects

Castor oil ingredients

The main ingredient of castor oil is ricinoleic acid. It makes 85 to 95 percent oil. It is an unsaturated omega-9 fatty acid. The second ingredient in castor oil is oleic acid. It is a monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid. It ranges from 2 to 6 percent. The next ingredient in castor oil is linoleic acid. It ranges from 1 to 5 percent. It is a polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid. Other ingredients in castor oil include alpha-linolenic acid, palmitic acid and dihydroxysteric acid stearic acid. All of these ingredients range from 0.5 to 1 percent each.

How to use castor oil?

There are various benefits to using castor oil. However it should be used with caution. Castor oil can be applied topically on the skin. It can be applied on the hair and taken orally. When using castor oil for topical application, a few drops of oil are sufficient to provide the necessary relief in various conditions of the skin. To get the benefits associated with hair, the caster should only be applied in small amounts. Maybe a few drops will suffice.

Excessive topical application of oil can lead to severe adverse reaction. So the dosage of oil to be used should be confirmed by the doctor. Castor oil can be used as a laxative so it can be taken orally. The dose of castor oil to be given to the patient is determined by the doctor. A single dose of 15 to 60 ml is orally adequate in adults to treat the condition of constipation. In children less than 2 years of age, the dose ranges from 1 to 5 ml. 5 to 15 ml is sufficient for children aged 2-12 years. The single dose should be taken only once as it can cause various side effects such as low blood pressure, electrolyte imbalance and diarrhea. Should not be changed under any circumstances.

Benefits of Castor Oil for Hair / Skin

Traditionally castor oil is used topically to get hair and skin benefits. Today the majority of companies in the cosmetics industry use castor oil as the main ingredient in their various beauty care products. Below are some of the benefits of castor oil for hair and skin

Wrinkle Reduction: Castor oil contains natural emollient. It reduces scratches on the face and visible wrinkles on the skin. The oil penetrates deep into the skin. Provides essential nutrition to the skin. It does not clog in the holes.

Dry skin nutrition: For those with dry skin castor oil proves to be a great moisturizer. Because it is deeper into the skin. The high concentration of fatty acids promotes the healthy functioning of skin cells.

Hair Growth: Castor oil provides great benefits to the hair. It provides deep conditioning as well as hardens the stands of the hair. The pH level of the skin is balanced by the main ingredient of the oil, ricinoleic acid.

Treats scalp infection: Infection on the scalp can lead to hair problems such as dandruff, and bald patches. These problems can also be solved by using castor oil as it has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Premature graying of hair: Castor oil is one of the most popular treatments to prevent premature graying of hair. Through this oil, the hair gets the help it needs. , So that its pigment can be retained

Prevention of Stretch Marks: Castor oil helps in preventing the formation of stretch marks during pregnancy. The oil acts in the form of a humectant and also helps maintain the skin's elasticity and moisture. The presence of fatty acids in the oil stimulates the skin's ability to regenerate tissues. Thereby also increasing the texture and strength of the skin.

Purifier: Castor oil contains triglycerides. It also removes dirt from the skin and thus provides the necessary assistance in cleansing.

Repairing split ends: The hair needs proper and deep conditioning for the purpose of controlling the problem of split ends. The use of castor oil is a great choice to provide deep conditioning. The use of castor oil improves the overall health of the hair. It also helps in restoring the required moisture.

Sunburn: The anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of castor oil have proven to be very beneficial in treating sunburn. The presence of ricinoleic acid does not cause sunburn-related blisters after topical application of the oil. In addition, the presence of fatty acids in the oil also helps to keep the skin hydrated.

Unbalanced Skin Tone: Castor oil has been shown to be very beneficial in restoring skin tone as it contains fatty acids that stimulate the growth of healthy skin tissue.

Another benefit of castor oil

Other benefits of using castor oil are listed below

Disinfects the wound: Applying castor oil is very beneficial if a person has cuts or scrapes. Because it has antimicrobial properties. Thus it is not only disinfectant but also very effective in treating wound.

Ringworm: The ringworm problem is very common. It covers people of almost all ages. The presence of undesilinic acid in castor oil also provides essential assistance in the treatment of ringworms.

Joint Paint: Massaging the joints with castor oil proves to be very beneficial for people suffering from arthritis problem. Because it has anti-inflammatory properties. It relieves pain and inflammation in the joints.

Constipation: Castor oil can provide immediate relief to people suffering from chronic constipation. The presence of ricinoleic acid makes it a natural laxative.

Back pain: In people suffering from back pain, massaging castor oil can also relieve pain due to the anti-inflammatory property of the oil.

Immunity Booster: Topical application of castor oil on the skin enhances a person's immunity. Hard to believe but it is true. The use of castor oil greatly increases the number of T-11 cells that stimulate the body's defense mechanism.

Mouth sores: The presence of antibacterial properties in the oil also helps in treating the problem of mouth sores.

Itching Relief: If a bug bites and frees someone with itching, topical application of a single drop of castor oil on the affected area will also provide the necessary relief from the itching.

Acne: It is a blessing for those who suffer from acne castor oil problem. The presence of riconolic acid prevents the growth of bacteria that cause acne.

Fights Fungus: Topical application of castor oil. Proves to be very beneficial in fungal infections. This is because it is very helpful in treating fungal infections.

The end

Topical or oral use of castor oil is a very effective and inexpensive way to improve health. Castor oil provides great benefits to skin and hair. Castor oil is still recommended by various doctors as a laxative. However, castor oil has many benefits. Use only in recommended doses. Excessive oil intake can lead to many health risks, either topically or orally.

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