Biography Of Clive Staples Lewis -

Biography Of Clive Staples Lewis

Biography Of Clive Staples Lewis


C.S. Lewis was an essayist, author, and Christian advocate. The most well-known of his works is his popular children’s series, The Chronicles of Narnia.

Clive Staples Lewis was born on November 29, 1898, and lived until the 22nd of November, 1963. The birthplace of his father was from Belfast, North Ireland into a Protestant Ulster family. In his entire existence, he remained rooted in his connections to Ireland. He was a fan that was Irish and had a keen interest in Celtic mythology and literature. He was a fervent admirer of the work of W.B. Yeats and his work at a time when he was largely unknown in England.

Lewis was educated in various private and public schools, including Malvern located in Worcestershire. The time he spent in public schools was not pleasant and he later wrote scathingly about how schoolboys were treated. However, in 1916 Lewis was granted the opportunity to receive a scholarship to University College, Oxford University. He did well in his studies and eventually earned the distinction of a triple first (the highest grade for three different degrees). His college life was disrupted by his decision for the British army during the First World War. He was sent to the Somme valley, where he took part in trench battles.

In the latter weeks of the war, his body was struck by a shell, and taken home to recover from his wounds. In the time of his convalescence, he grew closer with Mrs . Moore – the mother of his close soldier friend, Edward “Paddy” Moore. He was very in touch with Mrs. Moore frequently referring on her behalf as his mom up to her passing during the 40s.

Biography Of Clive Staples Lewis


Biography Of Clive Staples Lewis



When he returned to Oxford, C.S.Lewis completed his studies before accepting the position of teaching English for Magdalen College, Oxford from 1925 until 1954. The prolific author and developed a close relationship with fellow Oxford students like J. R. R. Tolkien, Charles Williams, and Owen Barfield. They formed a group known as the “Inklings’. They would meet in pubs in Oxford like The Eagle and the Child where they read portions of their works. He influenced Tolkien to write his epic “The Lord of the Rings.’


C.S.Lewis and Christianity


Lewis was raised within The Protestant church of Ireland, but as young, he confessed that it was a loss of faith, depressed by boring church services as well as the issue of evil in the world. After returning to Oxford after the war and becoming increasingly puzzled by the concept that was God in the form of Christianity. After many conversations in the evening with fellow students such as J.R.R. Tolkien or Hugo Dyson, C.S. Lewis finally became a believer in God (theism) at the age of 29. He then was the first Christian at the age of 1931. C.S. Lewis later wrote that he was uneasy and indifferent to converting. He was nevertheless compelled to believe in the proof of faith. In his book “Surprised with Joy” He writes that his journey to Christianity:

” kicking, struggling with resentment, and turning his eyes across the room in search of a way to get away.”

C.S. Lewis was a prominent advocate for Christianity through his writings, like his “Screwtape Letters”. He focused on an apprehensive and universal version of Christianity to avoid the sectarianism which was prevalent in his home country of Northern Ireland. He seldom made any specific reference to a specific religion of Christianity however, he did seek to promote the fundamental Christian values that are shared by all Christian religions. But, he remained Anglican and, much to the dismay of Tolkien the author, he did not convert to Roman Catholicism.

His Christian beliefs were also influential in his later work, like”The “Chronicles of Narnia”. While he incorporates elements that are derived from Roman and Celtic mythology and legends, there are still Christian beliefs about sacrifice and Christ-like acts. Lewis started the writing of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe during The Second World War. The story was partly inspired by three children from the evacuee camps who visited his house located in Risinghurst (a neighborhood in Oxford). Lewis stated that the experience of the children who were evacuees brought him a fresh perspective on the joys of childhood. Lewis added that he had been imagining Faun in his mind since he was about 16. Faun when he was around 16.

“The Lion all began with a drawing of the Faun wearing an umbrella and a few parcels in a snowy forest. The image was in my head since I was about 16. When I was in my forties I thought to myself, “Let’s see if we can explore the possibility of creating an account of the picture.”

The seven books of the series were released once every year between 1950 and 1956. The series quickly was published and became a popular children’s book genre.

Biography Of Clive Staples Lewis


Following the Second World War, C.S. Lewis was increasingly attracted to Joy Gresham – a Jewish who converted to Christianity that divorced her alcohol-dependent spouse (the writer William Gresham.) Joy then relocated from London to Oxford and the two were granted an agreement to marry in a civil ceremony, allowing Joy to remain with her family in the UK. C.S. Lewis was very fond of being with Joy and was able to find a perfect partner who shared his interests in spirituality and intellect. Joy Gresham died from cancer in 1957. Their story of love has been romanticized in the film”Shadowlands. “Shadowlands.”

C.S. Lewis passed away a few years later in 1963 from kidney failure. His death was exactly on the same date that the murder of J.F. Kennedy.

After his passing his influence and books continue to expand. He was rated one of the best English writers of all time, and his works are translated into a variety of languages.


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