Biography of Aditya Vikram Birla -

Biography of Aditya Vikram Birla

Biography of Aditya Vikram Birla


Aditya Vikram Birla

Born: November 14, 1943, Kolkata, West Bengal

Position/Occupation: Former Chairman of Aditya Birla Group

GD Birla’s grandson Aditya Vikram Birla is a well-known Indian industrialist. His name is recognized as one of the most successful and inspiring entrepreneurs in India. His creative ideas have helped to expand the business of other nations and left a permanent mark on the Indian business landscape. He is among very few Indian entrepreneurs who established an international empire. In keeping with his grandfather’s legacy, He pioneered the idea of sustainable Livelihood’.


This idea not only was a hit but also instilled confidence in others to become entrepreneurs. His business has grown not just in India but also overseas by implementing his creative, professional and forward-thinking strategies and has emerged as the new model of the Indian industry thanks to his innovative and impressive efforts.

Life is the first step.

Aditya Vikram was born on the 14th of November 1943, in Kolkata, West Bengal to industrialists Basant Kumar Birla and Sarala Birla. He is the son of the industrialist GD Birla. GD Birla is the founder of the renowned ‘Birla Group’. He enjoyed good relations with Mahatma Gandhi, and he grew his company by making the famous ‘Ambassador’ car. Aditya was educated in Kolkata and then graduated with a degree in Science in the field of Science from St. Xavier’s College. Following this, he moved to America to pursue further education in chemical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Biography of Aditya Vikram Birla


Biography of Aditya Vikram Birla



After graduating from chemical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Aditya returned to India and joined his family’s business. In dissatisfaction with this, Aditya started a clothing business from the highly successful Eastern Express Mills in Kolkata. Through this business, Aditya revived his family’s sinking textile industry by reviving it. This was just the beginning. After that, the business was a success, and he created records in every business, one after another. The next option consisted of expanding the Birla Group into the ‘oil sector.


Each time Aditya was successful this time too. It was a turbulent period both for Birla Group and Aditya. Birla Grup and Aditya since his company was a victim of the Indian business were affected by socialist ideology and then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi consolidated her power by implementing populist policies, such as the nationalization of banks as well as the regulation of private investments. Instead of turning west, Aditya turned his attention to the east. The first foreign subsidiary of his group, Indo-Thai Synthetics Company Limited was founded in Thailand in the year 1969.

Following the success of Indo-Thai Synthetics Company Limited’ Aditya founded PT Elegant in 1973 in order to make yarn. It was the company’s first venture outside of Thailand. He launched the company’s “Viscose Rayon Staple Fiber’ as “Thai Rayon” in Thailand. The first Indo-Filipino joint venture for the production of spun yarn was created together with the Phil Group of the Philippines. In the following years, Aditya started several companies and joint ventures across Southeast Asia. It was in 1977 when he launched “Pan Century Edible Oils in Malaysia which later became the world’s most extensive single-location palm oil refinery. In 1978, he launched the first Carbon Black business in Thailand and later in 1982 in Indonesia “PT Indo Bharat Ryan’.


All of these operations make Birla Group Birla Group a blue-chip firm. Birla Group has now become one of the leading industrial firms across India in addition Aditya Birla is thought of as one of India’s top industrialists. With massive earnings from joint ventures with foreign partners, The Birla Group has grown to become the largest multinational company created by a resident Indian businessman. By the time the 1980s arrived, Aditya had founded around 19 businesses in South as well Southeast Asia and the Middle East.


Biography of Aditya Vikram Birla


Contribution to the growth of India

The innovative and effective direction of Aditya Birla has allowed Birla Group to Birla Group to rapidly establish its presence in key industries. The concept of globalization was a far cry from India, Aditya Birla successfully expanded his business into other countries during that time. Under his direction, Birla group companies have seen a huge growth in industries like textiles, aluminum, cement, chemicals fertilizers, fiber banking, financial services software, and petro refineries. Aditya is also acknowledged for increasing and enhancing the country’s commodity trade. He has assisted in the growth of several companies that have achieved phenomenal growth, including Grasim, Hindalco, Bharatiya Rayon, and Indo Gulf Fertilizers.

While the companies of his group have approximately 70% of their employees employed, they offer indirect jobs to over 2 lakh employees. In addition to advancing India’s biggest industry empire up to its highest levels, Aditya Birla served as director of the Reserve Bank of India, Air India, and Bharat Fund. In addition, he was a member of the Economic and Trade Mission to Japan under the direction of LK Jha.

He was in 1992 when he also was part of an international trade mission headed by the Minister for Finance of India. He also serves as director of boards for several companies like Industrial Credit and Industrial Corporation, Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services Limited, and Bajaj Auto.

Personal life

Aditya has been married for a while to Vikram Birla Rajashree. They have two kids daughter Vasavadatta (married by Kushagra Nayan Bajaj) as well as their son Kumar Mangalam (current chairman of the Aditya Birla Group).


Biography of Aditya Vikram Birla



Aditya Birla has been diagnosed as having prostate cancer since 1993, following which he transferred the reins in Birla Group over to his family members, his wife, and his son. He was admitted into the John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, USA for treatment, but died on the 1st of October, 1995, aged 51 following a battle that lasted for four months. All responsibility of the Birla group fell to his son, who was younger than him Kumar Mangalam.

Awards and Honors

1978 Outstanding Young Person Award by Bombay Metropolitan Jessie

1984 The Outstanding Civilian Award from North Bombay Jessies

1985 The year 1985 was the year that he won the ‘Man of the Year award from the Amaravati Chamber of Commerce

1986 Giant International Award in the area of Trade and Industry, Giant International Award in the field of

1990 1991: Award for Business Leadership Award by Madras Management Association

1990 Businessman of the Year Award by Business India

1992″Management Man of the Year award from the Bombay Management Association

1993: Rashtra Bhushan Award by FIE Foundation


Biography of Aditya Vikram Birla


1994 Platinum Jubilee Rotary Award for contribution to Industry by the Rotary Club of Calcutta.

1995 Vocational Excellence Award given by Rotary International

1996 Lifetime Achievement Award by the All India Association of Industries

1996 Awards for Outstanding Contribution to the Growth of the Indian Cement Industry by All India Management Association

Melvin Jones Fellow Award for dedicated human service from Lions Club International Foundation Paul Harris Fellow Award from Rotary Foundation Rotary International

Life events

1943: Born in Kolkata, West Bengal

1965: Studying engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and was then sent back to India

1965 Eastern Spinning Mills established in Kolkata began

1969: Creation of Indo-Thai Synthetics Company Limited in Thailand

1973: Established PT Elegant Textiles in Indonesia

1974. Thai Rayon is established in Thailand

1975: The Indo-Phil Group of Companies is established in the Philippines. Philippines

1977: The world’s biggest single-location palm oil refinery founded in Malaysia, Pan Century Edible Oils


Biography of Aditya Vikram Birla


1978 Thai Carbon Black is established in Thailand

1982: PT Indo India Rayon is established in Indonesia

1985: Award for the Man of the Year Award Award by the Amaravati Chamber of Commerce

1990 Award for Businessman of the year by Business India

1995: Died from prostate cancer in Baltimore, United States at the age of 51 on the 1st of October 1st, 1995.

1996: Awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by All India Association of Industries.

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