Add New Member to Telangana Ration Card

Add New Member to Telangana Ration Card


Create a new member’s name to the ration card online The procedure of adding a name on the ration card is as straightforward process similar to the procedure of removing a name from a the ration card. All you need to do is fill out the application form, close to any PDS, or fill out the online form.

The addition of a name for daughter/son or newly married Husband/Wife on the Ration card is essential since the value of the goods provided to the family are dependent on the capacity of the family that is listed on the Ration Card.

We all know that Ration card is a legal document issued by the government. We are also able to make corrections to the information in the Ration card.

If a baby born recently isn’t listed in the Ration Member’s details on card, the family won’t be receive food grains sugar, wheat, sugar, or kerosene to the new member.

The card will not be used to prove address proof for the newly added member to the family.

If one wants to add a new person to an existing family member on this ration account, they should go to their nearest Food and Civil supplies department office within their state or apply online through the websites of their state governments.

After completing the process, after which the person can download the new ration card. The distribution system in India is public and offers every service needed by any Indian citizen.

  • A new child is adopted or born to families.
  • If a person has admitted to a new household after getting married to another.

In the two above cases the addition of members will be completed either online or off-line methods. These methods or procedures are detailed and thoroughly explained in the following sections.

Member Addition in Ration Card Online

The steps below need for anyone to add a new family member’s husband/wife or daughter’s name in the card of rations online.

  • Visit the official site of the state government’s department of food products.
  • On the homepage there is an option ” Ration card Services“.
  • Select that section and then select ” Member Addition” from the drop-down menu.
  • Then you will be directed into an application that will ask specifics about the Head of the family and other details.
  • Complete the required information like name of the member Age, gender as well as date of birth. relationship to the head of family etc.
  • The information you provide is real information and must match the previous information.
  • Then, you need to present the required documents like birth certificates (in the case of a born or adoptive member).
  • The certificate of deletion of name from the ration card in use is required as proof of identity when a member is admitted by marriage.
  • identity deletion certificates are also provided by government officials..
  • Documents should be uploaded on the website in a variety of formats, such as document or JPG or PDF files. JPG file.

After filling in all of the information and details after filling in all the details and information, then click “Submit” and upload the rest of documents before you submit your application.

  • The process of validation will take place close to your residence address, to verify all submitted documents.
  • If all the documents provided are proven to be authentic and authentic.

If any sloppy practice occurs during the submission then the application could be rejected in the process. After this process is completed, a new and updated Ration card will be issued or delivered to the address as stated on the ration card.

It can also be retrieved at the nearest ration cards retailer shop by showing the current ration card. This old one needs to return to the retailer in the shop.

Offline Method to Add Name On Ration Card

The offline process of adding members for any one of the identified instances is comparable to the online method of addition of members, as described above.

The distinction is that with this offline process, you need to fill out the applicationwith pen instead of the computer that has internet access. You can also download your Ration card using the online option.

The steps below will help you make an application for membership on the internet.

  • Go to the closest Food and Civil supplies department or any Ration card office.
  • Ask the staff for the Member Addition Form.
  • Complete the form by providing the correct information, as any error on the application can lead to being rejected.
  • Attach an correct photo on your application.
  • Input the new member’s information like gender and date of birth. relation to the head of the family, etc.
  • Attach a birth certificate(in the case of a newborn or adopted child) or name deletion certificate(in the case of a member who was that was married).
  • It must be a scan or xerox of the official certificate that was issued and approved by the government.
  • Include the application form along with evidence documents and submit it to the same office.

Within 15 hours, the revised Ration card is available at the nearest rations dealer shop or the Mee-Seva office within the region. While the method of applying differs however, the process is identical for both ways.

This is the standard procedure to allow the adding of a family member in all states that is applied via online or offline to add family members like children, daughters or spouse/husband, etc.

The same process can be applied to smart cards that are currently issued certain states. Membership to a household can be beneficial for the family as they will receive a greater amount of food items from food ration stores. This allows you to add names from new family members. After submitting the application form with all required documents within 2-3 weeks, your new ration card will be sent to your address .

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