Biography of Biju Patnaik

Biography of Biju Patnaik


Biju Patnaik

Born: 5 March 1916, Cuttack, Orissa

Died: 17 April 1997

Career: Former Chief Minister of Odisha, Politician, Social Activist

Bijayanand Patnaik is commonly known as Biju. He was a politician as well as an aeronautical engineer and navigator, industrialist, and freedom fighter pilot. It is most well-known for its unique personality. Napoleon was Bijou’s inspiration. Biju Patnaik has mastered the art of motivating people and winning trust. He was able to communicate effectively with people and convey his ideas.


He was a well-known politician and social activist because of his determination and sacrifice. He actively participated in the freedom struggle and was a role model to the Orissan people. He addressed the people of Orissa and said that he had a vision of a 21st-century state in which men and women would put their interests ahead of theirs. They will be proud and confident in their abilities. They won’t rely on anyone except themselves. He will lead the Kalinga with his intelligence and abilities. regains control.

The first step is life:

Biju Patnaik, a Cuttack, Orissa native was born on 5 March 1916. His father’s name was the late Lakshminarayana Patnaik, and his mother was Ashalatha Devi. His father was a prominent Oriya leader and well-known nationalist. He is the brother of one sister and two brothers. He attended Mission Primary School in Cuttack and Mission Christ Collegiate Cuttack for his primary education. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose attended Ravenshaw School in 1927, where he had previously studied.

He was a skilled sportsman and used to be the head of the university’s athletic, hockey, and football teams. For three years, he was the sports champion. He decided to drop out mid-way and take up pilot training at the Aeronautical Training Institute of India and Delhi Flying Club. Since childhood, flying has been a passion. He became a renowned pilot and navigator. Biju Patnaik joined Indian National Airways as a pilot. He was the head of the Air Transport Command during the War for Freedom in 1940-42.




Biography of Biju Patnaik


Mahatma Gandhi had a profound influence on Biju Patnaik. He was a participant in the Quit India movement and was sentenced to two years imprisonment in 1943. According to some reports, he flew freedom fighters to secret locations in his plane. He joined the Royal Indian Air Force when World War II broke out. He was also a key figure in the Indonesian independence struggle. He helped to free the Indonesian people from the Dutch rulers under the direction of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru invited Biju Patnaik, the Indonesian Prime Minister, to the first Inter-Asian Conference. It was held in 22 Asian countries on 23 March 1947. This conference was also attended by Sultan Sajahir, the Indonesian Prime Minister. Pandit Nehru believed in Biju Patnaik so he asked Sultan Sajahir, the Prime Minister of Indonesia, to bring him safely. Biju Patnaik fulfilled his duty perfectly. His image was a hero to the Indonesian people.

Biju, a North Cuttack constituency member, was elected in 1946 and became the assembly’s chief minister. From 1961 to 1963, he was the Chief Minister of Orissa. He is also a member both of Lok Sabha as well as Rajya Sabha. He was among the first to be detained along with other opposition leaders in 1975’s Emergency. He was released from prison in 1977 and elected to the Lok Sabha in Kendrapara. From there, he served as Union Minister for Iron, Steel, and Mines under the Morarji Desai and Chaudhary Charan Singh governments, until 1979. Biju was elected to Lok Sabha in 1980. He won the Lok Sabha elections in 1986. The Janata Dal won the 1990 assembly elections and was again elected Chief Minister of Orissa. Served Orissa as Chief Minister till 1995.


Biography of Biju Patnaik

Honors and Awards

He was awarded the highest civilian award, “Bhumiputra” by the Indonesian government. This award was presented to him for his bravery and courage. He was presented with the highest national award, Bintang Jasu Utama, in 1996 on the 50th anniversary of Indonesia’s independence.


In 1952, he founded the Kalinga Foundation Trust and initiated the Kalinga Prize which is awarded by UNESCO to recognize outstanding contributions to science. The Paradip port was also built on a large scale.


Biju Patnaik, who was suffering from heart and respiratory problems, died on 17 April 1997.


Biju is a name that can be found in many Orissa organizations. The Biju Patnaik University of Technology also belongs to this group. Biju Patnaik International Airport is the name of Bhubaneswar’s airport. Biju’s birthday in Orissa is celebrated as Panchayat Raj Diwas on March 5.

Life events

1916: Born in Cuttack

1927: Ravenshaw College, Studied

1940-42: He was Head of the Air Transport Command

1941: British citizens are released from Myanmar after the Japanese occupation

1943: Imprisonment during Quit India Movement

1946: Elected to Orissa Legislative Assembly

1952: Kalinga Foundation Trust established


Biography of Biju Patnaik


1961-63: Chief Minister, Orissa

1975: I was forced to go to prison during Emergency

1977: Released from Jail and elected Member of Parliament

1977-1979: Minister of Steel and Mines at The Centre

1980: Elected to the Lok Sabha

1990-1995: Chief Minister of Orissa

1996: Lok Sabha re-elected

1997: Death from the heart and respiratory diseases.


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