Amazing Tourist Places In Gujarat

15 Amazing Tourist Places In Gujarat



located on the Western coasts of India, Gujarat is a place of beauty, culture, and hues. In the past, it was rarely mentioned on travel blogs or websites. With the huge advertisements on TV, backed by Bollywood celebrities such as Amitabh Bachchan, the acclaim in the area has increased dramatically. Some stunning tourist attractions in the area will surprise you and will make you fall in admiration of their location. From historical sites to temples to architectural structures, this state has a myriad of options that will aid you in discovering and learning about the amazing state of Texas.


Beautiful Gujarat Tourist Places To Visit:


There are many tourist spots in Gujarat with gorgeous places and attractions. Below are the 15 most amazing tourist destinations in Gujarat to explore along with stunning sightseeing spots.


1. Laxmi Vilas Palace:


One of the most beautiful and historic sites in all of Gujarat is the Laxmi Vilas Palace. It is situated in Baroda and is more expansive than Buckingham Palace. This is one of the most coveted places in Gujarat because the look of the area is elegant stunning, beautiful, and royal. The palace is not vacant however, it is home to the Maharaja from Baroda is now living with his family in this palace. You will surely enjoy this place when you have a chance to visit.


2. Kevadiya Colony:


The Kevadiya Colony or the Sardar Sarovar Dam is among the biggest dam projects in entire India. The construction process took over a year to be completed, and the results are stunning. It is situated within Navagam located in Gujarat and is home to thousands of residents who benefit from the dam. A majority of farmers receive their water from the dam. The overall appearance of this area is stunning and the area is luxurious and clean. It is a must-visit. Kevadiya Colony has also emerged as a popular picnic spot and is visited by a large number of visitors and patrons throughout the season. The experience of visiting here will be an incredible experience.


3. Somnath Temple:


Gujarat is famously known for its stunning architecture and gorgeous temples. One temple that we should mention is the Somnath Temple which is located near Gujarat. It is a stunning place. It is one of the most sacred and religious locations that are accessible to all Hindus and is frequented by thousands of pilgrims and devotees each year. The look of the temple is breathtaking and the structure is stunning. The exterior isn’t the only thing that stands out, but also the interior of the temple is equally gorgeous and attractive. If you’ve never been to The Somnath Temple, you have been missing something truly special.


4. Dwarkadheesh Temple:


It is believed that the Dwarakadheesh Temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and is a holy spot for all Hindus. It is among the most visited temples all across India and is packed throughout the year by local devotees as well as foreign tourists and visitors. The look of this temple is old and the architecture is simply stunning. The temple is situated in Dwarka in the vicinity of Gujarat, a famous area, and is famously known due to Krishna who is known as the ruler of Dwarka.

Amazing Tourist Places In Gujarat


Amazing Tourist Places In Gujarat

5. Gir Forest National Park:


When it comes to wildlife it would be a mistake of us not to mention this park, the Gir Forest National Park. The park is simply stunning. It is situated within Junagadh which is among the cities that have been historically significant in India. The city of Junagadh is worth visiting, but it also has a national park that has an impressive variety of animals. It is home to Asiatic lions and draws hundreds of visitors every year. It is a major natural sanctuary for wildlife in India and is certainly one of the must-see places to visit when visiting the Gujarat state.


6. Lothal:


Lothal was a city that was modern in the Indus Valley Civilization. The city was explored in the Archaeological Survey of India from the 13th of February 1955 until the 19th of May  1960. The site is situated within the Bhal region Bhal in Gujarat and was discovered thousands and thousands of years ago. It was among the largest and busiest cities back then and is an absolute must-see for any history buff. When you visit you will be amazed when you discover more details about this city as well as its remnants.


7. Saputara:


One of the most beautiful locations located in Gujarat can be found in Saputara. Saputara is a well-known hill station in Gujarat and is situated within the Dang district. The popularity of the place has grown significantly in the last few years and it has been visited by many international visitors and tourists from the local area. The beauty of the scenery and breathtaking views that are offered by the area will make you fall to the core. This is among the most beautiful places to visit and also for romantic getaways and honeymoons. The weather in this area is always pleasant, and accommodations are always affordable and exceptional.


8. Kirti Mandir:


If you visit Gujarat You must make sure to go to Porbandar. It is where the family was born of the nation’s founder. Yes, this is the legendary Indian liberation activist Mahatma Gandhi. The place is stunning and one spot that should be mentioned is not the least of which is Mahatma Gandhi’s Kirti Mandir. This is one of the most beautiful temples you can find across India and is visited by hundreds of visitors and tourists each year.


9. Bhuj:


Another fantastic location in Gujarat is Bhuj. It is the capital city of the Kutch region and boasts some of the finest Indian handicrafts you’ll ever come across. It is a mixture of historic architecture, monuments, and bazaars. There are many kinds of craftsmen and artisans here and we guarantee that the talent and skill of these professionals from the local area will be awe-inspiring for you with delight.


10. Wild Ass Sanctuary:


Wild Ass Sanctuary Wild Ass Sanctuary is located in the North of Gujarat and is a habitat for a large number of wild asses. It covers a distance across a large area of about 5000 km. It is among the best tourist destinations in Gujarat which you can visit during the monsoon time. You will enjoy the jeep safaris and minibusses here.

Amazing Tourist Places In Gujarat



11. Akshardham:


Akshardham is a place that honors both the present and the future. It is a symbol of the virtues of humanity and represents the splendor of Indian Culture. It is among the amazing tourist spots in Gujarat to see with its impressive 10 stories of height. The intricately carved masterpiece of architecture is dedicated to the Golden Murti, the symbol of Lord Swaminarayan, who was the creator of this particular religion. It is an architectural marvel that showcases incredible workmanship. It is among the most beautiful places to visit in Gujarat.


12. Sabarmati Ashram:


The renowned Sabarmati Ashram marks the importance of the location as the spot at which the struggle for independence began. It is a place of Hindu spirituality and a museum dedicated to the life and the work of Mahatma Gandhi. It’s a clean and tranquil place to awaken your patriotism. Sabarmati Ashram is among the largest and most historical Gujarat tourist spots to visit.


13. Pavagadh Hill:


Pavagadh is a stunning Hill known for its Maa Mahakali Temple on the summit of the hill. The capital city Champaner is located on the hill’s base, as well as the hill station of Pavagadh was constructed on the cone of volcanic origin. With its temples, volcanoes, and gorgeous architecture, it’s the most amazing thing in the natural world. It is one of the most stunning Gujarat tourist destinations.


14. Watson Museum:


It is regarded as one of the top museums in Saurashtra close to Gujarat. It is home to the royal objects of Rajkot, the State of Rajkot created by Jadejarajputs. It is home to expensive artifacts and photographs as well as a reference library and also the books are available for sale at the counter. It is a huge archive of historic significance.


15. Dumas Beach:


This is an urban sandy beach located in Surat. It is considered to be one of the most haunted locations in India. It is a highly sought-after tourist attraction in Gujarat. This is a must-see for adventurous travelers.

These are just some of the top tourist spots in Gujarat to explore. Gujarat is home to some of the most interesting places of importance to the past and religion. Visit this city and explore the rich traditions and the history of the nation.

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