Biography of Jayaprakash Narayan -

Biography of Jayaprakash Narayan

Biography of Jayaprakash Narayan


Jayaprakash Narayan

Born: 11 October 1902, Sitabadiara, Saran, Bihar

Died: October 8, 1979, Patna, Bihar

Occupation: Freedom fighter politician, social reformer

JP Jaiprakash Narayan popularly known as “Lok Naik” was an Indian freedom activist, social reformer, and politician. He is most famous for his leadership in struggle in the fight against Indira Gandhi in the year 1970. In 1970, the Government of India posthumously awarded him the nation’s highest civilian award, the ‘Bharat in 1998. He was awarded the award in 1965. received an award in the form of the “Magsaysay” prize for his social work.


Though he was forced to withdraw from politics in 1957 JP returned to politics in the latter half of the 1960s. JP was in opposition to Indira Gandhi’s policies in the administrative sphere and, despite her declining health, she joined with the opposing party to defeat Indira Gandhi in the elections of 1977.



The first step is life.

Jayaprakash Narayan was born on 11 October 1902 in Seetabadiyar village of Saran district in Bihar. He is the son of Harsul Dayal Srivastava, and the name of his mother is Phool Rani Devi. Jayaprakash is the fourth son of his father and mother. When Jayaprakash turned 9 years old when he left his home village and moved to Patna to attend a collegiate school. At school, I had the opportunity to read magazines such as Saraswati, Prabha, and Pratap.


He also read the poems of Bharata-Bharati Maithilisaran Gupta and Bharatendu Harishchandra. Aside from that, I had the chance to read the Bhagavad Gita. In 1920 the year 1920, at the time that Jayaprakash was only 18 an old man, and he was married to Prabhavathi Devi. After the wedding, Jayaprakash was busy with his studies and was unable to remain with Prabhavathi together. In awe of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad‘s talk, he left Patna College and took admitted to Bihar Vidyapeeth. After his time in Bihar Vidyapeeth, Jayaprakash went to America to further his education in 1922.

He came to America and was accepted into Berkeley University in January 1923. He worked in companies, farms, and restaurants. to help pay for his education in America. In the course of his studies, he became conscious of the issues that the poor faced, and Marx’s socialism. Following this, he received his M.A. He was unable to finish his studies because he needed to return to India because of the illness of his mother.



Biography of Jayaprakash Narayan


India’s return and the independence movement

The moment Jayaprakash Narayan returned from America in 1929, the struggle for freedom was in full force. He gradually came into contact with Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi and was an active participant in the struggle for freedom. The civil disobedience struggle began in 1932, which saw Gandhi, Nehru, and other significant Congress members were arrested and commanded the movement in various parts of India.


The man was finally detained in Madras by government officials of the British Administration at Madras on September 19, 1932, and transferred to Nasik Jail. At Nasik Jail he was Achyuta Patwardhan, M.R. Leaders such as Masani, Ashok Mehta, M. H. Dantwala along with C. K. Narayanaswamy. Their ideas created the foundation for the Congress Socialist Party (CSP). When the decision was made to run in the congressional elections of 1934 in 1934, the Congress Socialist Party was against it.

In World War II, he was the leader of the resistance to oust the British government, and also conducted similarly-themed campaigns to cut government revenues. He was detained and sentenced to nine years in jail. He also tried to work out the disagreements in the relationship between Gandhi and Subhash Chandra bose. He was released from Hazaribagh Jail in 1942 during the ‘Quit India’ protests.

After Independence and Emergency

After independence, several governments were guilty of scandals and conspiracy and caused significant harm to the nation as well as the community. He stated that corruption, inflation, and unemployment are raging in the country. In such an era Jai Prakash Narayan came forward and raised the consciousness of the population by young. He stated that all of the issues can be solved only if the entire system is changed. to bring about change in the entire system, a “complete revolution’ is required. His non-violent stance led to people to confer on his name Gandhi from Independent India.

JP It’s not clear what year this movement first began in Bihar and then spread across India.

The JPs were at one time allies of Congress However, the undemocratic and corrupt practices in the Indira Gandhi government just two decades post-independence made them hostile to Congress along with Indira. In 1975, after accusations of corruption in elections on the part of Indira Gandhi were proven by the courts, Jayaprakash united the opposition and demanded that she resign. The result was that Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declared an emergency in the country along with J.P. Thousands of opposition leaders were detained.

In January 1977 the Indira Gandhi administration decided to end the Emergency. In March of 1977, elections took place. the Loknaik’s “Complete Revolutionary Movement” resulted in the creation of India’s first non-Congress administration.


Biography of Jayaprakash Narayan


It was during this movement that his health started to decline. In prison during the Emergency and the War, he was suddenly unwell on the 24th of October in 1976 and was discharged on the 12th of November, 1976. Following a visit to Jaslok hospital in Mumbai and a kidney biopsy, the kidney was discovered to be deficient, following which he went on dialysis.

Jayaprakash Narayan died in Patna on October 8th, 1979, due to heart disease and diabetes.

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