Biography Of John Logie Baird -

Biography Of John Logie Baird

Biography Of John Logie Baird


John Logie Baird (1888 – 1946) was a Scottish scientist and inventor who was the first to demonstrate televised moving objects as well as the first transatlantic television broadcast, and the first color TV in 1941.


Short Bio John Logie Baird


Baird was born in Helensburgh, Argyll, and Bute, Scotland, in 1888. He was a student at the University of Glasgow before the First World War intervened. He joined his army in 1915 but was deemed unfit for active service. He took part in munitions-related work.

Baird began his studies into the issues of televising motion objects around the age of 18 and continued working on his research in his free time.

He relocated in 1923 to Hastings in England where he rented a studio where he continued to work on his designs for moving television images. To create the first television using a variety of common household objects like an old box for hats, a pair of scissors and bicycle light lenses an old tea chest, and glue that he bought. He also gained from the efforts of Arthur Korn in developing image transmission using signal conditioning. Baird’s innovation was the creation of an improved photoelectric cell as well as making it easier to process signals for images.

Despite being shocked by an electric current (which damaged his hand and caused his landladies to ask for him to leave) the artist began to display prototypes of moving pictures.

In 1926, he could show telecasts in the outline, employing an emitted light to scan a cathode tube. He showed his tv before members of the Royal Institution on 26 January 1926.

In 1928, he was able to present the first transatlantic broadcast on television

Biography Of John Logie Baird



Biography Of John Logie Baird

In 1929  The German post office started using Baird’s system, which Baird had been able to successfully apply to moving items. In 1929, to the BBC took Baird’s method in that year and started broadcasting programs in Crystal Palace. The broadcasts were broadcast to 10 million viewers.


The first diagram of Baird TV


it was the Baird system. In 1937, the BBC switched to Baird’s systems for the competing electronic system from the Marconi Company. Baird also made the first color television images in 1941.

In the early days of the invention of the TV, it was difficult to have imagined the impact that it could have on society. In the prewar period, it was an undiscovered phenomenon for a handful of individuals. However, following the second world war, television has become an integral part of almost every household. It is now the most popular type of entertainment, resulting in the decline of various alternative types of entertainment, like the radio and music hall.

He attempted other ideas, but they were not as productive. In his 20s He tried to make graphite-based diamonds however this was unsuccessful and he also managed to short-circuit the Glasgow electrical network. He developed a glass-cutting device that broke, and pneumatic shoes that burst. Frustrated by foot cold, he created self-heating socks, but later he discovered that putting an additional layer of cotton inside the sock worked better.

Biography Of John Logie Baird


He also managed to develop the most advanced video recorder. The phonograph was able to record 30 lines of video on a black disc with a 78. While it didn’t cut, however, it proved his ingenuity capabilities.

He got married to Margaret Albu in 1931 and they had two kids together: Diana Baird and Malcolm Baird.

Baird was plagued by ill health throughout his lifetime. Baird passed away on the 14th of June 1946, in Bexhill-on-Sea situated in Sussex.

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