Best Tourist Places In Arunachal Pradesh

Best Tourist Places In Arunachal Pradesh

10 Best Arunachal Pradesh Tourist Places to Visit


Arunachal Pradesh is situated in the northeastern region of India and is renowned for its natural beauty. Every year, thousands of tourists are drawn to the area. It is surrounded by three neighboring nations namely Bhutan, China, and Myanmar it is a largely unpopulated state.

Who wouldn’t like to go to a location that has a calming climate, warm people, snowy mist as well as some of the most famous monasteries, serene lakes, stunning mountains, and the foothills of the Himalayas after the harsh life of the cities?


Famous Tourist Places to Visit in Arunachal Pradesh:-


1. Tawang:


  • Tawang is among the top places to go to visit in Arunachal Pradesh. As the central point of Buddhist minorities as well as the headquarters of the Tawang district, it is home to centuries-old monasteries. It is the Rocky Mountains, hundred pristine lakes, snow-capped mountains Dragon gates, and numerous waterfalls that are where the most beautiful scenery is.
  • It is also known as”The treasures that are Arunachal Pradesh.
  • Tawang Monasteries in Asia is the 2nd-largest monastery. They control 17 Gumphas (Buddhist monasteries) which are over 400 years old. Tawang is home to Tawang, the land of Monpa as well as the Sherdukpen tribes, and is where the Tibetan influence is very prevalent. The well-known Torgva festival is celebrated from Dec through Jan. According to the Buddhist Calendar, the eleventh Monpa month is called Dawa Chukchipah.

The 8-meter tall Statue is 8 meters high. It’s of Lord Buddha. Prayer flags are hung in the open air, which is an amazing sight to behold.

Around Tawang:

  • This is the world’s Second highest Pass The Sela Pass is located close to Tawang. At 4,125m, it passes through a small ridge, and then along a tranquil Lake known as Paradise Lake. This is the most awe-inspiring mountain in the State of Arunachal Pradesh, and the third highest in the world.
  • Pakang Teng Tso Lake, the tranquil lake is located approximately 17km from Tawang and is a breathtaking panorama of the surrounding vegetation.
  • The place where Tawang Gyatso, Urgelling Monastery, and the sixth Dalai Lama of a Monpa Mother are located at a distance of five kilometers from Tawang.

2. Bomdila:


Bomdila is a stunning tourist destination located in Arunachal Pradesh, which offers breathtaking views of snow-covered mountains the Himalayan scenery, wild orchids, and captivating waterfalls. Bomdila is the capital of the West Kameng district located at an altitude of 8500 feet above sea level. Bomdila monastery Bomdila monastery is an imitation of the Tsona Gontse monastery in Tibet. The Bomdila monastery is also known to be called The Gentse Gaden Rabgyel Ling monastery and was founded through Tsona Gontse Rinpoche. Apart from that, there’s as well the Ethnographic Museum. In the past, there have been many strong Tibetan or Buddhist influences.

Around Bomdila:

  • Dirang is located Between Bomdila in Bomdila and Tawang. Apple orchards and breeding farms for yaks are what it is renowned for.
  • Just a few kilometers from Dirang hot springs, devotees take holy baths to cleanse themselves of illnesses and sins.
  • Tipi has the world’s biggest orchidarium. It is surrounded by an evergreen forest The garden is home to over 500 orchid species. The Orchid center is situated right on the banks of the Bharali River. Bharali. Its hot water spring which is a huge orchid garden is the jewel of the area.
  • Jia-bharal River passes close to Bomdila and is the entrance to Arunachal Pradesh, which is located in the southwest.
  • Bhalukpong located 64 km from Tezpur at the slopes of the Aka Hills is a beautiful picnic location. It was also the capital city of Bhaluka was Bhaluka, the grandson of King Bana.

3. Itanagar:


The mountain range that is lit by dawn is the capital city of the northeastern state of Arunachal Pradesh. It is situated in from the west of Tawang and has been credited by Mayapur as a city from the 15th-14th centuries A.D. A modern settlement is built within the remains of a capital city from the medieval period. It is administered by the Papum Pare district. But, Itanagar can be called mini India since residents from across the nation live here peacefully. It is a regular Helicopter service offered to start from  Guwahati from Naharlagun (Itanagar). People from all over the nation go to this location to experience the natural beauty of the area.

Around Itanagar:

Naharlagun is also called Naharlagun, also known as the town with twins of Itanagar, and is located within 10km of Itanagar. It comprises Zoo, Craft Centre, and Polo Park.


4. Ziro:


Ziro is a special spot to explore within Arunachal Pradesh, surrounded by pine forests, the mountain is home to the Apatani tribes. It has been a favorite town of the World Heritage Site for many years. It is situated about 167km from Itanagar. The cool breeze, Pine Bamboo groves, and the traditional method of cultivating rice simply blow your mind and make you feel rejoicing. The place is also known as an Anthropologist’s dream.

Around Ziro:

Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary is a natural botanical garden. The Sanctuary includes a variety of exotic orchids. It is home to The crossbreed between Wild Gaur (Mithun) shy species of animal.
Tarin Fishing Farm is the high altitude fish seed farm located in Tarin and is well-known for the Terrace Paddy as well as Fish culture.

Best Tourist Places In Arunachal Pradesh


Best Tourist Places In Arunachal Pradesh

5. Daporijo:


The town is situated at the point of two rivers flowing, Sippi and Subansiri, it is the biggest village town in the world. It is a bit crowded, but what you can observe there are the locals as well as the bridges made of bamboo and cane used by the residents.


6. Aalo Formerly Along:


The ancient Malinithan Temple can be seen along the way. It is the Legendary Akashi Ganga is an area from which people can observe the Brahmaputra and its tributaries. The crossbreeding farm in Karki from Mithun and Jersey is visible.


7. Pasighat:


The site is in the middle of the river Siang (the name of the river Brahmaputra located in Arunachal Pradesh) It is the headquarters of East Siang district. Dr. D. Ering Wildlife Sanctuary which is home to the wild animals of wild buffalos, tigers and sambar deer, and wild ducks is unmissable to see. The Brahmaputra Darshan Festival is now a bi-annual event.


The variety of wildlife we see in the state of Uttarakhand cannot be found in any other part of India. Animals such as Red Pandas, Himalayan Black Bear, and Goral. Birds such as White Winged Wood Duck, Bengal Florican Temminck’s Tragopan, Mishmi Wren, and Sclater’s Monal… can be observed here. The state is incredibly diverse in its flora and fauna.

Wildlife Sanctuaries:-

  • Dr. D. Ering Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary, Pasighat
  • Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary, Roing
  • Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary, Seijosa
  • Eagle Nest Wildlife Sanctuary, Seijosa
  • Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary, Naharlagun
  • Kamlang Wildlife Sanctuary, Miao
  • Kane Wildlife Sanctuary, Along

National parks:

  • Namdhapa National Park (Tiger Project), Miao
  • Sessa Orchid Sanctuary, Tip
  • Mouling National Park, Jengging
  • Dihang-Debang Biosphere Reserve, Dibang Valley

Travel Tips:

People who are attracted by adventure should go through these things:

Rafting Brahmaputra is regarded as one of the most beautiful rivers to raft in the world. It offers an incredible and thrilling, unforgettable, adventure rafting experience in the North-East region of India. It is the Tsang Po River that flows on the eastern side of Tibet traversing the magnificent Himalayan Mountains.

  • Subansari River Rafting Subansari River is often referred to by the name of “Gold River”. It is the largest downstream of the Brahmaputra River.
  • Kameng River Rafting Kameng River Rafting River was previously known as the Bhareli River before it got changed to Kameng. This is among the most difficult rivers for the river-rafting experience in India.
  • The travelers must try these authentic dishes: Momo is made by filling minced Pork and Onions into a dough. It is then steamed in a three-layer steamer, or cooked. Is Thupka will be a soup stuffed with minced meat, noodles, and other vegetables, which is often referred to in the form of Der Thuk. Zan is the main food that is served to the Monpa tribes. Khura is a type of pancake. Guyana Khazi
  • Arunachal Pradesh is considered to be the safest State in Northeast India. The residents of Arunachal Pradesh aren’t particularly religious. They are extremely welcoming and eager to assist you.

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