Biography Of Enid Blyton -

Biography Of Enid Blyton

Biography Of Enid Blyton


Enid Blyton (11 August 1897 28 November 1968) (also known as Mary Pollock) was the most prolific children’s writer of her time. She was a prolific writer and wrote over 400 books in her life. She’s on the top 10 of all-time bestseller lists. Her books have sold more than 600 million copies

In her relationships with the general public, Enid Blyton revealed little about the private side of her life. Born in the 1890s and was raised in Buckingham. Her father had hoped that she would be a concert pianist however, despite her musical aptitude, she chose to become an author for children.

She attended Froebel classes and then became the governess of the boys of a family living in Surrey and this was a great experience that inspired her to establish the school for boys.

In her free time, she started writing various children’s tales. They ranged from natural biology books, biblical tales as well as a simplified version of Pilgrim’s Promise, The Famous Five series, and the popular Noddy as well as Big Ears tales.

She was 19 in 1924 when she was married to her first husband H.A.Pollock and had two girls. She got married to the second man she had with her partner Kenneth Waters in 1943.

Biography Of Enid Blyton



Biography Of Enid Blyton


Her first story was written in the magazine of George Newness and her fame increased due to the success of her stories published in the magazine for children called “Sunny Stories.’

Her works were controversial with scholars and literary critics. Her writings were rarely considered to be ‘great literature’ Many found the books of Big Ears and Noddy just too childish (poor Noddy would frequently burst into tears whenever there was a hint or trouble within Toytown). There was a time when certain libraries refused to sell Enid Blyton’s work despite the huge demand from the children themselves. In recent years the books have also come under fire for their racist, sexist and xenophobic stereotypes.

The books generally followed the same predictable plots, which was a reflection of Blyton’s views on morality and ethical behavior. Her books, she said, were a reflection of her view of the universe.

“Most of you can write perfectly accurately everything I represent – you’ve read about them in my books as well as in the books of writers. “Writers’ books reflect the truest version of him”

However, while the writings of Enid Blyton may not have been as awe-inspiring as the best of literature and could be compared to the fewer adult successes that were J.K.Rowling, her books were certainly very well-loved in her main audience, and certainly helped the children of her generation become more interested in reading.

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