Best Italian Boy Girl Names with Meanings -

Best Italian Boy Girl Names with Meanings

75 beautiful Italian baby girl names and meanings

Italian names are rising in recognition in the current generation. Although the names are old-fashioned however, they offer a modern look and are adorned with gorgeous meanings attached to the same. They also represent the personality of the individual which is why people prefer to name their children with the Italian name that has the most significant meaning with them, so that they develop their personality according to. This is why in this article, we’ve collected the most gorgeous Italian Baby girl names which are modern and yet have meaning.

Italians are awash with sophistication and romance. This is reflected when they pick names for their children. Many people love the contemporary but traditional variations of Italian names because they represent Italy’s culture and ethnic heritage. The majority of these names represent a person’s characteristics and personality. Italy is the place where and the Renaissance, Michelangelo, and pizzas, and is also famous for its Ice creams. Like Shakespeare states, “What’s in a name?” you can now answer with the meaning of the name and historical context in the event that you decide to choose the Italian namesake for your baby girl.

According to Italian custom Children are most beautiful names by their parents, and obviously there are other family members as well. The son of the first is generally named in honor of the paternal grandfather while the daughter of first name is in honor of her paternal grandmother. A second child is named in honor of their maternal grandfather, and the girl is named after their grandmother. If there’s more children, it can be traced back in the form of uncles and aunts and patron saints. You’ll find numerous names that are that are repeated. It is an expression of respect for the customs. It’s considered to be to be a sign of disrespect you choose a different name.

75 of the Best Italian Boy Girl names, Meanings, and Names

Italian names act as anchors that cling to traditions. You aren’t able to change or move away from the place you came from. Italians believe that this feeling of belonging is what makes life enjoyable and the traditions are handed down to future generations.

This article we write some of the most well-known Italian Baby girl names, as well as their significance.

1. Lucia:

If you were a person who lived in Roman times and gave the birth of a girl before dawn and then, you would definitely called Lucia. That’s because in accordance with tradition, the meaning of Lucia implies that Lucia is a reference to light.

2. Romina:

Romina refers to the feminine version from the Italian Roma. It is also a reference to that someone lives within Rome and is among the most well-known Italian names for female babies.

3. Sandra:

It is an abbreviated version of masculine names Alexandra. It translates to ‘Man’s Defender.’ Sandra is an Italian girls name of English origin. It is the most sought-after Italian girl’s name.

4. Etta:

Etta can be described as a word with Italian origin. It’s an abbreviated version of names like Loretta, Rosetta or Henrietta. In the past, this name was thought as an Italian suffix to name.

Best Italian Boy Girl Names with Meanings

Best Italian Boy Girl Names with Meanings
Best Italian Boy Girl Names with Meanings

5. Loretta:

Loretta is an feminine name with Italian origin. It comes of an Latin term Laurel (or Laura. The word was developed during the late 19th century.

6. Zola:

Zola The Italian girl’s name with Italian origin. It is a word that means lump of earth. It’s very attractive Italian baby girl’s name.

7. Capri:

Capri is a contemporary name that is of Italian origin. The name originated from an Island named after the same island located in Italy that is renowned for its beauty.

8. Mona:

Mona is a feminine name with Irish origin, meaning “aristocratic or noble. It may be used as an abbreviated variant of Madonna. Mona can also be linked to the famous work by the artist Leonardo da-Vinci – “the Mona Lisa.’ It is however an old-fashioned Italian girl’s name.

9. Donna:

Dona is an feminine name that is of Italian origin. It is a name that refers to an elegant lady. The original meaning was Lady of the house. It’s also a title of respect , similar to Don which is a man’s title.

10. Brandy:

Brandy is a well-known girl’s name that is of English origin, meaning “Sword. It’s also an appellation for distillation wine.

11. Josefina:

Josefina refers to the Italian version that is derived from Josephine, the Hebrew term Giuseppina as well as Josephine. The name means “The Lord increases; Jehovah increases.’

12. Allegra:

Allegra is the name of a girl that is of Italian origin, which translates to the word “jaunty and gay.

13. Silvana:

Silvana is a well-known Italian girls’ name translates to the word “forest” or woodland.

14. Gianella:

Gianella is an feminine name of Hebrew as well as Italian origin. It translates to God is gracious.

15. Rochella:

It is a well-known Italian name that is of French or older German origin, meaning small the rock, or rest.

16. Carlota:

It is Carlota is a famous Italian name that is a variation of numerous Italian names as well as Old German names such as The Carlotta, Carol, Caroline and Charlotte and many more. Carlota refers to a free man.’

17. Roma:

Roma is the feminine name that is of Italian origin, and is connected to Rome, the city that is considered to be its capital Italy which is Rome. According to legend, Roma was the name of the daughter of Evander.

18. Calogera:

Calogera can be described as the female variant that is masculine Calogero. The name is connected by the Latin name of ‘Calogerus’, which is a Latin word meaning ‘beautiful old man..’

19. Gionna:

Gionna is a popular girl’s name that is of Hebrew or Italian origin. It signifies ‘God is Gracious.’

20. Guida:

The feminine name Guida comes from the title of Italian origin, meaning guide.

21. Bambina:

Bambina is a popular feminine name that is of Italian origin that means young girl. It is a variation of Bambi. Bambi.

22. Annuziata:

Annuziata can be described as a name that is of Italian origin that means Annunciation. Also, it is referred to as the Holy Virgin Mary and, after receiving the direction from Gabriel, the Lord Gabriel is to bear the Child Christ. The name is usually used for the girl to ensure that the next child born will be one of the boys.

23. Romalda:

The name is an Italian girl’s name that has Italian origin. It is a variation on Roma. Roma.

24. Belladonna:

Belladonna is the contemporary Italian baby girl’s name, which is a reference to ‘Fair Lady’.’

25. Verona:

Verona is a well-known female with Italian origin. The term is used to identify the person who comes from Verona which is a well-known northern Italian city in northern Italy.

26. Caprice:

The Caprice is feminine name with Italian, English and French origin. Caprice is a French word meaning playful or whimsical.

27. Contessa:

Contessa is a very popular Italian girl’s name applied to someone who is thin and gorgeous, and who has an incredible personality.

28. Giovana:

Giovana is a well-known girl’s name that is of Hebrew origin, which translates to “God is Gracious.’

29. Nerissa:

Nerissa is a well-known girl’s name, which translates to black-haired. The word is often used to describe someone with beautiful black hair.

30. Gelsomina:

Gelsomina is a very popular girl’s name used to describe Jasmine is a plant. This is an Italian name that is of Italian origin.

31. Vedetta:

Vedetta is a name for girls from Italian origin, meaning sentry or scout. The French word Vedette is used to describe something that is removed or isolated such as a sentry or scout.

32. Donelle:

Donelle is a popular feminine name, and is a variation of the well-known name Danielle as well as Donna. The meaning behind the names are Lady.

33. Fabienne:

Fabienne is a well-known female name from Italian origin which means “works using hands.’

34. Janina:

Janina can be described as a word from Italian, English and Hebrew origin, which is a Hebrew word that means God is Merciful. It is a variation of the many Hebrew names as well as English names like Jan, Jane, Janine and Gianina.

35. Cameo:

It is a well-known name that is of Italian as well as French Origin that is a reference to skin.

36. Elda:

Elda is a well-known girl’s name with Italian origin, which translates to an intelligent or wise advisor.

37. Belenda:

Belenda is a gorgeous girl’s name that is of Italian origin, which is a reference to beauty. It’s a variant from Belenda, which is an Italian Belinda. Belinda.

38. Madona:

Madona is an feminine name with Italian origin. It is a reference to ‘My Lady Mary; Virgin Mary It is also closely associated with Madonna.

39. Amelda:

This girl’s name is from Old German origin, which signifies Universal battle. It is a variant that is a variant of Imelda, which is the Italian spelling Imelda.

40. Ginetta:

Another name is Hebrew, or Italian origin. It means God is generous.

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41. Eve and Zoe

These beautiful names share the same meaning, however they have distinct roots. Eve is from Hebrew origin, whereas Zoe is from Greek origin. Both names have the same meaning which is Life.

42. Freya and Phoebe

Like light and love are a perfect match and so do Freya along with Phoebe. Freya refers to the goddess of light, love and fertility. Phoebe is a synonym for radiant and brilliant. The name originates from Greek origin. Together they make a great couple for twins.

Best Italian Boy Girl Names with Meanings

43. Esme and Imogen

The name Esme was introduced to France via Scotland by way of being a royal family. It means Beloved. Imogen is, in contrast is of Greek source and means the beloved child.’

44. Ava and Belle

Ava is of Latin source and is a variation on the Hebrew name eve, which refers to life. However, Belle is the abbreviation of Isabelle meaning beautiful. Together, they mean that life can be beautiful.’

45. Amber and Margot

What’s better than a mother who has two stunning gemstones? Amber is an English gem that is yellow in colour and is used in the production of jewelry. Margot on another hand is a reference to Pearl.

46. Sarah and Almirah

The beautiful names all have the same meaning, which is princess. Daughters are princesses to their parents and these names are even the identical.

47. Arabella and Callista

These lovely names are a great fit together, and they even refer to the same thing The same thing. Beautiful.

48. Alice and Elsie

Alice can be described as a word with German origin that means noble. In contrast, Elsie is an abbreviation for the well-known name Elizabeth that is a reference to devotion to God.

49. Eden and Savannah

The well-known American actress named this name to her gorgeous twins, born in 2007. Savannah is a name that comes from Spain. Savannah originated in Spain and refers to grassy tropical flatness, and Eden is a synonym for a place that brings joy or enjoyment.

50. Ciara and Niamh

This is a great name to be given to twins with color contrast. Ciara refers to the little dark one, whereas Niamh is a reference to Bright. Both names are derived from Irish.

51. Gabriella and Isabella:

The meaning of the name is “Woman who is of God and my strength comes from God,” Gabriella is the Italian version of Gabrielle. It is a popular name that is used for a long time.

Isabella is a name for girls that is Hebrew origin. It is a reference to Elizabeth that means, “God is my oath.” It is a very popular option for girls’ names and is certainly a trendy one.

52. Carlotta and Vedetta:

Carlotta is a name for girls that is of Italian origin which translates to “free male.” It’s another variation that comes from Charlotte, Carol, and Caroline. This is a very well-known first name for females. It is thought to be fashionable and trendy for a woman.

Vedetta is a chic girl with Italian origin. Vedetta refers to scouts or sentries. It is a rare name for a first name. It is a variation of Vedette.

53. Gianna as well as Bianca:

Gianna as an etymological name for girls is from Italian origin. It means “God is kind.” This is feminine version of Gianni. Gianna is a name in honor of saint Gianna Molla, who perished in danger to protect her child in 1962 due to an extremely risky pregnancy.

An Italian source, Bianca means “white, pure.” The name was one of Shakespeare’s favorite names, which were featured in “The Taming of the Shrew,”” “Othello,” and in the musical “Kiss Me Kate.” The name is considered exotic, and it is still a symbol of pureness and purity.

54. Donna Cianna and Cianna:

Donna is an Italian name that is that is of Italian of Italian origin, a female name which refers to “lady.” Donna is commonly described as “the Lady of the house.” It can also be often used to signify a status of respect , similar to “Don for males.”

Cianna has an Italian name for a girl of Italian origin which signifies “God is kind.” Also, it refers to light. It’s not a well-known name

Best Italian Boy Girl Names with Meanings

55. Loretta and Yuberta

Yuberta is one of the Italian girl’s name, and a variant of Uberta is among the most sought-after Italian names for female babies. It is the word for bright or shining intelligence. The name is also rare and distinctive name that is of Italian origin.

Loretta can be described as an Italian origin name that refers to Laura also known as Laurel. The name has been used from the late 19th century onwards. It is the name of a saint.

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You are able to pick any one of the list below. Italian baby Girl Names along with their significance.

56. Sofia:

A mellow, sounded namesake, Sophia rolls musically off the tongue. The name is popular, and Sofia’s origins lie located in Greece as well as Spain and refers to wisdom. Who wouldn’t wish for their little child to be the wisest?

57. Isabella:

Originating in Hebrew, Isabella means devoted to God. A name that is often associated with medieval queens, princesses as well as Shakespearean plays. Names like Isabella will fill your child with confidence and self-confidence, paired with dedication and sincerity to her family and friends.

58. Aria:

Bring the joy of music into the lives of your children by giving them this enchanting name. From Italy is Aria which means melody. Let your child’s heartbeat be filled with harmony and love every time you sing their name.

59. Ariana:

The name is popular through pop-star Ariana Grande, however the name’s origins go all the way back to Greek in addition to Italian roots that mean “utterly pur” in addition to “very holy.” For both instances any girl born with the name “Ariana” will be an angel of heaven sent by the Gods.

60. Beatrice:

Beatrice is a name that comes from literature, has been given a new look. Like the princess Beatrice her name, it is back in the spotlight. With its enchanting meaning “she that brings happiness” it’s a great name for a baby girl who will surely bring immense joy to everyone she touches.

61. Aurora:

The word comes from to the Latin meaning Dawn. In Roman mythology the goddess of dawn was Aurora and her tears were the dewdrops of dawn. A name that your child will treasure as she brings an ray of sunshine into your daily life and enjoy playing the fairytale Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.

Best Italian Boy Girl Names with Meanings

62. Francesca:

In the same vein as male Frances The female version is from Italy and means “The liberated one.” A lovely way to describe the name implies that a girl’s baby grows to be self-confident and independent as she grows wings to fly above the crowd. The name is adored by everyone who is blessed with it.

63. Alessia:

Because of its Italian and Greek origins The name Alessia brings images of Greek goddesses. The name is beautiful and feminine, and it also means protecting warriors. You can be proud of naming your child girl Alessia since it indicates that the woman inside her will be committed, strong and supportive.

64. Bianca:

Beautiful name and a variant of that of the French name, Blanche. Bianca is a French word meaning shining, white. Bring the light of life into your home with the most adorable baby girl, and give her the name Bianca. Her future will be bright, her heart as pure as snow.

65. Gia:

Gia is a short variant of Gianna. It has a wonderful and melodious sound when you speak it using the Italian accent. The name itself refers to the gift of God. The child will be always loved by God and happy believing that God had given her a wonderful gift from God the Almighty.

66. Chiara:

Pronounced Kiara as the tiara, an exquisite Italian name. It’s a name that is light and clear and is extremely popular in Italy. It is hard to imagine a girl named after this to be beautiful and elegant and be able to read her mind.

67. Giorgia:

Italian variant of Georgia Although it may sound like a high-end one, the namesake actually means “farmer”, even though it’s meant for a female. The name of your baby girl could indicate that she is a lover of animals and enjoys nature. She also enjoys taking things seriously.

68. Naomi:

Naomi is the Italian alternative to Naomi is is an exotic sounding name, meaning my pleasure. The name is perfect for any child since each one is a pleasure for their parents, but the little Naomi could be a personal favorite.

69. Bella:

A common Italian name was revived due to the success that was the Twilight series as well as Bella Swan. The name dates as far as in the thirteenth century. Meaning beautiful The name itself has an appealing sound. Any baby girl will be gorgeous, particularly with the name.

Best Italian Boy Girl Names with Meanings

70. Gabriella:

The Italian name has seen a huge rise in recent times of popularity. It’s a romantic sounding name. It is a reference to a woman who is of God (or God can be my strength. one can imagine a tiny girl with a strong character, but elegant.

71. Liliana:

From Italian origin The name is popular and refers to it’s the name of the flower: Lily. An exquisite name for a beautiful newborn girl, who could be as gorgeous in delicate and beautiful as the blossom itself.

72. Serena:

Originated from Latin and is also associated in St Serene in Rome in the past. The famous Serena is the tennis player, Serena Williams. Serena means peaceful and tranquil and a child who has this name is sure of having a peaceful and serene nature.

73. Camilla:

A lovely name that is reminiscent of a flower, Camilla is a name with Italian as well as Latin roots. This is a reference to Servant for the temple, which is perfect for a girl who has the name. She’ll be a multi-faceted girl flawless, pure and beautiful.

74. Vittoria:

An Italian name, and an alteration of Victoria. The word means triumphant and triumphant. A powerful name to present to a girl who is just beginning to set her on the right track to become a successful woman with a sharp mind.

75. Ginevra:

A distinctive Italian name, meaning fair one or white wave or yielding. A beautiful name to gift young girls with fair hair. Ginevra may turn into a young lady who is full of success in numerous ways.

The majority of Italian names have Spanish as well as Greek roots. It is the importance of faith, which is the basis of Italian culture and tradition is evident in the names of their babies. Names have a melody sound when spoken using the Italian accent.

The girls are their own princesses for parents. They are the center of their eyes and parents will always try to give them the most beautiful names that will express their emotions. Therefore, as we have mentioned earlier, we’ve tried to put gorgeous Italian name for baby girls that is well-known and have a wonderful meaning that are associated with the names. These Italian names are extremely popular today because they sound lovely and have more meaning behind their meanings.