Beautiful Italian Male Child Baby Names -

Beautiful Italian Male Child Baby Names

Beautiful Italian Male Child Names


Here’s a list of the best 20 names. Latest and contemporary Italian Baby boy names

1. Leonardo:

A name that resonates throughout the realm of entertainment and art. Leonardo Da Vinci gave the name character and depth. The name also gained recognition with the heartthrob and actor, Leonardo DiCaprio. It is shortened to Leo meaning lion, the name means. Make sure your child is strong and master of art by giving him this timeless Italian name.

2. Luca:

A cute and sweet name ideal for a lively, baby boy. Luca is a different form for the surname Lucas. Luca refers to the person who is illumination. A child who is named Luca shines with light and brightens the lives of the people who cherish him.

3. Dante:

A strong-sounding, male name. The name has become famous because of Dante Alighieri, the Medieval Italian poet, and the author of his Divine Comedy. The name is actually a reference to enduring. A solid name that can aid in the development of a strong mind as well as character. A strong child that isn’t going to quit quickly.

4. Enzo:

A shorter version from Vincenzo or Lorenzo The name is derived from its roots from Italy in both Spain. Both cultures have it as a name that is a reference to the head of the household and conqueror, or winner. It is a traditional title for the man from the home. The name is now used for one who is an influencer who will win hearts and becoming a high performer.

5. Antonio:

Latin roots The Spanish and Italian significance of Antonio is invaluable and priceless. Naturally, every baby is a blessing to parents. A child born with the name “Boy” will grow up knowing that he is a treasure for his family and parents. He will also be loved, and taken care of more than any other precious jewel.

6. Giovanni:

Traditional and classic Italian Baby boy’s name. Giovanni refers to God is generous or a gracious favor from God. Given that Italians being extremely religious, it’s easy to understand that a name such as this will be a source of great reverence. the child born with this name is considered to be a gift from God.

7. Marco:

A well-known Italian Name, Marco, is often linked to the famed Italian traveler Marco Polo. Marco is a name that means Warring as well as God of Mars. The name Marco is a reference to the little cherub. Marco is a reference to a powerful and courageous young man who is willing to fight for the rights of his fellow citizens.

8. Alessandro:

The name is a variant of Alexandra and goes all the way back to Alexander the great. Its meanings both in Greek and Italian indicate the protector of humanity. The name slips off easily and suggests that a boy named Alessandro is kind and willing to assist others.

9. Adriano:

The meaning behind this name is linked with it being connected to the Adriatic Sea. Your child could be a water-loving baby and you can take them to the pool right away. Children can experience a lot of pleasure from splashing around in the water, or might have a peaceful attitude, similar to the ocean.

Beautiful Italian Male Child Baby Names
Beautiful Italian Male Child Baby Names

10. Nicolo:

A lot of times, it’s called Nico This name is cute and perfect for babies. If your child is a troublemaker and is not a good choice, it’s difficult to discipline the child with a name such as this. Nicolo is a reference to Victory or the conqueror of the masses. With this name the man is bound to take on many hearts and become triumphant in his efforts.

11. Riccardo:

Italian roots, Riccardo is a classic name meaning powerful and strong ruler. A child born with the name can grow to have a sharp thinking and a sharp mind, and also manage his own business, in the event that he does not rise to higher levels.

12. Matteo:

A name that is very well-known that is very popular in Italy, Matteo means gift of God which could be the reason behind its popularity. A sweet cherub bearing this name is sure to be a wonderful gift, and perhaps a thoughtful and calm child.

13. Carlo:

The name comes from Italy and translates to manly. This name is ideal for a young boy to develop into a shrewd and physically strong young man who is a leader and a leader.

14. Gianni:

A popular Italian male name. Gianni signifies God is kind. A boy born named Gianni would naturally be a generous gift , and most likely to be a compassionate person who assists others

Beautiful Italian Male Child Baby Names

15. Angelo:

It could be an Italian surname or first name. The meaning is angel, messenger of God A young boy, named Angelo could be the perfect little kid, or perhaps a nice and helpful person.

16. Rocco:

Rocco is a soaring name that is perfect for a young boy. It’s not as well-known as it used to be however, the meaning of Italian origin is actually relaxation. If you’re lucky choose to name your baby boy Rocco and you’ll be calm and will sleep all night.

17. Santino:

An Italian name, meaning an adorable saint. A perfect name for a cute baby boy. Santino is a great name for a baby with a chubby face and a docile personality. perhaps a hint of amusement within his eye.

18. Luciano:

The name comes of Portuguese, Spanish and Italian however it is more popular in Italy. The most well-known Luciano of the past few years is the opera Tenor Luciano Pavarotti. Luciano means the light. Name your child Luciano and be amazed by his brightness, and brighten the room when he comes in.

19. Salvatore:

It’s the name given to famous artist and surrealist Salvador Dali though spelt slightly different. The names are the result of Italian as well as Spanish. It is a reference to saviour. Your child named Salvatore might have a great talent in the arts and might be attracted to helping those in need in difficult circumstances.


20. Gino:

While Gino is from Italian origin, it does also have Greek roots. It can also be commonly used as a contraction from Luigino and Eugenio. The meaning of the name is well-born, or always-living. Gino sounds like classically Italian and by naming it your baby should have an extended and successful life.