Andhra Pradesh AP New Voter Id Card Application Online Apply -

Andhra Pradesh AP New Voter Id Card Application Online Apply

AP New Voter Id Card Application Online Apply


Andhra Pradesh  New Voter Id Card Application Online Apply


In the past, the voter’s ID card was not a crucial element during elections. In the wake of the guidelines from the Election Commission of India (ECI) the ID card of the voter is now mandatory for all elections. The responsibility to distribute the electors’ photo identity (EPIC) cards to all voters eligible across the country was so large that it might have been a long time to complete the first cycle of distribution.

Andhra Pradesh became the first state to launch the online application process for voter ID cards successfully. Today, work related to elections such as the registration of voter cards as well as the inclusion of a voter in the voter list, correction of mistakes in the address or name of the voter’s card, and many more, are completed by the voter – via online methods.

You can now apply for a duplicate voter ID online or correct any errors in your voter identification card.

State-Wise Online Application: Voter ID Card AP Online

While ECI is ECI is the top authority in elections in India every state has a Chief Election Officer (CEO) who is under the direction of the ECE’s Chief Election Commissioner (CEC). Voters can access their state’s CEO’s website to complete various activities related to their voter card and the voters’ list.


Apply for a Voter ID Card online or for any other State in India:

Voter Identification Card AP CEO Web Site Andhra Pradesh

If you live within Andhra Pradesh and want to apply for a voter identification card AP to cast your vote in an assembly district within the state You can apply using the following steps:

Access website. The home page of the site is displayed. It requires you to sign-up with your credentials to receive the username as well as the password.

Once you’ve completed the process, you’ll receive a unique username and password.

Login using this username and password. You will be taken to an e-registration page.

Click on the link to register electronically. There will be a myriad of forms.

Complete the form correctly by your requirements. For example:

You can use Form 6 if have just become a voter and do not have an ID card to vote in any way.

Use Form 8 if your name isn’t listed on the voter list for your constituency in the assembly or if the information on your ID card for voters is not correct.

Use Form 8A when you have moved addresses within the same constituency of assembly located in Andhra Pradesh.

After that, you have to hit then the Submit button. A registration number will be issued to you. Make sure to bring original copies of the proof of age evidence and proof of address to the closest Election Registration Officer (ERO)’s office.


If you’re not a brand new voter, Andhra Pradesh CEO’s department will mail you the voter ID card via mail. If you’re a new voter then the Booth Level Officers (BLO) will be visiting you to verify your identity of the voter. After verification, you will receive your voter’s card shortly.

Here’s a brief and simple video tutorial about applying online for CEO Andhra Pradesh(AP) the official site This is the official website for CEO Andhra Pradesh(AP).


If You’re Still have Not received Your Election Card

If nobody is available to verify the Voter ID Card application or you’ve still not received your voter ID card, even after waiting for months it is time to contact the Booth Level Officers or visit your State Election Commission’s office.

The first step is to check for the current status of your voter identification card to see if your information is in the database of voters. If your records are in the database then you’ll receive your card shortly. If not, you can visit the zonal office of the Andhra Pradesh assembly constituency.


Voter Id Card Apply Online Status Voter Card Full Information All Status

 Voter Id Card Apply Online Status Voter Card Full Information All Status
Andhra Pradesh  New Voter Id Card Application Online Apply

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