Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple Thiruvananthapuram Kerala

Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple In Thiruvananthapuram


Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple | History & Timings

Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple

Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple is a Hindu temple located in Kerala’s capital, Thiruvananthapuram. This is considered the most important place of worship in the world by many. Malayalam’s ‘Thiruvananthapuram” means ” The City Of Lord Ananta” or Lord Vishnu. The Anantha Padmanabha Swamy temple hours are between 3:30 AM and 7:20 PM. This temple is similar in architecture to the Adikesava Perumal Temple in Thiruvattar.

This is the name of the Padmanabha Swamy temple’s deity. It is a complex mix of Chera Tamilan and Malayala Tamilan architectural styles. The temple towers over the walls and has a 16th-century gopura. The original seat of the deity is considered to be the Ananthapura temple at Kumbla (Kasaragod)

The long and distinguished history of the Temple of Sree Padmanabhaswamy is impressive. It is difficult to determine with any accuracy when and who inscribed the original idol of Sree Padmanabhaswamy from any historical texts or other sources.

Both Epics and Puranas mention the temple. According to the Srimad Bhagavatha, Balarama visited this temple and bathed in Padmatheertham. He also offered various offerings.

Nammalwar, a 9th-century poet and one of the 12 Vaishnavite saints of the Alvar tradition, is known as Nammalwar. Ten songs have been written in honor of Lord Padmanabha.

Some historians, writers, and researchers such as Travancore’s Dr. L.A.Ravi Varma have suggested that the temple was built on the Kali Yuga’s first day (around 5000 years ago).


Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple Timings:
These are the Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple darshan times. Refer to the following timings for the darshan hours.

Nirmalya Darshanam: 3:45 – 4:45 a.m.
Darshan: 6:30 am – 7:00 am, 8:30am – 10:00 am, 10:30am – 11:10 am; 11:45am – 12:00pm, 11:00am – 11:45pm, 11:45pm – 12:15pm, 5:00pm ­­­­­6:15 pm, 6:00pm — 7:20 pm.
You can also have a darshan at the following time intervals.

Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple Thiruvananthapuram Kerala


Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple Thiruvananthapuram Kerala


Code of Dress for Temple

Dhoti should be worn by men only. For women, sarees or dhotis should be worn with blouses or other appropriate clothing. You should not bring different types of clothing into the sanctuary.

Authorities won’t allow Chudidhar or other modern attire. Female devotees must wear Dhoti over a saree. A dhoti-selling kiosk is located at the entrance to the temple. Before you enter the temple, make sure to take the Dhoti.

Instructions for Pilgrims
These are the instructions that will be followed by those who visit the Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple. Please read these instructions carefully.

Photographs should be taken only inside the main temple.
After drinking non-veg and alcoholic drinks, people should not go to the temple.
The temple is not permitted to be entered by non-Hindus or foreigners.
Outside the temple, people can take photographs.
The Devotees are not allowed to sit or lie down.
The Ottakkal Mandapam should be avoided by anyone.
The dress code should not be followed.
These are the instructions that pilgrims should follow when entering the temple. Follow these instructions.

How to get to the Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple
By Air:

It is located very close to Trivandrum’s airport. It is located 3.2km from the temple. People can easily travel by air.


Nearby is the Trivandrum railway station. It is located 2.6km from the temple. It is therefore easy to get there.

By Road:

You can easily travel by road as Trivandrum is closer to the temple and connected with all major cities of the state.

It is therefore easy to get to the Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple.

is the official website for the Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple. You can also search for Padmanabha Swamy temple accommodation on this website. For more information, please visit the website.

Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple Timings

Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple timings and darshan timings for early and late hours are given below. Padmanabhaswamy Temple can be found within Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple Timings Morning Hours:

S.No Darshan Timings
1 3:30 am – 4:45 am
2 6:30 am – 7:00 am
3 8:30 am – 10:00 am
4 10:30 am – 11:10 am
5 11:45 am – 12:00 am

Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple time of evening:

S.No Darshan Timings
1 5:00pm – 6:15pm
2 6:45pm – 7:20pm

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