9 Wonders Of Belum Caves In Andhra Pradesh -

9 Wonders Of Belum Caves In Andhra Pradesh

9 Wonders Of Belum Caves In Andhra Pradesh


It is believed that the Belum Caves is the longest cave in Andhra Pradesh. They are situated about 110 kilometers distant from Kurnool and are among the most well-known and recognized caves in the nation. They are caves underground that was constructed beneath an agricultural field. They are home to three cavities, out of which one is the primary entrance. It is believed that the Belum Caves is one of the most beautiful spots in India and is referred to as the “Unique Eco-Tourism Program” by the Government of India. If you’re hoping to visit this beautiful location, here are a few pictures that provide a brief tour of this historic beauty.


Belum Caves:

Buddha Statue of Belum Caves:

Because the Belum Caves are very old, they have some of the most distinctive and stunning relics that you can be able to see. They are home to Buddhist and Jain Relics discovered here to prove that the monks who belong to these religions have made contributions to the caves. The stunning, long, and flawless Buddha statue Buddha is therefore something you must see.

The word Pillidwaram is a reference to a cat’s gate. It is essentially an arch made of natural material that is designed to resemble a lion’s head. The artwork is quite artistic, and it demonstrates the incredible skill and skill that construction workers had at the time. This is among the most stunning spots in the Belum Caves and is definitely not to be missed.


Meditation Hall:

The Meditation Hall of the Belum Caves looks astonishingly remarkable and beautiful. The design and rock cuttings are simply stunning. The atmosphere of the place is tranquil and peaceful because this is the spot in which Buddhist monks would spend their time praying and contemplating. Numerous sages resided there too.

Thousand Hoods:

The Thousand Hoods is a beautiful section within Belum Caves. Belum Caves where one can observe stunning formations inspired by the hoods that are the Cobra. The ceiling in this section appears as if thousands of cobras have risen from their hoods. It’s almost awe-inspiring.

9 Wonders Of Belum Caves In Andhra Pradesh


9 Wonders Of Belum Caves In Andhra Pradesh


Musical Chamber:

The Musical Chamber was opened in 2006 to the public. The shapes in this section result in designs that resemble musical sounds. They are shaped with wooden sticks, making the appear stunning, gorgeous, and stunning. It is certainly worth a visit.

Banyan Tree:

It is believed that the Banyan Tree of the Belum Caves is a massive structure of stalactites that hang over the top. Its appearance is like the look of a Banyan tree due to its aerial roots, which is why it’s also known for its “Voodalamari”. The picture on this page is sure to be interesting to you.


Mandapam is the term used to describe what is inside the Belum Caves, which contain a variety of historic massive structures and pillars. The ambiance of these caves is very relaxing and seems to whisk you into another world. If you’re hoping to learn more about Indian culture India it is not a bad idea to not miss these amazing places.

9 Wonders Of Belum Caves In Andhra Pradesh


Intricate Passages:

The intricate passageways inside Belum Caves are guaranteed to entice and enthrall you. The caves are stunning while the pathways are lengthy and complex. They’re like caves and are of significant historical importance. It’s amazing to observe how well these areas are maintained. It is no wonder that the numbers of visitors seem to grow each year.

Saint Bed:

The Saint Bed is another important aspect of the Belum Caves, and must not be overlooked. It is of great historical importance and significance. The grey-colored rocks and the solid structure are stunning.


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