9 Must-See Temples To Visit In Himachal Pradesh

9 Must-See Temples To Visit In Himachal Pradesh



Himachal Pradesh, one of the most beautiful states in India lies within the majestic Himalayas. The state of hills is known as Devbhoomi which means”the” Land of Gods. This state is not only well-known for its tourism, but it is also a magnet for devotees from all over the world to the temples. Himachal Pradesh has a rich mythological history that is told through the most intriguing temples in India. It is believed to be the home of the god Lord Shiva, Parvati, and other celestial beings, Himachal Pradesh is a sacred place to all Hindus. From the largest monuments to Hanuman to Sakthipeetam the temples of Himachal Pradesh have been the top religious spot for Hindus. In this article, we’ll go over several of the more well-known temples in Himachal Pradesh, which can be awe-inspiring.


Famous Temples in Himachal Pradesh:

Here’s a list of the 9 best temples within Himachal Pradesh you must visit:

1. The Jwalamukhi Devi Temple is located in Kangra District:

Jwalamukhi Devi Temple in the Kangra district in Himachal Pradesh is dedicated to the goddess Jwalamukhi The goddess of the mouth that flames. The goddess is worshiped by a flame that emerges through the crevices in the rock. The sacred flames of the pit are usually given water and milk and the god is presented with the bhog or rabri. Havan and Aarti have performed every day and parts from Durga Saptasati are performed. It is recognized among the 52 Shakti peethas and an important one at that.


2. Hidimba Devi Temple In Manali:

Hidimba Devi temple, also known as Hadimba temple is situated in the picturesque hill station of Manali. This temple has dedicated to a character from the Indian epic Mahabharata known as Hidimba Devi the cousin to Hidimba which is also an old cave temple. It was constructed in 1553. It is surrounded by an oak forest located at the base of the Himalayas. The inside of the temple features the impression of the Goddess’s feet inscribed on a piece of stone, which is revered.


3. Chhinnamastika Devi Temple:

Chhinnamastika Devi temple located in Chintpurni is a significant pilgrimage center since it is among the Shakti Peethas located in India. It is surrounded by Western Himalayas in the east and north of the small Shivalik range. This temple was dedicated to Chhinnamasta also known as Chinnamastika Devi. It is also one of the seven Major and total of the Shakti Peethas. The belief is that a portion of Sati’s forehead fell the temple and that’s why Chhinnamasta is believed to be the most severe-headed or the front-headed one. The fairs held during Navaratri along with Chaitra are very popular in India.


9 Must-See Temples To Visit In Himachal Pradesh


9 Must-See Temples To Visit In Himachal Pradesh


4. Mahakali Banni Mata Temple In Chamba District:

Mahakali Banni Mata Temple, located within the Chamba district is located in Chamba district. It is a Hindu shrine dedicated to the goddess Kali Devi. It is located at an elevation of 8,500 feet in the middle of the PirRanjai range and is surrounded by lush forest at the base of the Himalayas. It is an important temple, especially for those who reside in that region. Bharmour region. It is believed that goddess Kali is the goddess who grants wishes and children to couples not able to have children. Kali puja is a popular festival in this area.

5. Shri Bhima Kali Temple At Sarahan:

Shri Bhima Kali Temple located in Sarahan and is dedicated to the mother goddess Bhimakali and is the chief deity at the shrine. The temple is also considered to be among the Shakti Peethas. The belief is that the ears of Sati dropped at this spot and an image of the eternal Goddess is located on the top of the structure. Goddess Parvati was also honored as the goddess of consort to Lord Shiva.


6. Himani Chamunda Temple In Kangra Valley:

Himani Chamunda temple is located in Kangra Valley in the Himalayas and is located in the Himalayas. It is a Hindu shrine dedicated to the goddess Devi Chamnunda. It was constructed in the 1660s. Devi Chamunda or Chamundi is the Hindu Divine Mother and is among the Seven Mother Goddesses. This goddess’ worship is performed by offering sacrifices of animals and drinking alcohol. It is necessary to walk 7.4 kilometers in one direction from Jia village to get to the temple.


9 Must-See Temples To Visit In Himachal Pradesh


7. Trilokinath Temple At Tunde:


Sri Trilokinath The temple of Sri Trilokinath is situated in Tunde located 6 kilometers south of the left bank of the River Chenab. The temple is believed sacred by Tibetan Buddhists as well as Hindus. It is made in honor of Lord Shiva with a different name, Trilokinath which translates to ‘Lord of The Three Worlds’. Locals believed that the temple was originally intended to be the site of a Buddhist vihara or monastery. The temple features a massive granite lingam, as well as a Nandi bull, or bull that represents Lord Shiva together with Buddhist praying wheels. Parauri is a three-day festival. Parauri festival is held in August by Hindus as well as Buddhists.


8. Jakhoo Temple In Shimla:

Jakhoo temple, located in Shimla is an old temple situated in Shimla dedicated to Lord Hanumana. A massive 108-foot high worshiper of Lord Hanumana or the Monkey God is located in the temple, which is believed to be the largest statue. An enormous festival is held during the period of Dussehra and is celebrated at the temple.


9. Masroor Rock Cut Temple In Masroor:

Masroor Rock Cut Temple is located in Masroor in the Kangra valley. It’s Vaishnavite temples and is an entire complex of monolithic, rock-cut temples, which were built from the 6th to the 8th century. The temple houses the idols of Ram, Lakshman, and Sita and is home to 15 temples with towers. There are also statues of goddesses and gods, like Shiva, Parvati, Lakshmi, and Saraswati.


District-wise List Of Famous Temples In Himachal Pradesh :

Take a look at the temples that are famous in every district in Himachal Pradesh to help you make your bucket list:

1. Bilaspur:

Baba Nahar Singh Ji Temple
Laxmi Narayan Mandir
Baba Nahar Singh Temple
Rishi Markandeya Temple
Mata Vaishno Temple

2. Chamba:
Chamunda Mata Temple
Sui Mata Temple
Laxmi Narayana Temple
Shri Hari Rai Temple
Vaishno Mata Temple

3. Hamirpur:
Shiv Temple
Gasota Mahadev Temple
Jai MaaSindhuri, Hamirpur
Baba Balak Nath
Hanuman Temple

4. Kangra:
Mata Shri Bajreshwari Devi Mandir
Shiv Temple
Gupt Ganga Temple
Jain Mandir
Sada Shiv Mandir

5. Kinnaur:
Mathi Temple
Chandika Devi Temple
Maheshwar Temple
Parkashankres Temple Powari
Chandika Devi Killa

6. Kullu:
Sheetla Mata Mandir
Bhootnath Temple
Raghunath Temple
Hanuman Temple Tapu
Shani Dev Temple

7. The Lahaul case and Spiti:
Triloknath Temple
Tabo Monastery
Mahadev Mailing Dehra
Mahadev Temple Mailing
Shree Buhari Temple

8. Mandi:
Bhimakali Temple
Bhootnath Mandir
Triloknath Temple
Tarna Temple
Shyamakali Temple

9. Shimla:
Jakhu Temple
Kali Bari Temple, Shimla
Ram Mandir
Kamna Devi Temple
Vaishno Devi Temple

10. Sirmaur:
Lalita Devi Temple
MaaBhangayni Temple
MaaBalaSundari Temple
Shirgul Maharaj Temple
Mata Renuka Ji Temple

11. Solan:
Shoolini Temple
Jatoli Temple
Kali Mata Mandir
Panch Parmeshwar Temple
Chamunda Mandir Kather

12. Una:
Sheetla Mata Mandir Una
Shiv Mandir
Peer baba temple
Hanumanji Temple
Mandir Baba Bal Ji Maharaj

Himachal Pradesh is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in India mostly due to the snow-capped mountains as well as its picturesque places. But, few people know that it is also a popular Pilgrim location in the country for Hindu devotees. The state is home to some stunning temples. Some are long-standing. Each temple has a story behind its history to entice the attention of tourists. Because it is a cold area, the majority of these temples have been constructed using wood and look like pagodas design. We hope that this article has helped you narrow down the top temples to visit while within Himachal Pradesh.


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