Biography of Jaswant Singh -

Biography of Jaswant Singh

Biography of Jaswant Singh


Jaswant Singh

Born: 3 January 1938, Jasol, Barmer, Rajasthan

Occupation: Politician

Died: on 27 September 2020 (Age 82) in New Delhi, India

Jaswant Singh is an eminent Indian politician. He is well-known for his moral courtesy and humility. Jaswant Singh was among very few Indian leaders to get the opportunity to become the Defense Minister as well as Finance Minister and Foreign Minister. In the 2014’s Lok Sabha elections, he ran as an independent candidate in his Barmer Lok Sabha constituency in Rajasthan and, following the election, was exiled from the Bharatiya Janata Party for 6 years.

Jaswant Singh is regarded as an outstanding person. At the time he was given international policy responsibility and was able to de-escalate the tensions in the region between India as well as Pakistan. His wisdom and dedication to his ideals are evident in his work. Jaswant Singh enjoys socializing with other people. He is an appointee of various initiatives like museums, hospitals, and the conservation of water. Jaswant Singh fell into a coma on August 7, 2014, after an accident at his home and his health declined.

Life is the first step.

Jaswant Singh was born on January 28, 1938, at Barmer, Rajasthan to Thakur Sardar Singh and Mrs. Kunwar Biswas. He was educated and received instruction at Mayo College Ajmer as well as the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun. In addition to the teaching profession, Jaswant Singh enjoys listening to music and playing chess as well as golf. Jaswant Singh is a successful politician , and in addition was a good man within the family as well. The family of Jaswant Singh includes his his wife Sheetal Kumari, and two sons.

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Biography of Jaswant Singh


Life in politics

Jaswant Singh started a political profession. He was Finance Minister under the Vajpayee administration (16 May 1996 from one June 1996). Then, he was appointed an External Affairs Minister under the Vajpayee government and then switched to finance. Following the Tehelka revelations, He was appointed the Defense Minister under the NDA government. Jaswant Singh attempted to close the gap in relations between the US and India following the nuclear test in 1998. Based on Strobe Talbot Jaswant Singh’s former American counterpart was a skilled diplomat and negotiator.


Jaswant Singh is among the most powerful figures of the BJP. He was elected to Parliament at least six times. He also serves as chairman of the Estimates Committee, Environment-Forest Committee, and Energy Committee in Parliament. Jaswant Singh also serves as the Vice chairman of the Planning Commission. Between 1998 and 1999 Jaswant Singh was appointed the Minister for External Affairs of India. Then, in 2002, Jaswant Singh again was named finance minister of India. Jaswant Singh wrote numerous books on international issues of security and development.

While he was the minister for foreign affairs, his decision to hold two terrorists secure within Kandahar, Afghanistan was also widely criticized by a variety of political parties. Two terrorists took over the Indian Airlines flight and released the captives in exchange for passengers who were held by authorities from the Indian government. As of 2009, Jaswant Singh was elected as the BJP candidate from the Darjeeling seat located in West Bengal. After being kicked out from the party on August 9, 2009, Jaswant Singh joined the BJP on the 25th of June, 2010 in the presence of BJP Chairman Nitin Gadkari as well as LK Advani.


Awards and Honours

In recognition of his outstanding contribution during his time in office, Jaswant Singh was awarded the Outstanding Parliamentary Award in 2001.


Biography of Jaswant Singh


Life events

1938: Born in Barmer, Rajasthan

1960: Officer in Indian Army

1996 Finance Minister in Atal Bihari Bajpayee’s tin-foil government.

1980: Entered Rajya Sabha

1986 Election as a member of Rajya Sabha for second term, Public Accounts Committee, Rajya Sabha Civilize, Privileges

Member of Concerned Committee, Rajya Sabha, Public Works Committee, Rajya Sabha

1987: Member, Consultative Committee, Punjab State

1989: Legislature Act, 1987

In 1990, won the 9th Lok Sabha elections

1991 Chairperson of the Estimates Committee, re-elected to the 10th Lok Sabha (second period).

Chairman Environment and Forests Committee

1992 A joint committee was created to investigate security issues and irregularities in banking transactions

Participate as a member of the Parliamentary Committee

1993: Became Chairman of the Energy Committee

1996 1997: Won the eleventh Lok Sabha elections (for the third time) and was elected Finance Minister.


Biography of Jaswant Singh


1998: Elected Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission

1998 1997: Elected as a member of the Rajya Sabha for the third time.

1998: Became External Affairs Minister in the Union Cabinet

1998: Union Cabinet Minister, Electronics (Contemporary Rights)

1998: Union Cabinet Minister, Surface Transport (Contemporary Rights)

2004 Election into the Rajya Sabha for the fourth time.

2004: Union Cabinet Minister of Defense (current powers)

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