30 Best Irish Unisex names and meanings -

30 Best Irish Unisex names and meanings

30 Best Irish Unisex names and meanings

After looking at some Irish baby names and meanings for girls Here is a list with unisex Irish name for babies and their meanings.

1. Ailbe:

Ailbe refers to white. The name is derived from a white and fair-looking baby boy or girl.

2. Barra:

Barra means fair head. It is a name for people who have a beautiful and fair appearance. This is a popular and well-loved unisex baby names.

3. Banba:

This name was derived from the Goddess her sister who established the nation of Ireland. It remains a very popular, unisex Irish baby name.

4. Branna:

It means Raven. This is a common meaning for boys and girls alike.

30 Best Irish Unisex names and meanings
30 Best Irish Unisex names and meanings

5. Caoilainn:

It is also known as Kay-lin, which translates to gentle and pure. The meaning behind this is sensitive. The name is a reference to both boys and girls.

6. Daire:

Daire means fertile. The baby name Daire for girls and boy is fertile, fruitful , and pure. It is among the oldest names from the past.

7. Daireann:

This translates to bountiful. It is a reference to literature within Ireland. Irish language. It is often referred to as Irish names.

8. Dillon:

It is the bright light. It also signifies optimism. The name Baby Girl or boy named Dillion is a reference to the baby’s access to have hope and light in their lives.

9. Darcie:

This is a name that is common in England as well as Ireland. It is a dark word. But, it’s an often-used name.

10. Enda:

Enda refers to a bird. The people who love animals and birds in the natural kingdom usually love the name. This name for a newborn boy or girl is appealing and refreshing.

11. Eirnin:

It is pronounced as Air-nin and is also known as Iron. The baby boy’s or girl’s name has the meaning of determination and strength.

12. Fianna:

Fianna is an ancient and a long-standing name, which translates to warrior. This name was handed down from the reign of the king and was named after both the baby girl and the baby boy.

13. Faolan:

Pronounced as Fwail-awn. This refers to the word “wolf. This is a rare name. But, it has it has been popular in recent years.

14. Murtagh:

Murtagh is the word used to describe a sea skilled. It is also known as an ability of the sea. This is a popular name in the middle age.

15. Nollaig:

Nollaigh simply is a reference to Christmas simply means. It’s a very known and popular name in both baby girls and for baby boys.

16. Kerry:

Kerry is a reference to pretty. The name is commonly used for both Irish baby girls and boys. It is named after an adorable and attractive baby.

17. Tierney:

Tierney In the past was a name used to describe the chief. The name “Tierney” means chief or lord.

18. Odhran:

The babies with dark hair are referred to as Odhran meaning dark-haired.

19. Radha:

In Irish, Radha means beautiful vision. This is why stunning view could be the essence of Radha and is an unisex name that is popular.

20. Rionnach:

It is pronounced Ree-knock which refers to King. The name was also used in earlier times in the kingdom of King Arthur. It’s named for both the boy and girl.

Top Irish celebrities:

Here’s a list Irish baby names that are named after famous personalities. Let’s look at the following Irish baby names that have significance.

21. Claire:

This name is a tribute to the actress who won awards Claire Danes. It means bright, clear or famous. This is a popular name for Irish Catholics.

22. Aoife:

Aoife refers to a woman warrior. It is a well-known Irish name in the present.

23. Saoirse:

Sear-sha is an actress’ name that refers to liberty or freedom. This was a groundbreaking Irish name in recent times.

24. Fiona:

The word originated from Scotland culture, and it was an ancestor of the Irish name, as well. This doesn’t have any specific meaning, but.

25. Oona:

She is an actress from Spain. Her name derives in the Irish name, which translates to lamb.

26. Aidan:

The Irish actor’s nickname, Aidan Turner was named from the word Aidan that means fire or birthed from the flame. This is a signification of bold and strong nature.

27. Juno:

This is a well-known literature name that is part of Irish culture. It is the literary fiction of the character.

28. Liam:

It means desire. Liam Neeson is the star of the Irish big screen. The name is in high demand even across the United States now.

29. Hugh:

Who isn’t familiar with Hugh Jackman? His name is a reference to soul, heart and spirit. This is a truly liberating name isn’t it?

30. Shea:

Shea means substance filled. This name is full of elegance and meaning that is that is full of soul. It is one of the very few Irish names.

These are gorgeous Irish baby names. I hope that you like our adorable Irish baby names as well as these fashionable Irish name for babies. The names have historical and mythological significance. Let us know what you think about these names below.