Biography of Dhirubhai Ambani

Biography of Dhirubhai Ambani


Dhirubhai Ambani

Born: 28 December 1932, Chorwad, Junagadh Estate, British India

Died: 6 July 2002

Job/Profession: Industrialist, Founder of Reliance Industries

Dhirajlal Hirachand Amani (Dhirubhai Ambani) is an important Indian businessman who started Reliance Industries. His story spanned from being a small-scale businessman to a massive business mega-entrepreneur. Many credit Ambani’s remarkable growths to the political elites who control the country. Ambani only attended high school, but through perseverance, he created his own industrial and business empire. Within just three decades he turned his modest business into a major industrial enterprise. Reliance has become an important commercial power not just in the Indian market but also in India but also on the world market.

The risk-taking capabilities of his company and his never-say-die attitude have has made him one of the wealthiest individuals according to the Forbes list. Through his financial expertise and savvy, Dhirubhai built a truly modern market for stocks. Reliance Industries is one of the tops “Fortune 500” businesses as per the figures for 2012. Dhirubhai was the first to incorporate Reliance into the government sector in 1977. According to an estimate, in 2007, the fortune of his children Anil as well as Mukesh was close to $100 billion. This huge wealth is what makes the Ambani family among the wealthiest family members in all of the globe.

The first step is life.

Dhirajlal Hiralal Ambani also known as Dhirubhai Ambani, was born on the 28th of December 1932 in the Chorwad village in the Junagadh district of Gujarat to a humble Mod Bania family. He was the son of Hirachand Gordhanbhai Ambani and his mother’s name is Jamnaben. His father was an educator. Dhirubhai was the youngest of five children to his parents. The other siblings include Ramniklal, Natwar Lal, Trilochana, and Jasumathi. He was forced to leave high school because of financial problems. To aid the family financially, he put the bhajia store in the vicinity of Girnar that primarily depends on tourists that come to the area.



In 1948 at the age of sixteen, he arrived in his hometown in Aden located in Yemen with the assistance of his older brother Ramniklal. There he was ‘A. Bessie and Company’ Salary is Rs.300 per month. After nearly two years, ‘A. Bessie and Co. The company “Shell” became a distributor of products, and Dhirubhai got a job as a manager in the filling station of the company in Aden Port.


Biography of Dhirubhai Ambani


Biography of Dhirubhai Ambani

Establishment of Reliance Commercial Corporation

Dhirubhai Ambani came back to his home in India in the 1950s after escaping Yemen in the mid-1950s and began an import-export company of cotton yarn and spices along with the help of his brother Champaklal Damani (who was from Yemen). Reliance Commercial Corporation started with an office that was small on Narasimha Street, Masjid Bandar. At the time, Ambani as well as his entire family stayed in a tiny apartment located in the ‘Jai Hind Estate’ located in Bhuleshwar, Mumbai.

Dhirubhai Ambani and Champaklal Damani’s business relationship ended in the year 1965. Their style of working was entirely different, and the partnership didn’t last for long. While Damani is a cautious businessman, Dhirubhai is considered a risk-taker.


Reliance Textiles

In the past, Dhirubhai had a thorough understanding of the industry of textiles. In recognition of the lucrative opportunities in this field and establishing an industry of textiles in 1966 in Naroda, Ahmedabad. The mill was used for the production of clothing and Dhirubhai established the brand “Vimal which was named in honor of his elder brother Ramniklal’s daughter Vimal Ambani. He advertised the brand “Vimal” to such a significant extent that the name became a household brand within the interiors of India. In 1975 the year 1975, a World Bank technical team visited the manufacturing facility and concluded that it was “excellent even by the standards of developed countries”.


Biography of Dhirubhai Ambani



Reliance and Stock Market

Dhirubhai is also believed to be responsible for beginning the equity cult that is now prevalent in India. When Reliance announced the IPO in the year 1977 over 58,000 investors had invested in the company. Dhirubhai was capable of ensuring the people living in rural areas from Gujarat along with other states those who purchased shares in Reliance would only receive an investment return.

Expansion of business

In his lifetime, Dhirubhai expanded Reliance’s business in a variety of sectors. Its main focus is on petrochemicals communications information technology, energy retail, textiles/textiles, power the capital market, services for infrastructure, and logistics.


While Dhirubhai Ambani has risen to the levels of business success, however, he has been accused of embracing rigid ethics and values. He has been accused of altering his government’s policies to suit his preferences and instilling how to run the state his critics.


The differences between Nusli Wadiya of Bombay Dyeing

The battle between Dhirubhai along with Nusli Wadia from Bombay Dyeing is well known. Both companies are fighting for control of the market for polyester fabric. This was the time of license raj, and everything was dependent on the policies of the government. Dhirubhai Ambani is famous for his political savvy and the capacity to secure some of the toughest licenses in his favor. In this respect, there is evidence that they collaborated with the government to make it difficult for his opposition.



Posthumously given the ‘ABLF Global Asian Award at the Asian Business Leadership Forum Awards 2011.

“Man of the Century” Award given by ChemTech Foundation and Chemical Engineering World for his outstanding contribution to the development of the chemical sector in India.

In 1998, 1996, and 2000, he was listed in the Power 50 list – Asia’s Most Influential People list of Asiaweek magazine.

In 1998, The University of Pennsylvania was awarded the Dean’s Medal to recognize excellence.

“Lifetime Achievement Award” under “Economic Times Awards for Corporate Excellence” in 2001.

Declared ‘Man of the 20th Century’ by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI).



Because of a heart attack, Dhirubhai was admitted to Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai on the 24th of June, 2002. Before this incident, he had an attack on the heart in 1986, following which his arm was completely paralyzed. Dhirubhai Ambani died on July 6, 2002. His partner Kokilaben along with two brothers Mukesh as well as Anil as well as two sisters Neena Kothari as well as Deepti Salgankar.


Biography of Dhirubhai Ambani

Thoughts of Dhirubhai Ambani

“The secret to my success is my determination and understanding of the thoughts of other people

“Real entrepreneurship comes from risk-taking”

Set out to achieve your goal even in the face of difficulties. Make challenges into opportunities. Despite the setbacks, try to keep your spirit up. You’ll succeed.”

“Think large, think fast and think ahead. There is no exclusive access to concepts.

“We cannot change our rulers but we can change the way they rule us”

“No invitation required to profit”

“If you work with determination and perfection, success will follow”

“Even in difficult times never give up on your goal and turn adversity into opportunity”

“Provide an ideal environment for the young. Inspire them. Offer them the help they require. Each one has a reservoir of unlimited energy. “He does”

“There is a common thread between my present, past, and future: relationships, and trust. This is the basis of our progress.

“It is not enough to complete the work before the deadline, I think the work must be completed before the deadline”

“Those who dare to dream can conquer the world”

“We can show all the world India is a strong nation. We Indians aren’t afraid of competition. India is a country full of high-achieving people.


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