Anjaneya Swamy Temple In Singanamala

Anjaneya Swamy Temple In Singanamala


Singanamala Anjaneya Swamy Temple is a revered Hindu temple located in Singanamala village in the Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh, India. The temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman, who is worshipped as Anjaneya Swamy by devotees. It holds immense religious significance and attracts thousands of pilgrims and tourists every year.


The origins of Singanamala Anjaneya Swamy Temple can be traced back to ancient times. According to local legends and historical accounts, the temple was built during the Vijayanagara Empire’s reign in the 14th century. It is believed that the temple was constructed by the kings of the empire to commemorate Lord Hanuman and his divine presence in the region.


The temple boasts a magnificent architectural style, showcasing a blend of Vijayanagara and Chola architectural influences. The main deity, Lord Hanuman, is enshrined in a sanctum sanctorum (garbhagriha) and is depicted in a standing posture, holding a mace (gada) in one hand and the Sanjeevani mountain in the other. The idol is carved out of a single black stone and is adorned with various ornaments.

The temple complex comprises several other structures that include mandapas (halls), gopurams (gateway towers), and pillared corridors. The mandapas are intricately designed with beautiful sculptures and carvings depicting various mythological stories and divine motifs. The gopurams are adorned with colorful sculptures of deities and celestial beings, creating a visually captivating experience for the visitors.

Festivals and Celebrations:

Singanamala Anjaneya Swamy Temple is renowned for its vibrant celebrations and festivals. The most significant festival celebrated here is Hanuman Jayanti, which marks the birth anniversary of Lord Hanuman. Devotees from far and wide gather at the temple to participate in the festivities and seek the blessings of Anjaneya Swamy. The celebrations include special puja rituals, bhajans (devotional songs), religious discourses, and processions.

Another major festival celebrated at the temple is Navaratri, a nine-night festival dedicated to the goddess Durga. During this time, the temple complex is beautifully decorated, and various cultural events and performances take place. The highlight of the celebrations is the Durga Puja, where the goddess is worshipped with great fervor and devotion.

Apart from these festivals, the temple also observes other religious occasions such as Hanuman Vratam, Hanuman Chalisa recitations, and special ceremonies on the auspicious days of the Hindu calendar.

Temple Timings:

The Singanamala Temple operates between the hours of 7:15 am and 7:00 pm, allowing devotees to seek the blessings of Anjaneya Swamy throughout the day. The temple warmly welcomes pilgrims who wish to pay their respects and receive divine blessings.

On Saturdays, a special Pradosha Pooja is performed at sunset by the temple administration. Devotees have the opportunity to participate in the Ashlesha Bali Pooja, but it is necessary to make prior reservations for this particular ritual.


Anjaneya Swamy Temple In Singanamala


Anjaneya Swamy Temple In Singanamala


Pilgrimage and Significance:

Singanamala Anjaneya Swamy Temple holds immense religious significance and is considered a sacred pilgrimage site by devotees of Lord Hanuman. It is believed that worshipping Lord Hanuman at this temple can bestow protection, courage, and blessings upon the devotees.

Many devotees visit the temple to seek the fulfillment of their desires, to receive blessings for success in their endeavors, and to seek relief from various afflictions and ailments. It is a common belief that sincere devotion and prayers to Lord Hanuman at this temple can help overcome obstacles and bring about positive transformations in life.

The temple not only attracts devotees but also tourists who are fascinated by the rich architectural heritage and the spiritual ambiance. The serene surroundings and the divine atmosphere of the temple complex provide a sense of peace and tranquility to visitors.

Facilities and Amenities:

Singanamala Anjaneya Swamy Temple is well-equipped with facilities to cater to the needs of the devotees. The temple complex has separate areas for rituals, offerings, and meditation. There are spacious prayer halls for devotees to engage in spiritual activities and seek solace.

The temple also provides accommodation facilities for pilgrims who wish to stay overnight. These facilities range from simple dormitories to guest houses with basic amenities. Additionally, there are shops within the temple complex that offer devotional items, souvenirs, and prasad (blessed food) for the devotees.

Nearby Attractions :

There are several noteworthy attractions located near Singanamala Anjaneya Swamy Temple in Anantapur district. Here are some of the nearby attractions:

Lepakshi Temple: Located approximately 80 kilometers from Singanamala, Lepakshi Temple is a famous 16th-century temple renowned for its exquisite architecture and intricate carvings. It is dedicated to Lord Veerabhadra, a form of Lord Shiva, and is a popular pilgrimage site.

Puttaparthi: Situated around 80 kilometers from Singanamala, Puttaparthi is the birthplace of Sri Sathya Sai Baba, a revered spiritual leader. The town is home to the Prasanthi Nilayam Ashram, which attracts devotees from around the world. The ashram offers a serene atmosphere and hosts various spiritual activities and events.

Chitradurga Fort: Located about 150 kilometers from Singanamala, Chitradurga Fort is an ancient fort known for its massive walls, intricate architecture, and historical significance. The fort offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape and provides insights into the region’s rich history.

Dharmavaram: Situated around 45 kilometers from Singanamala, Dharmavaram is renowned for its silk sarees. The town is famous for Dharmavaram silk sarees, which are known for their vibrant colors and intricate designs. Visitors can explore the silk weaving industry and shop for traditional silk garments.

Belum Caves: Situated approximately 130 kilometers from Singanamala, Belum Caves are the second-largest natural caves in the Indian subcontinent. The caves feature stunning stalactite and stalagmite formations, underground chambers, and long passages, making them an intriguing destination for nature and adventure enthusiasts.

These nearby attractions offer visitors a chance to explore the cultural, historical, and natural treasures of the region while complementing their visit to Singanamala Anjaneya Swamy Temple.

How To Reach Singanamala Anjaneya Swamy Temple :

Singanamala Anjaneya Swamy Temple is well-connected and easily accessible by various modes of transportation. Here’s how you can reach the temple:

By Road: Singanamala village is well-connected by road. One can hire taxis or take buses from Anantapur or nearby towns to reach the temple. The temple is located approximately 10 kilometers from Anantapur, and the journey takes around 30 minutes by road.

By Train: Anantapur Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Singanamala Anjaneya Swamy Temple. It is well-connected to major cities and towns in Andhra Pradesh and neighboring states. From the railway station, one can hire a taxi or take a local bus to reach the temple.

By Air: The nearest airport to Singanamala Anjaneya Swamy Temple is the Puttaparthi Airport, located approximately 85 kilometers away. It is a domestic airport with limited flight connectivity. The next closest international airport is Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru, which is about 200 kilometers away. From either airport, one can hire a taxi or take public transportation to reach the temple.

Local transportation options such as taxis, auto-rickshaws, and buses are available from Anantapur and nearby towns to reach Singanamala village. It is advisable to check the local transportation schedules and plan the journey accordingly.


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