9 Beautiful Beaches In Orissa -

9 Beautiful Beaches In Orissa

9 Beautiful Beaches In Orissa


Odisha is famous for its beautiful beaches. The endless golden sands and the deep blue ocean and the cool wind are what make this location amazing and unique. It has continued to attract the attention of tourists from all over the world. The scenery here is captivating and the way of life here is one you shouldn’t be missing out on. If you’re looking to enjoy an easy and laid-back vacation, then the Orissa beaches are the place to be. We have listed a few wonderful beaches in Orissa for your convenience.

1. Aryapalli Beach:

The Aryapalli beach in Odisha is among the most well-known and gorgeous beaches that can be found in this area. It is a great place for visitors to have fun and take in the pleasant and cool climate of Orissa. It is possible to go swimming or relax in the sunshine. This is a great spot for an adventure.

2. Balaramgadi Beach:

This Balaramgadi Beach of Odisha provides visitors with an opportunity to take in the splendor of the blue waters of the Bay of Bengal. It’s located about 2 km far from Chandipur’s beach at Chandipur and is awash with tourists all through the time of the year. A walk along the chilly sand is one of the most enjoyable things to do in Chandipur.

3. Balighai Beach:

It is located in Balighai Beach of Orissa is approximately eight kilometers from the well-known beach, Puri. Its beach looks beautiful and the waves seem lively from an extended distance. The beach is extremely natural and lets visitors make the most of the amazing facilities available at this location. It is an excellent idea since it can rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul.


9 Beautiful Beaches In Orissa


9 Beautiful Beaches In Orissa

4. Chandipur Beach:

It is said that the Chandipur Beach of Odisha is one of the most distinctive beaches that has ever been visited. There are many interesting spots that are worth visiting, such as it’s Jagannath Temple, Shivalinga, Simlipal National Park, Shakti Shrine of Deoband, and many more. The park is also famous for its casuarinas trees, and stunning sunlight that makes makes the beach a stunning and beautiful place to go to.

5. Baliharachandi Beach:

It is located in Baliharachandi beach is approximately 27 km from Puri. It is an ideal location to enjoy nature’s beauty in Orissa and is an adventure place. Temples are also located here that are frequented by devotees each year. The beautiful coast is the reason why this beach is a wonderful destination for vacations.

6. Chandrabhaga Beach:

In terms of tourism when it comes to tourism, Chandrabhaga beach in Odisha is one of the best assets. The beach is stunning. It is famous for its well-known Sun temple, and also has architecture and monuments that will make you fall in love with this location even more.

9 Beautiful Beaches In Orissa


7. Gopalpur Beach:

The Gopalpur beach in Orissa is an excellent spot to relax and unwind. It is virgin, unspoiled, and extremely exotic. The vibe here is so pleasant and natural that it reenergizes the soul and mind of all who come to this beach. The trip to this beach is certain to be an unforgettable experience.

8. Puri Beach:

The Puri beach in Odisha is an ideal holiday destination. It is a place of golden sand stunning temples and beautiful architectural beauty. It is very appealing to tourists and attracts thousands of tourists each year. It’s also a perfect spot for newlywed couples.

9. Paradeep Beach:

It is said that the Paradeep Beach of Orissa is extremely serene, tranquil, and tranquil. It is famous for its temples and is an excellent spot to get some fresh air. The clear blue waters and sparkling sand make this beach charming, beautiful, and enjoyable.


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