Biography Of Jaggi Vasudev Sadhguru

Biography Of Jaggi Vasudev Sadhguru


Jaggi Vasudev, also known by the name of Sadhguru, is an Indian yoga teacher who offers yoga, and meditation, and often answers questions related to spirituality. He is well-known for his sharp humor, wit, and ability to blend ancient Indian yoga with the modern day. He was the founder of his own Isha Yoga Centre and has been a proponent of a variety of environmental issues. He has traveled all over the globe, giving talks at events ranging that range from Davos to United Nations. He is a proponent of a spirituality that is focused on personal transformation, clean living, and social awareness. He is often identified with elements of Hindu nationalism.


Childhood and early life


Jaggi Vasudeva was born on 3 September 1957 in Mysore, India to relatively wealthy parents. He was the son of a physician who traveled around the nation. As a young man, Jaggi was high-spirited with a streak of rebellion. He was always bored with school and would often play with a truant attitude and be fearless when confronted by authority. Instead of spending time in the classroom, he would frequently take a trip alone into the countryside to become immersed in the natural world. He had a bicycle and often rode it during long journeys. He was a fan of the outdoors and sports and was keen on keeping his physical health in top shape. At the age of 13, he began to practice Hatha yoga after meeting a yogi of 70 years old who showed impressive physical strength.

His physical strength and courage earned him a lucrative position as the snake catcher. He did not employ sticks, but instead, capture snakes using his naked hands. He has always felt a fascination with snakes and the world of snakes. In the beginning, as a teen, he decided to throw himself into the politics of revolution as the focus was on social justice. However, after a while after that, he began to be disenchanted by the degree of hate and hypocrisy in the political arena.

After graduation, he took a self-study course that covered English Literature from Mysore University, and despite his regular irregular attendance was able to complete the course with a second place on the list of English Literature. After graduating, he decided to pursue additional studies, and to the displeasure of the family members, he decided to set up the first poultry farm of his own. Beginning from the ground up, he worked every day to build a profitable business. With the proceeds from his poultry farm, he also put the foundation of a more profitable construction firm. While not on the farming property, he’d travel across the country by motorbike frequently at a high speed and putting himself at risk. Jaggi was not a big fan of making plans but would travel whenever he felt like it. pen. One of the most popular destinations for Jaggi’ was Chamundi Hill. He had a time with a bunch of buddies who were drawn to a different lifestyle at one point they thought about the idea of forming a commune but it didn’t happen.




At the age of 25, Jaggi lived an impressive, but unconventional worldly existence, but all that was about to be changed. On the 23rd of September, 1982, Jaggi went on an ordinary trip by motorbike up Chamundi Hill – he had no reason of his own and he was often drawn to the hill. As he sat on the rock, with no effort, he started to relax into a state of meditation. He explains his experience in his own words: he writes:

“Suddenly I didn’t recognize which of me was the other, not me. The air I breathed as well as the rock that I was sitting on and the air around me all of it had changed into my… Now, here I am sitting, my tears flowing to the point that my shirt is soaked, and I’m crazy! And here I am, in a state of drenched the most unique kind of joy.” ( More than a life Sadhguru)

Sadhguru later stated that it’s hard to explain the feeling of enlightenment however, it was not as that much as an accomplishment, rather than a return to home and a reminder of the things we have always known The awareness of the endless joy and energy that makes the universe. When he returned to his normal state of consciousness it was the evening, and a long time had passed. This was an experience that altered the entire direction that his entire life. He told me he climbed the mountain as a cheerful go-lucky motorcyclist and returned as a mystic.

“Enlightenment never happens. It’s always there. will always be there. The sadhana you perform is to simply see that it’s there. You’re not trying to build divinity inside yourself. The only thing you can create is self-image.” In the Times of India, March 28, 2005.

Soon after, he quit his construction job and, for a whole year, most of the time, he was absorbed in meditation, and absorbing the pleasure of his new experiences. People began to interact differently with him, observing within him an inner vision. People asked him out of the blue for advice or to predict the future. His physical appearance also changed, his voice getting darker and his eyes larger and more luminous. After about a year when he was a teacher, he decided to start teaching yoga. From the beginning, more people were attracted to his yoga practices and this led to the creation of his yoga organization.

The year 1984 was when the couple was introduced to Vijji in the yoga program. Both felt a profound connection and, despite the objections of parents regarding the suitability of their caste the couple decided to wed. Jaggi was convinced that Vijji was his sister in the past time, and Jaggi was a yoga instructor with no interaction with family. They had one daughter Radhe who is now working as a yoga instructor.

He tinkered with the possibility of establishing his farm into an ideal model for a cooperative farm however, just before harvest, the property was burned. He was able to accept this loss in a manner of normal detachment and accepted the opportunity to embark on a new path, free of financial entanglements, and to devote his time to yoga and traveling.


Biography Of Jaggi Vasudev Sadhguru


Biography Of Jaggi Vasudev Sadhguru


As more and more people were drawn to his yoga practice There was a change in Jaggi and, instead of being the happy-go-lucky friend, he developed into a spiritual Guru. For his followers who believed in spirituality, Jaggi could be strict in guiding their spiritual development as well as encouraging them to keep stricter control of their lives.

“Do not try to be an amazing person. Aspire to be the amazing person that you would like other people too.” — Sadhguru

The year 1992 was when he formally created his Isha Foundation in the Velliangiri Mountains in the state of Tamil Nadu, South India. With Isha Foundation Isha Foundation, he teaches yoga, also known as”the “inner engineering”. The program is designed to teach an integrated lifestyle that includes the practice of hatha yoga with mindfulness, service to others, and socially conscious living. With his growing spiritual acclaim, Jaggi’s growth continued into a shrewd agnostic spirit, he gradually took on the role of a spiritual Guru. Those who knew him intimately noticed an evolution in him when he began to lose his fame with the title of a spiritual mentor. It was at this point that he was identified as Sadhguru. While he was often skeptical of organized religions as well as spirituality, his Ashram was beginning to gain an orderly sense and guidelines, which was similar to many other Ashrams. He began to lead people to follow spirituality through Brahmacharya. (celibacy) For Sadhguru Brahmacharya is not about what we sacrifice but rather the chance to experience the true bliss from Brahmin by going above and beyond human-created pleasures.

“My main goal is to help people perceive. I do not teach. I do not have a philosophical thought. I don’t have faith. I don’t have beliefs. What I do have are methods to increase people’s perception because what you see is what you are aware of.” More than an existence – Sadhguru

In 1997 following an intense series of spiritual practices, His wife Vijji became mahasamadhi. It is an uncommon state in which a yogi makes a deliberate choice to let go of the body. The human within Sadhguru was grieved by losing his beloved wife however, as a guru there was a sense of awe in her accomplishments spiritually. But, her father claimed that she had been murdered by Sadhguru. However, an investigation by the police proved this assertion to be untrue. 1997 was an important year for Sadhguru as he was planning to start his Dhyanalinga (a Spiritual energy center). His wife’s death delayed the scheduled ceremony. In the meantime, the ashram was targeted by people who were against Sadhguru or the temple which included the uncle of one of the meditators. In the local media, allegations were made of the practices within the Ashram.


Yet, Sadhguru and the ashram were able to weather the storm by offering more yoga classes and meeting with the skeptical locals. Over the years Tamil Nadu Isha has become an integral part of the local community. Sadhguru has said that he doesn’t teach an uninvolved spirituality that tries to help individuals feel more comfortable. He is seeking a genuine spiritual awakening, that requires changing the ingrained habits and the personal interests of men. If spiritual teachers are seeking the same kind of transformation the result is always some type of reaction from those who are frightened or enraged at this unique way of living.

“People are always asking my “Sadhguru why is this work important?” I said “Tears.” Every day, millions of people from all over the globe shed tears of joy and ecstasy on an everyday basis. That is the significance of my work. I can bring tears to people.” ( Paper Mag)

The Dhyanalinga was finally dedicated on the 23rd of June, 1999. Sadhguru says that those who pray and meditate close to the sacred ground can be closer to a more spiritual realm and achieve faster advancement. No specific belief system is required, only an open heart.

In recent times Sadhguru has traveled all over the globe. He is often a guest on TV programs, forums, and student bodies across the globe. The sessions often include audience members asking questions. Sadhguru has given talks all over the world, all the way from Oxford Union to Davos and Ted Talks.


Sadhguru created a huge statue of Adiyogi (Shiva as the first guru of the world.) In February 2017, Sadhguru was inaugurated by the Indian Prime Secretary Narendra Modi. The goal of the sculpture is to encourage people to be more healthy and happier by practicing yoga.

The face here isn’t an idol or temple It is an iconographic source of inspiration. To seek the divine, there is no need to search for it because it’s not located or else.

Biography Of Jaggi Vasudev Sadhguru



“The spiritual path is to make the proper chemical balance so that you feel naturally tranquil and naturally happy.” Encounter the Enlightened (2001)

One of the most important aspects of the teachings of Sadhguru is the conviction that people HAC control their emotions, thoughts, and actions with conscious awareness. He encourages a healthy lifestyle, hatha yoga meditation, and cultivating spiritual devotion. Sadhguru has stated:

“Devotees typically appear to be an uninformed bunch to everyone else However, the most intelligent ones are always dedicated. It’s a different kind of wisdom that logical minds cannot comprehend.” ( More than a lifetime – Sadhguru) page .177

Sadhguru is also committed to promoting a faith that is open to life, not the asceticism that was prevalent in past Indian practices. In his conversations and in answering questions, he frequently uses humor to dispel pride and prove that spirituality isn’t just about seriousness.

“Spirituality does not mean that you go away from the world. Spirituality is about living life to the fullest extent possible which means you aren’t just living on the surface, you’re alive at the heart.” The Times of India 10 June 2009

In The book Inner Engineering, he argues that all of us can get rid of depression and create inner peace through spiritual practices like avoiding negative thoughts and aiming to increase inner happiness and joy. He insists that his principles are not a religion as such or an ideology. It is rather a form of technology.

“So inside engineering constitutes a core tech. I’m insisting that it’s a technological advancement since it’s not a philosophical concept. It’s not an idea of belief. This isn’t an idea. This isn’t even a method of teaching” ( Paper Mag)

Sadhguru’s personality as well as his method of interaction


Sadhguru’s personality is diverse. Sometimes, he may be playful, joking, and mocking those who are close to him. Sometimes when he is in his position as a Guru and could become a tough taskmaster to his followers He may not speak publicly, but he is trying to draw them closer. Other times, in the sessions of questions and answers the speaker is seen as an intelligent, charismatic speaker who is always ready to answer to every query. In the absence of a busy travel schedule and playing golf, he is a fan of playing and driving extremely quickly. He advocated a vegetarian diet and moderate consumption when it comes to drinking. He has warned against the negative spiritual and physical health effects of drinking alcohol and eating cigarettes, meat, and even substances. While he has read a lot but he regards his conclusions to be based on his intuition. He rarely uses scripture to support his decision. Instead of citing the Bible, he prefers to make use of anecdotes, parables, or an and the story of the spiritual past of India. He enjoys hiking through the Himalayas and often hosts trekking expeditions. He is also involved in organizing programs for prisoners who are in long-term prisons at Tamil Nadu prisons.


Past versions


Sadhguru has said that since his enlightenment, he has remembered prior incarnations that had an impact on this life and the role he plays. In one of his incarnations, more than one hundred and thirty-eight years ago, the guru was born into a traditional Hindu family who was staunch Shiva devotees and was adept at the art of snake charmers. But, he was in love with a Muslim woman, and this led to an outrage in his family. In the end, despite refusing to surrender his passion, his sentence was to die after being victimized by poisonous snakes. The experience had a significant influence on his love and friendship with snakes. Sadhguru believes that snakes are advanced creatures and should have respect. It is also apparent in his aversion to any kind of caste or religious difference.


Another persona he discusses was one of a Sadhguru named Sri Brahma A yogi and sadhu with a ferocious temper. The yogi was self-realized but could not be able to share the wealth of his spiritual practice due to his hostility towards society as well as his lack of skills to deal with a skeptical public. This incarnation allows him to finish the failed efforts during his last life. Another time, the incarnation talked of attaining enlightenment through the assistance of his guru Palani Swami. His Guru helped him achieve enlightenment but gave him the mandate to create a Dhyanalinga which is a spiritual source that could assist other seekers.


Humanitarian aid projects


Sadhguru is involved in numerous environmental initiatives including the massive plantation of trees in the rivers that are depleted in India, and agricultural zones located in Kaveri within Tamil Nadu.

“Trees and humans have the same intimate relationship. They exhale what we inhale, and what we exhale, they inhale. This is a relationship that’s constant that no one can afford to end or even live with.” Sadhguru (on the Project GreenHands mass tree planting program) Isha Insights Magazine, Spring Edition 2009



Sadhguru has voiced political views greater than what is typical for a yogi and is regarded as one of the most influential and powerful people. Sadhguru says he’s not connected to any political group and that the most important factor is to incorporate the spirit of spirituality into the political arena. But, his opinions often coincide with those of the Hindu nationalist group the BJP. He has also advocated for a strict approach to extremists from Kashmir.

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