Biography Of Alexander Graham Bell

Biography Of Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Bell


Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922) Scottish inventor, primarily recognized for inventing the telephone of today.

Alexander was born at home in Edinburgh Scotland. At an early age, Alexander was a curious person and was fascinated by the acoustics as well as voice patterns. While at school, he wasn’t interested in the traditional curriculum and schooling however, he showed natural talent in playing the piano and the sciences. He also developed a keen curiosity about acoustics as well as communication that was partly prompted by his mother’s deafness growing. He dedicated a lot of time to providing solutions to blind people and was soon recognized in the area. He assisted American Helen Keller to discover treatment options for her deafblindness

In 1870, following his being diagnosed with tuberculosis (which caused the death of his brother) and a bout of tuberculosis, he decided to Canada with the widow of his brother. He was awed by living in Canada and started to devise methods of teaching speech to deaf people. He graduated in 1873 and was an instructor of vocal physiology and linguistics at Boston University. The year 1873 was the time he started courting Mabel Hubbard. The couple got married in 1877 and had four kids.

In 1876, he applied for an application for a patent on the acoustic telephone. It was something that he developed in long evening sessions with the engineer Thomas Watson.

The first phone call was made on the 3rd of August 1876. He was able to successfully call an additional house that was 6 km away via an unimproved piece of telephone wire. The first words spoken by telephone were:

“Mr. Watson”Come here. I’d love to meet you.”

This demonstrated the possibility to talk across long distances for the first time. Bell’s wife Mabel was adamant Bell (despite his strong reluctance) show his telephone at a Boston exhibition. The phone’s invention received prizes and lots of publicity for the company which helped at the beginning of sales.


Biography Of Alexander Graham Bell


Biography Of Alexander Graham Bell

In 1879 Bell Telephone Company was founded 1879. Bell Telephone company purchased Edison’s patent for a carbon microphone, which led the company to make significant improvements to its first telephone design. The Bell Telecommunications business was prosperous. In 1886, more than 150,000 people, in the US owned a telephone. The telephone was later among the top popular contemporary inventions. But, many were working on patents similar to those for phones simultaneously. Bell’s patent on the telephone was often litigated in courts. Bell himself had to be present at numerous court hearings and was subsequently compelled to quit the company.

In a way, Bell was not averse to his invention. He later remarked that it took away from his other research and that he wouldn’t use a phone at his workplace.

Bell served as the president for the second time of National Geographic Magazine from 1898 up to 1903. Bell helped to develop and shape the magazine into a renowned and well-known scientific journal.

“A man, as a general rule, owes very little to what he is born with — a man is what he makes of himself.”

– Alexander Bell

Biography Of Alexander Graham Bell


The later inventions of Bell include the photographophone a device that sent sound via the light beam and the gramophone which recorded the sound onto wax discs. Bell was a pioneer in many discoveries and innovations throughout his lifetime. He wrote about his enthusiasm for invention:

“The inventor…looks at the world and isn’t satisfied with the way things are. He wants to make improvements to whatever he observes, he wishes to improve the world. the inventor is haunted by an idea. The idea of the invention is a part of him, seeking to materialize.”

At the close of his life, he continued to conduct various scientific studies within the area of aerodynamics investigating giant kites as well as hydrofoils. He also speculated on the possibility of making use of solar power to heat homes and also ways to collect the waste gases that come from farming and industry.

Bell died from anemia on August 2nd, 1922, at the Scottish estate at Beinn Bhreagh, Nova Scotia.


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