Apple Iphone

Apple iPhone X launches

Apple iPhone X launches

CoupeDino: Apple unveiled the newest iPhone Ten on Tuesday. Ten years ago, CEO Steve Jobs launched the first iPhone, the newest and most innovative features of the iPhone Ten (X), which was screened by the company’s chief executive Tim Cook. The new launch of Apple’s ‘Spaceship’ Shows Iii ostentatiously, was between Jubilee. This phone is available on November 3 in some of the features including America. The company did not announce any time in the Indian market. To unlock the phones so far, using a fingerprint or button, the iPhone Ten just unlocked by keeping the phone in front of his face and looking at the eyes. Wireless charging is also unique. In addition, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were also released. The wireless charging facility is for these phones. 5.8 inch screen, high resolution display for maximum resolution, 3D sensors, 3d scanner with anomaly forming with the face, 12MP dual cameras, and 64 GB starting at $ 999. There are models up to 256 GB. The price of iPhone 6, 6S and 7 models has been reduced. With this effect, it is possible to reduce rates in our market.


IPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus

Its screens are made of glass. Silver, Gray, Rosegold colors. IPhone 8 to 4.7 inch screen, iPhone 8 plus 5.5 inch screen. If the iPhone 8 has a 12 megapixel camera, the iPhone 8 Plus is equipped with a dual camera. The iPhone 8 model with 64 GB memory is priced at $ 699 while iPhone 8 plus is priced at $ 799. There are 256 GB memory models. IOS 11 will be unveiled on the 19th of this month. These phones will be delivered from 22th of this month to advance booking from 15th.

Apple watch 3

The third series was launched by the company. Apple was able to send and receive data if it was connected to phones previously released. A new watch can directly connect to a phone-like network. The iPhone number is applicable to this. If Apple Watch 3, apple music, listen to music by cellular connection. The call can be talked with a faster processor installed, which reduces battery consumption by a new WiFi chip by 85 percent. Yet, Apple watch is 2 in size. New watches will be available in US and UK markets this month from 22nd. The price is $ 329. With the newly designed watch operating system, you can learn physical exercise, swimming, and heart rate. Alerts are made despite illness.

4K Apple TV

The company has released a more resolution high definition 4k apple TV. 4K pictures for iTunes. The Apple TV app for Apple TV works in the United States and in the UK. It is suitable for the latest news. IPhone and iPad. Its price will start from $ 179.