6 Must-See Temples To Visit In Surat With More Details

6 Must-See Temples To Visit In Surat With More Details


It is a Gujarati city is that is full of wonder and culture. If it’s its old relationship with silk weaving, and today, being the world’s largest textile capital that entices you, or you go to the old Surat castle constructed against Portuguese invasion the city is bound to leave you enriched and full of memories. What’s more? Surat is adorned with sites with a huge religious significance, such that they’re not just crowded by residents on a regular basis, however, but they are also extremely loved by pilgrims and tourists. People across the country visit to offer their prayers in these revered shrines in Surat.

In actual fact, the temples in Surat are awash with people, particularly in the annual celebrations, compared to any other cities in India. Get ready to mark off the places on this bucket list that we’ve compiled to make your religious journey to these temples in surat as well as around the temples close to the city of Surat.


The Most Famous Temples in Surat :

1. Ambaj Temple (old):

It is located in the central part of the city The temple is extremely important in the development of the image of Surat. It is thought to be one of the oldest temples in the nation. The ‘rath yatra’ festival is held in Surat, and the temple has a significant role to play at this particular time. The ‘rath’, or chariot is driven by the people and is an event that is noted. The chariot is adorned with silver. The idea was first introduced by an older artist who lived in Ahmedabad. For every dasher, this ‘rath yatra is performed. People from across the nation gather to celebrate festivals of religious significance.


2. Shri Agam Mandir:

It is among the largest Agam mandirs or temples found across the nation. The temple is situated near to Surat city and it is the Agarm Mandir of surat is named in honor of the legendary Brahmin Gopi. Many people from across the world come to view the puja patterns and architectural splendor of the temple. It is committed to the Lord Mahavir and has a gorgeous statue of the god. Additionally, many gods are also worshiped in the temple. The worshippers also appreciate the writings that are made throughout the temple.


3. Chintamani Jain Temple:

Of all the temples in Surat, one of them is the one that stands out the most. The people who belong to the Jain faith frequent this temple. It is an ancient temple of great historical significance since it was built under the direction of Mughal Emperors in the sixteenth century. The temple showcases the most popular vegetable dye that was discovered within Gujarat across the interior walls. The temple also displays high-quality art which is printed on the wood walls. If you’re a lover of art, this could be the ideal spot for you. Both the exterior and interior aesthetics of the temple are worth mentioning.

6 Must-See Temples To Visit In Surat With More Details



6 Must-See Temples To Visit In Surat With More Details

4. Iskcon Temple Surat:

In the midst of all the ISKCON temples throughout India, The temple that is located in Surat is worth mentioning. Visitors from all over the country and across the state go to this temple. The temple was founded by Shrila Prabhupada. It’s located on the banks of the Tapi River. The beauty of the surrounding area around the temple is what makes it a highly sought-after place to visit. ISKCON temple Surat times are available online along with other information for a possible visit.

5. Kantareshwar Mahadev Temple:

This is among the most ancient temples of Surat which are dedicated to Lord Shiva. According to locals, the temple was founded by Mother Kunti and the Pandavas. Legends suggest the same also. It is among the most revered places of worship in the city. It is frequented by thousands of visitors on a daily day daily basis.

6. Ambika Niketan Temple:

The temple is thought to be an extremely sacred place of worship in the city. It is renowned for the beauty of its surroundings, as well. The temple is situated along the banks of the Tapti River. According to legend, this well-known temple was built in the 19th century. It is dedicated to the Goddess Mother who is one of the many incarnations goddess Ashtabhuja Ambika.

Surat is therefore the perfect destination for anyone who is a spiritual person. Get spiritual in these amazing temples mentioned earlier, and we assure you that you will not be disappointed! The 8th largest city in India The city of diamond cutting and textiles as well as having an incredible spiritual side…Surat is the place you must begin making plans for your next trip now! Get your luggage packed and do not forget to tell us about your travel experiences and stories. We would love nothing more than to get feedback on our reader’s experiences. Send us your feedback so we can better guide you. Much love and happy travels.

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