Biography Of Kenneth Grahame

Biography Of Kenneth Grahame


Kenneth Grahame was a Scottish writer whose work is famous for his stories ‘ The Wind in the Willows‘ (1908) as well as The ‘ The Reluctant Dragon.

Grahame was born in Edinburgh, Scotland on 8 March. As a small child, his mother passed away from scarlet fever. His father was also an alcoholic, and he was sent away to be cared for by relatives who were elderly.

He was a star pupil at St Edward’s School in Oxford. But, his father did not want to pay for the tuition fees to go to Oxford University. So, Kenneth Grahame moved to the Bank of England where he was employed as an assistant. Later, he was promoted to secretary and then spent his entire working time at the Bank of England.

In his free time, he began writing short stories and articles. These were then published by London Periodicals, they were generally low-key. Although a later one, The Reluctant Dragon became more popular.

He was married in 1899. got married to Elspeth Thomson who was much more senior than Kenneth. The couple was not very close. Kenneth was not very sociable and was content with his circle. They had a son named Alistair who was suffering from various mental disorders. Alistair later took his own life while attending Oxford University, aged 20.

Biography Of Kenneth Grahame



Biography Of Kenneth Grahame

Kenneth started writing his stories to help write for his child. The goal was to provide education. For instance, One of the characters of the novel The Wind in the Willows is the rather confident, self-centered Toad Of Toad Hole. His arrogance causes his demise:

“‘Glorious breathtaking, thrilling sight”, said Toad Never offering to move. The poetry of motion! The most authentic method of traveling! The only method to go on a trip!”

We do end up developing an affection for the character as the character learns from his mistakes.

The book first came out in 1908 England featuring illustrations drawn by E.H. Shepard. The book became an instant bestseller and captured the imagination of many kids and adults. The book was published in 1929. A.A. Milnedramatized the novel in the form of The Toad from Toad Hall and over the Twentieth Century, it became an essential piece of children’s literature.

The Wind in the Willows is a part of the expression of the author’s wish to create a dream that was free of the unpleasant elements of modern-day life. When discussing the book together with Theodore Roosevelt, The author mentioned that the idyllic world he imagined could be described as “Clean of the conflict of sexual sex.”

Biography Of Kenneth Grahame


However, despite its popularity, Grahame was never inspired to create to make a sequel. He retired early in 1908. He took early retirement due to his poor health and disagreements with some colleagues.

He passed away at Pangbourne, Berkshire on July 6, 1932.


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