Health Benefits of Haritaki And Its Side Effects

Health Benefits of Haritaki And Its Side Effects

Haritakini is also known as the 'King of Drugs' and offers health benefits such as. It also prevents hair fall. Also removes dandruff. It also helps with constipation. It also prevents coughs and colds. Removes pimples and ulcers. It also boosts the immune system. Prevents diabetes. It also helps to lose weight. To fight skin allergies, it also improves heart conditions.

Health Benefits of Haritaki And Its Side Effects


Harita has a droop-like fruit, oval in shape, 2 - 4.5 cm long and 1.2 - 2.5 cm wide with 5 longitudinal ridges. Depending on its type, it will turn green - black when ripe. The fruit of the green is sweet, sour and bitter depending on its variety. There are 7 types of Haritaki: Vijaya, Rohini, Putane, Amrita, Abhaya, Jeevanthi, Chetak.

Interesting facts: Terminalia Chebula tree from Ayurveda offers Ayurvedic herb and health benefits taken from the seeds.

Nutritional value to Haritaki

Haritaki contains ingredients found to have healing properties, including anticancer, antibacterial, anti-diabetic and antioxidant properties. Haritaki is rich in essential vitamins, minerals and proteins. It is a source of vitamin C, manganese, selenium, potassium, iron and copper. It also contains plant chemicals such as tonic acid, gallic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid and behenic acid.

Health benefits for Haritaki

The best health benefits of Haritaki are listed below, you can use this herb to get the health benefits of Haritaki Powder:

Benefits of Haritaki Powder for Hair

Haritaki powder proves to be very useful for hair fall in the form of herbal oil. It can be made with a cup of coconut oil in a pop with 3 pods until the green turns brown. Until the outer shell is cracked and allowed to cool. Haritaki oil also prevents dandruff and lice infections.

Harita helps in acne and ulcers

Haritaki powder has antibacterial properties. It is very effective in treating acne and ulcers. Take green powder and boiled water, make a paste and apply it on the skin of pimples and ulcers.

Harita helps with constipation

Greenery is beneficial in digestion. It contains natural laxative and dietary fiber. It fights constipation. During constipation, green should be taken in powder form with water. To prepare the green powder, take the green fruit, remove the seed and peel it. Then take the peel and grind.

Fight skin allergies to Haritaki

Haritaki powder is very useful in skin care. It fights skin allergies. Green paste is the best remedy for such problems. The powder paste for this green is light green in color. Green fruit can be made by rubbing sandals with a little boiled water. Take the paste and apply it on the infected skin.

Haritaki prevents coughs and colds

Protects greenery from coughs and colds. Green powder should be taken along with honey for cough and cold. It also cures sore throat and gingivitis.

Haritaki Powder to Cure Diabetes

Greenery also helps control blood sugar levels. It also reduces insulin sensitivity in the body.

Benefits of Haritaki for weight loss

Green tea powder also helps in removing toxins from the body. Tracks the digestive system. Natural blood purifier for green. Green takes control of appetite when taken in powder form. It can also lead to weight loss if combined with a balanced diet and exercise.

Boosts immunity

If ghee fried green leaf powder is taken regularly, it acts as an immunosuppressant and also enhances longevity.

Improves heart condition

As the purity of the blood increases, the heart muscle grows stronger. Helps the green to cleanse the blood. It stops the build up of fat in the artery, especially in the coronary artery. When these effects occur, they lead to a decrease in blood pressure, a stronger heart and clear arteries.

Uses of Haritaki

In addition to the medicinal uses of Harita, Harita has spiritual benefits such as third eye awakening. It has a unique property of maintaining the balance of the three bugs, i.e. air (share), fire (quail), water (kapha).

Allergies and side effects to Haritaki

The side effects of Haritaki are as follows. Removal of large amounts of built-up feces, which can lead to systemic weakness if taken with alcohol. Green is not recommended if there is excessive sexual activity. Not recommended during pregnancy because its use reduces breast milk production.

Cultivation of Haritaki

Harita is from South Asia. Their distribution extends from India and Nepal to northwest China and to Sri Lanka, Vietnam and southern Malaysia.

Green trees are grown from seed. The seeds are sown in spring in clay and sandy soils. They grow in full sunlight and plenty of water. These trees do not tolerate cold temperatures below 16 below C. Their fruits are planted when they are green.

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