9 Best Beaches In Maharashtra -

9 Best Beaches In Maharashtra

9 Best Beaches In Maharashtra


The stunning beaches in Maharashtra are possibly the most stunning sights that you will ever experience. Its weather is mild and cool, and the stunning turquoise Arabian Sea that washes this stunning land is definitely worth a trip. Beaches here are beautiful, exotic, and very well-known. Below we have listed some of the most stunning beaches that are located in Maharashtra to help you know which one to visit during your next trip.


Best Beaches in Maharashtra:


1. Ganpatipule Beach:

Ganpatipule Beach, located around 350 kilometers from Mumbai and is among the beaches that must be visited in Maharashtra. The gorgeous blue waves that crash onto the shores are captivating for the eye. The weather in the area is nice and gorgeous. Restaurants and hotels are affordable. If you’re looking to take an intimate getaway then this is the ideal spot for you. Ganpatipule Beach is one of the most gorgeous beaches on the Konkan Coast.


2. Tarkarli Beach:

The Tarkarli beach located in Malvan is located 546 kilometers distant from Mumbai. The main attractions of the beach are the clear crystal waters and the long stretch of sand that is beautiful. There are many beautiful sea forts in the area that tourists can go to. The most famous is Padmagarh fort which was constructed in the 17th century. The hotels and restaurants here are excellent and the food is quite unique. One thing that is unique and distinctive in this location is the Konkani cabins. They are lovely and charming to see. It is among the best beach spots in the World.


3. Harihareshwar Beach:

Harihareshwar is a city located inside Harihareshwar a town in the Raigad district in Maharashtra. It is also called Devghar and the House of the Gods for its storied religious past and the beach, which is stunning and dotted with luxurious resorts and eateries. Harihareshwar Beach is located 170 km and 200 kilometers away from Pune and Mumbai in the respective directions. It is a well-laid-up and developed beach that is perfect for weekend getaways.


9 Best Beaches In Maharashtra



9 Best Beaches In Maharashtra

4. Alibaug Beach:

Alibaug Beach Alibaug Beach is found in the Konkan region in Maharashtra. Alibaug Beach is considered to be the primary beach in the town of Alibaug. The beach is clean, gorgeous, and extremely calm. The sunset here is beautiful as well. The beauty and tranquility of this beach are awe-inspiring.


5. Varsoli Beach:

Varsoli Beach is a quiet and tranquil beach located in Alibaug. Its water is crystal white, and the water is pure. The beach is brimming with casuarinas and coconut vegetation. If you’re looking for fun with your family, then you should definitely go to this beach.


6. Diveagar Beach:

Diveagar Beach Diveagar beach is situated to the South of Mumbai. It is a beautiful beach with coconut and betel nuts. There are also dolphins in the area. The beaches are beautiful and make them one of the most sought-after locations in Maharashtra. Go to this area once and you’ll never regret it.

9 Best Beaches In Maharashtra


7. Kelva Beach:

It is Kelva Beach is the perfect location for those seeking a getaway for the weekend. It’s located around 80 km to Mumbai’s north. Mumbai. It is located about 80 kilometers to the north of Mumbai. Shitla Devi Temple here is extremely popular and is frequented by a lot of people who come to the temple. Three forts are located close to the beach which has added to the beauty and fame of the beaches.


8. Shiroda Beach:

It is said that the Shiroda beaches are famous because of their stunning natural beauty crystal blue waters and cool breezes that weave the world on its own. The silver-colored sands draw the eyes of people who visit them and are filled with plants and salt depots along the beach. The amazing temples in the vicinity like redi Ganesh temple add to its beauty and beauty. The Terekhol Fort is another amazing work of architecture.


9. Shrivardhan Beach:

The cool breezes, tranquil waters, and the brown sands of Shrivardhan Beaches. Shrivardhan beaches are relaxing and appealing. The food here is excellent. There are a variety of places to go for adventure and exploration. There are also impressive and beautiful temples of the religious should you wish to learn more about this location.

The beaches of Maharashtra appear clean, gorgeous, and serene.


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