Biography of Inder Kumar Gujral -

Biography of Inder Kumar Gujral

Biography of Inder Kumar Gujral


Inder Kumar Gujral

Born: December 4, 1919, in Jhelum, Punjab (now in Pakistan)

Died: 30 November 2012

Career: Politician, 12th Prime Minister of India, Former Finance Minister, Former External Affairs Minister

Inder Kumar Gujral is a well-known politician and the former Premier of India. He became a politician as a student at a college. He became a member of the Communist Party and after the Indo-Pak war, he joined his fellow members of the Congress Party. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was impressed by his managerial abilities and assigned him several duties.


The year 1975 was the time he was appointed to the position of Minister for Information and Broadcasting at a moment when the country was in turmoil. In addition to being a politician, he’s also a writer, socialite, and fan of a variety of sports. He is a renowned Urdu poet as well as a foreign policy expert. He has written numerous books on the subject.


Life is the first step.

Inder Kumar Gujral was born on December 4, 1919, in a town called Jhelum. Jhelum was once part of the unincorporated Punjab and is now part of Pakistan. He is the older child of Avatar Niranjan Gujral and Pushpa Gujral. He was born into an era of freedom fighters. His parents were actively involved in the fight for freedom in Punjab.


He was sentenced to prison in 1942 in the course of the Quit India movement. He finished his education in the town of his birth. He then completed his post-secondary studies at Hailey College of Commerce, Foreman Christian College, and College. He was married to his college friend who was a poet Sheela Bhasin on May 26th, 1945 in Lahore. There are two boys, Vishal Gujral as well as Naresh Gujral.


Biography of Inder Kumar Gujral


His political career began during his college years. He joined the Students’ Union of Lahore and was elected its president. He joined the Communist Party. After completing his education, he was an active part of the Communist Party. Between 1976 and 1980, Gujral served as the ambassador from India to the USSR. The year 1980 was the time that Gujral was dismissed from his position with the Congress party and became a member of his party, the Janata Dal.


He was External Affairs Minister from 1989 to 1990 during the tenure of VP Singh. In 1996, following his second term, he was again in charge of the same position within the HD Devguda government. In this period, India was trying to improve relations with the countries around it. Alongside this, Gujral also served as the president of the Indian Council of South Asian Cooperation and later became the leader of the Rajya Sabha in 1996. On April 21, 1997, IK Gujral was elected the nation’s first Prime Minister however, his term lasted just 11 months. He did not run for office in 1999, and he resigned from politics.

Alongside the country’s Prime Minster in addition to Foreign Minister. He was also serving in the capacity of Minister for Communications and Parliamentary Affairs, Minister of Information and Broadcasting, and Minister of Affairs and Housing between 1967-1976. Alongside being an elected politician, he also was the president of the Rotary Club New Delhi. He was elected co-chairman for the Asian Rotary Conference and in 1991, he became an original part of the India International Centre, New Delhi. He also participated in cultural and social activities and served as President of the Nari Niketan Trust, Vice President of Lok Kalyan Samiti, and Founder President of the Delhi Art Theatre. In addition, he is president of AN Gujral Memorial School, Jalandhar, Punjab.


Biography of Inder Kumar Gujral


Ike Gujral is the creator of the book “Gujral Doctrine”. The book outlines the fundamental rules for maintaining the relationship of India with its neighbors. The book stresses the importance of having friendly relations with India’s neighboring countries. His work has garnered immense respect from leaders around the world. The five principles that he has set are: 1) India doesn’t expect reciprocal trust from neighboring countries such as Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Sri Lanka, but building trust through mutual shelter and aid. 2. There is no way a South Asian country can or will permit its land to be used in any way against another country. 3. No country should interfere with the internal affairs of another country. issues. 4. Each of the South Asian countries should respect the sovereignty and integrity of each other. 5They should settle any issues that are controversial through dialogue and discussion.

Life events

1919: Born in Jhelum (now in Pakistan)

1931: Participated in the freedom struggle.

1942: Goes to Jail in Quit India Movement.

1945: Married to Sheela Bhasin.

1959-64: Became Vice-Chairman, New Delhi Municipal Corporation.

1960: Became the President of Rotary Club New Delhi.

1961: Became Co-Chairman of the Asian Rotary Conference.

1964-76: Member of Rajya Sabha (twice)

1967-69: Became Union Parliamentary Affairs and Communications Minister

Biography of Inder Kumar Gujral


1969-71: Becomes an information broadcasting center and communications

1971-72: Housing, works, and urban development were the primary focus.

1972-75: Became Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting

1975-76: Became Union Minister of State and Planning.

1976-80: Became Indian Ambassador to USSR.

1989: Elected to the 9th Lok Sabha.

1989-90: Became External Affairs Minister.

1992-98 1993-98: Membre in Rajya Sabha (3rd term)

1993-96: Became Chairman of the Commerce and Textile Committee.


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