APPSC Departmental Tests Notification Online Application Exam Date Results

APPSC Departmental Tests  Notification Online Application Exam Date Results

APPSC #Departmental Reviews  Notice of Meeting Online application form, the fee, time table, eligibility, how to apply,, date exam, last date for online application ; Departmental Test Message APPSC  / November  Session / May  Sessioin APPSC Division tests . Communication APPSC notifies the meeting November / May. Division tests on April 20 The commission has issued AP Public Service will conduct departmental examinations ( Type of target) vide Go.Ms.No.602 GA Department (Ser-C), Dt: 11/01/2011 and some tests are written exams as mentioned in paragraph 5 (h) (13) Headquarters District of Andhra Pradesh in Hyderabad for November / May  session from  according to the time chart shown according to the terms set out in the 1965 Division Examining Rules and the version amended from time to time.
The Commission requests applications for departmental examinations of candidates for the November session examinations in May  via ONLINE ONLY with the payment of Rs.50 / – for each test. The application form, timetable and other complete information are available on the Commission’s website at Applicants must apply for the examinations department exam session November  via online only as the previous procedure for the sale of applications in the post offices in the application district of the district and in the sales office APPSC Office was approved by the commission output. Candidates must carefully read the Commission Notice and other instructions available in the User’s Manual before using the test, and enter the details appropriately in the application via ONLINE.


1. Written / handwritten copies / Photostat / The printed application form will not be handled directly or by mail or in person.
2. A candidate may, if desired, appear for one or more tests within the scope permitted by the calendar.
3. Candidates are advised to send their applications online long before the last date and time,.

APPSC Departmental Tests  Notification Online Application Exam Date Results

Eligibility for the tests:
A. Only employees working in the relevant departments of Andhra Pradesh can apply for the exams listed below.
However, the staff of the secretariat, in which the rules allow, can be made for each departmental test to obtain eligibility for appointment by transferring / promoting other services by paying the prescribed fee.
a) Commercial Taxation Division: paper codes Nos. 6 and 7. (Written exam)
b) Department of Treasury and Accounting: Paper Code Nos. 31,46,64,79,89,100,114 and 129.
N.B: typists-cum-branches. Working in finance and planning (Finance Wing) are also eligible to apply for the Treasury and Accounts Service exam.
c) Division of silkworm breeding: paper code No: 32,47,65,80,90,11,111,130 and 143.
d) Department of Mining and Geology: Paper Code No. 150.
e) Division test: paper code Nos. 30, 63, 81, 113 and 138.
f) Work Account Service: Paper Code Nos. 44, 78, 99 and 128.
g) Workshop leaders: paper code Nos. 14 and 29.
h) A.P. Civil Service Commission: Paper number: 149.
N.B: Candidates must consult their respective service rules to determine if they are eligible or if they can request the tests.
B. The following tests with paper code numbers are open to all, regardless of whether the applicant is in Government Service or not. Code Paper no. 5, 8, 10, 18, 19, 27, 28, 36, 43, 45, 49, 62, 67, 77, 98, 108, 127, 136, 137, 141, 142, 144-148 and 155.
C. Other evidence can be written by any government server, whether or not it works in the same department. Those who passed the test should not reapply. If a case of this type of commission becomes known, he / she will be liable for a severe disciplinary action by the department in addition to the cancellation of the test approved by him / her for the second time.
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APPSC Departmental Tests  Notification Online Application Exam Date Results

Pay transfers:
a) The fee for each test is Rs. 200 / – (Rupiah only two hundred). For the tests in Gujarathi and Marwari Languages, however, no fee is required.
b) The applicant must pay Rs. 500 / – (Rupees 500 only) on the processing fee of the application, in addition to the examination fee.
c) The rate mentioned in the previous paragraph is paid via the payment gateway of Net Banking / Credit Card / Debit Card. The list of banks providing online transfer services is attached separately.
d) Once the fee has been paid, it will under no circumstances be refunded or adjusted. If the examination fee is not paid, the registration fee means the complete rejection of the application. (The Government has canceled all fee waivers, see G.O.Ms.No.360, Department of General Administration (Services -C), Date: 16/08/2002).
e) IPOs / Demand Drafts are not accepted.
How to pay the fees and fill out the application form
Payment method of the tariff:
Step 1: The candidate must log in to the WEBSITE ( and enter the necessary information such as name, name of father, date of birth and the documents to be used.
Step 2: Immediately after entering the above data, the applicant will receive a Challan Form to pay the fee at the State Bank of India / AP Online Centers.
Step III: The applicant must pay the prescribed fee in one of the states Bank / India. Online centers and get challan paid in the first instance with magazine number.
Step 4: The next business day after payment of the fee, the applicant must return to visit the WEBSITE and enter the details of the journal number to obtain the format of the application. The applicant must fill out all columns of the application and send them ONLINE without exception.
Step 5: Those who need help from Scribe should contact the Commission directly on 14.05.2018 or earlier. You should provide the identification number of the application and attach a copy of the medical certificate along with a presentation.
step 6: The duration of all tests is two (2) hours (except some tests)
Step VII: Candidates who write the exam in target type are asked to present the original OMR sheet to the supervisor, and they can take a copy of the self-copying OMR sheet with them.

APPSC Departmental Tests  Notification Online Application Exam Date Results

Special conditions prescribed for specific tests
a) The candidate requesting the “Departmental Mining and Geology Test” must indicate the period of service specified in the application form.
b) Partial proof:
Senior Assistants working in the Account Director’s offices in projects and branches of the P.W.D. (R & B), Irrigation, Public Health Engg. Department and Panchayat Raj Engg. The Department and the Port Authority, which work as such for a period of three or more years, can apply for this exam. Superintendents who work in the previous departments can also apply for the exam. Assistant / Senior Superintendents work in the Divisions of P.W. The engineering departments, ie the employees of the state government, are only entitled to submit partial certificates.
Must download and complete the certificate service, which is available on the website of the commission, which provides the service in the category of senior assistants in the engineering department and receives the signature with the seal of official control of the Department after details available in your service record appear. The service certificate duly signed by the controller should be scanned and loaded.
Otherwise your requests will be rejected summarily. Local employees also request this test. But its approval is provisional, subject to its eligibility under G.O.Ms.No. 86, Department of Finance and Planning (FW.WA-1), dt. 22/05/1998. Graduates claiming exemption for the approval of Part I of Part I of the Partial Examination must provide information on the application form. Otherwise, your requirements will not be considered exempt from Part I of Part I.
c) Applicants who appear to II Fisheries Department Assessment shall provide information on the successful completion of training of the Land Fisheries Training Institute, Kakinada in the application form.
d) Applicants who appear Criminal Courts-Test Qualified Law should provide information on the application form to be granted for the exemption to approve documents I and II of the above test, otherwise their applications will not be considered exempt from the approval of documents I and II The examination.
e) Applicants who appear to Department of Sericulture for Review, Part III (Code Paper No. 154 – Practice Test) must pass Part I the examination of 4 documents and information will be made available in the form request
f) All objective jobs only 2 hours.
g) -Code paper language test and surveys & settlement No.5,6,7,19,28,37,49,67,36,58,74 69,87,109,118,110,119,111,120,112,121,116,133,117,134,122,135 (written examination) is the conventional type.
h) The duration of type-testing of the target and pattern of the descriptive type is G.0.Ms. No.288, GA (Ser. C) Dept., Dt.: 09/10/2014.
Be nice:
1) The candidates referred to in paragraph 5 (b) and (c) the notice of the departmental tests are only eligible, with the exception of candidates who are ineligible department. When the candidates apply, they are responsible for rejection as well as for disqualification.
2) Certification officers must review the records when 3 years minimum service has been completed in the category “Mr. A”.

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The request is rejected for the following reasons:
1. If the photo / signature is not loaded.
2. If the prescribed rate is not paid and / or if the fee paid is lower.
3. If the fee is not paid for the application.
4. If the service certificate is not completed / not signed by the control officer / the candidate himself (self-test) instead of signed by his control officer / signed by the officer in Gazette instead of his control officer. If the service certificate was not loaded.
5. If the completed application form is not related to this notification.
6. If the applicant is not entitled to examine within the meaning of paragraph 3 of the notification.
7. If the candidate applies during the disqualification.
DO letter for departmental tests | Letter from Od
Examination Center:
All Departmental Tests, except for APPSC Personnel Division Test, Departmental Test and Departmental Test for the AP Billing Service, are to be conducted in all 13 major districts of the district including the city of Hyderabad, which is the joint capital. The Application Personnel Division Test, Departmental Test, and AP.P Work Account Division Test are performed only in the center of Hyderabad.
The departmental tests will take place in (13) Central Districts of the District and also in the state capital Hyderabad, as mentioned below. The candidates will be admitted to the district centers where the candidate is currently working, as mentioned in the application.
Code No. District Name Code No. District Name
“Prathibha Bhavan”, M.J. Road,
Opp: Gagan Vihar, Nampally, Hyderabad 500103, A.P. (India).
Tel: 24603593/24603594/24603595/24603596
Fax: +914024601664
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Online Application for Departmental Courses

1) Your user ID is OTPR ID (for example: APXXXXXXXXXX)
2) Your password must be at least 8 and no more than 12 characters long.
3) Your password must contain at least a capital letter, a number and a special character ($ @ $!% * #).
Apply online for APPSC departmental tests
# Important data:
The departmental investigations of the Civil Service Commission of Andhra Pradesh will be held from June 7 to 12, according to an official statement. The detailed notification can be read on this page or visit the website:
1. Date of issue of the communication:
2. The online application starts on:
3. Last deadline for submitting applications:
4. Start of the departmental test, exams of the November / May :
1. Obtained on: 09-06-18 (GOT paper code: 88.97)
2. EOT on: 09-06-18 (EOT paper code: 141)
3rd special language 10-06-18 (paper code: 37)

Departmental Tests APPSC Notification

Important instructions for candidates for APPSC departmental tests
Download the notification in the web portal: Go to the website
For more information visit the official website:

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